【Industry】Beautiful things are happening UK sky holiday chain camp analysis

This is an era of commercialization. It seems that all commercial labels are synonymous with profit or income. When everyone is digging their heads and no longer looks back at the past, Haven Holidays Parks is still willing to keep its original intention. Play the role of a philanthropist for the British campsite industry with practical actions.

In the era of rapid economic development, all business activities that cannot obtain immediate benefits may be regarded as inefficient operations. But for Britain, a capitalist country that has experienced the baptism of two world wars, economic interests seem to be the foothold of all commercial actions. Undoubtedly, the UK is a developed country with super economic strength. It has a strong economy and has developed rapidly. The camping industry in the UK has become a mature economic industry. The status of tourism in the British economic structure is becoming more and more important, and the number of RV and self-driving camping tourists has increased significantly compared with last year. In Britain, where the camping culture is highly developed, although there are not many camps under the HavenHolidays Parks chain, the value lies in the small quantity and high quality. All chain camps have their own characteristics.

【Industry】Beautiful things are happening UK sky holiday chain camp analysis

The British Bourne Leisure Group is a leader in the leisure and hotel industry in the UK, operating the Warner Leisure Hotel and Butlins Scenic Spot. The group has a total of 6,000 full-time employees and 9,000 seasonal part-time employees, including: gardeners, cleaners, maintenance workers, security personnel, reception staff, supermarket shopping guides and entertainment performers. As a subsidiary of the Bourne Leisure Group, the Sky Holiday chain has a unique advantage – strong financial and prestige support.

Currently the largest privately owned holiday hotel operator, Bourne Leisure Group owned the first RV park 40 years ago. The Sky Holiday chain camp brand has a total of 36 chain camps in the UK, Scotland and Wales, all of which are located in charming seaside and scenic spots. As the largest family holiday camp in the UK, all camps in the system are equipped with comprehensive facilities and entertainment items. More importantly, as long as these children’s clubs and entertainment activities stay in its camps, there will be no extra charges. The comfortable accommodation environment and various leisure activities make the park more popular with family gatherings. This year is a year of explosive growth for holiday camps. The Sky Holiday Chain Camp seizes the opportunity and develops rapidly, striving not to be crushed by passing competitors in the torrent of fierce competition.

Bonus at high speed

Over the years, the company has been continuously investing in RV camping projects. With the growth of business, the development of the company’s RV camping parks is no longer limited to the increase in quantity, but more importantly, the improvement of the quality and scale of the campsites. So, in 2000, the company bought the Rank Group holiday division and brought it under the Haven brand. After the sky holiday chain camp is included in the Bourne Leisure Group, the brand provides families with more choices of high-quality camps and travel destinations. Some smaller parks were gradually sold off, while larger parks continued to operate. In the past 10 years, with the entry of big capital, new projects in some camps have also sprung up, such as accommodation, visits, spas, golf courses, golf adventures and other projects.

【Industry】Beautiful things are happening UK sky holiday chain camp analysis

In 2013, the Sky Holiday Hotel Chain won the “British Tourism Awards – Best Large Chain Park” award. The award was selected by 100,000 people who were involved in almost all aspects of the tourism field. In the end, the real opinion was given, and the chain camp that won the award means that it will shoulder more responsibilities and obligations in the future, and have a sense of mission to the human society and the natural environment.

In 2014, the Sky Holidays brand won the UK Tourism Excellence Awards, winning the UK’s Best Holiday Park Operator and Best Camping and Mobile Touring Operator. Subsequently, the brand gradually became synonymous with “excellent” and “premium” camps in the eyes of the public. The British Excellent Tourism Enterprise Award is set up to reward those companies that have made contributions to the tourism industry and are recognized by consumers. The evaluation of this award involves 75 holiday experiences. Therefore, the British Excellent Tourism Enterprise Award is also considered to be the most prestigious in the industry awards.

【Industry】Beautiful things are happening UK sky holiday chain camp analysis

Among the 36 chain camp parks, all are equipped with heated indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and there are all kinds of leisure and entertainment activities day and night. From fishing lakes to rock-climbing walls, these fun activities for kids are a hit with parents and kids alike. Haven Park has also developed some areas for exploration. These areas are close to the most beautiful coastlines, scenic spots and villages in the UK, allowing explorers to experience the calmness and tranquility of living in harmony with nature in the beautiful scenery. According to statistics, the chain camps of Sky Holidays receive about 2.4 million tourists every year, and the important factors for the camps to attract tourists are high-quality services and competitive prices.

· The sky holiday chain camp aims to provide tourists with high-standard customer experience, so it has invested a lot of money in the improvement and innovation of facilities in the park, constantly updating equipment and facilities, while increasing investment, it also pays attention to the ratio of input to output, so high-speed The virtuous circle mode of operation makes the park develop healthily and rapidly.

· Efficient service is the blood of chain brands. The company pays attention to the contribution of each employee, and here provides opportunities for employees to show their talents. The company has been constantly trying to do better, always providing consumers with better and better products and services under the guidance of high standards.

· Through the continuous efforts of the company, provide consumers with a perfect, humanized, safe and healthy holiday environment, let employees and consumers closely integrate, form a friendly “neighborhood community”, and let every tourist who visits the Paradise Holiday chain camp Can have a wonderful experience at home.

Charity and environmental protection first

In today’s era of commercialization, the Paradise Holiday chain camps do not forget to give back to the society while working hard. The chain of camps has been supporting BBC children in need for the past five years and the company has donated £700,000 so far. These funds come from camp owners and operators as well as team members. While donating money, the company is also sending joy and help to the children in other forms, including playing games with them, inviting them to visit the headquarters of the Paradise Holiday chain camp, and raising money for them on the spot. Some of the favorites include skydiving, cake baking, Guinness World Records, and the 444-meter shoreline challenge.

【Industry】Beautiful things are happening UK sky holiday chain camp analysis

The company always believes that the healthy growth of children is not only the responsibility of parents, but also the responsibility of enterprises and society. What Paradise Holiday Chain Camp can do is to do its best to contribute a safe, happy and safe childhood to British children. Give them the chance to explore the unknown world outside. The company donates to large and small charities to support children’s field trips and also provides financial support to children and young people in need in the UK. FHA (Family Holiday Association) is the only charity in the UK that focuses on helping families and children in need, emphasizing that everyone deserves a perfect holiday. As a supporter of the FHA Association, the Paradise Holiday Chain Camp and the association are committed to improving the living standards of families and children in need, by providing free vacation conditions and other leisure activities for them to get rid of the haze brought about by poverty, and to enjoy together good life.

The Paradise Holiday Chain Camp has not only done remarkable things in children’s charity, but also made a lot of contributions in the aid of the disabled. Motability (Mobility Alliance) is an independently run not-for-profit organization that provides mobility and mobility solutions to people with disabilities. Today, around 650,000 disabled people and their families in the UK are assisted by the organization. For over 10 years, Paradise Holiday Inn has worked with the Mobile Alliance to assist the disabled community.

【Industry】Beautiful things are happening UK sky holiday chain camp analysis

The Family Foundation is the UK’s largest charity for low-income families, disabled families, sick children and young people. Family foundations help those families facing great pressure to reduce the burden of life. They have served the society in obscurity for 43 years. According to statistics, the work they have done over the decades has helped 90,000 families in the UK out of trouble. The Paradise Holiday Chain Camp has also cooperated with the Family Foundation for many years to provide families with happy holidays and rekindle their hope for life. Every year, these families vacation at the chain’s campsites and parks.

In addition to being passionate about charity, Paradise Holidays has also made outstanding contributions to the environment and wildlife protection. There are 47 wildlife sanctuaries in the UK, and the camp basically cooperates with most of them. In order to better manage the wild animals in the park and create opportunities for humans to live in harmony with animals, all parks have invested heavily in the protection of wild animals, making them a special dynamic landscape in the park.

In recent years, with the rise of the caravan and camping industry in the UK, the number of campsites has been increasing and at the same time, it has more or less affected the natural environment. Although human activities try to avoid harming the natural environment as much as possible, some are not Standardizing the construction of camps has brought “disaster” to the natural environment and wild animals and plants. It can be seen that the Haven Holiday Chain has made great efforts in environmental protection.


With more than 40 years of successful experience, the Paradise Holiday Hotel chain is a veritable leader in the industry, and its efforts in contributing to society and the environment are also obvious to all. The group is committed to establishing a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with franchisees, and strives to build international and standardized camps with the help of brand reputation and enhance customer experience. All camps under the chain brand are also actively moving closer to the group’s philosophy, keen on public welfare and giving back to the society. Whether it is the camping industry or the RV industry, it should be realized that economic benefits are the core factor pursued by all enterprises, but while blindly pursuing profits and at the same time adjusting the perspective to give back to the society, it may be more conducive to the healthy development of enterprises. It will add to the conviction that good things are going on for the UK campsite industry.