【Industry】The Dilemma Game of Cross-regional Chain Camps in China

It is not uncommon to be able to build a camp, but it is not easy to run a camp well in the current environment. Therefore, various camp operating companies have sprung up like mushrooms after the spring rain. If the camp owners can’t make money by running the camps themselves, will it be possible to make money by changing the operator?

There are currently many campsite operating companies in the domestic campground market. The qualifications of these operating companies are uneven. From private light boutique model camps to asset-heavy model camps built by state-owned enterprises with a large amount of funds, it is undoubtedly a shame as a display. If you work hard, you need to create content if you don’t have content, and create scenes if you don’t have scenes. If you don’t make money, you have to make money even if you spend your time. So can these camp chains really be able to provoke big tasks? Let’s talk about the current camp operations.

【Industry】The Dilemma Game of Cross-regional Chain Camps in China

Learn from mature models?

If we briefly introduce the situation of campsites abroad, we can compare Australia, the United States and Europe. The development model of campsites in New Zealand is of a commercial nature, and their campsites and RVs are operated by commercial companies; in the industrial status of American and European countries, most of the things worth learning are RV production processes. In terms of campsites, the Chinese market environment is That being said, there isn’t much that applies. In Asia, we can compare Japan and South Korea. Japan is a relatively special country. Its geography determines its development mode and product quality to be narrower, so the development of the Japanese campground industry is relatively slow, but Japanese RVs are small and exquisite. South Korea’s campsite industry is similar to China in that South Korea has also held the World Camping Conference. The World Camping Conference was held in South Korea in the 1990s, and the RV camping industry in South Korea quickly became popular. The reason is that Korean camps have very important features, what are they? Many service areas in South Korea are completely different from camps, but they are combined by the government. Therefore, a large number of service areas in South Korea have become camps.

【Industry】The Dilemma Game of Cross-regional Chain Camps in China

Another special region is Taiwan, China. Taiwan claims to have thousands of camps, and the revenue is relatively good. Because the camps in Taiwan are used for outdoor development of teenagers. Children in Taiwan must go camping every year, because they have class requirements, and all children must participate in outdoor activities. All the equipment is carried by the children themselves, such as tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof mats, etc. Taiwan’s campsites rely on this Just “eat” a large number of markets. So more than 90% of the more than 1,000 camps in Taiwan are tent camps.

Divided into three, breaking the situation in the eastern suburbs

China’s geographical environment and population distribution are quite special. First of all, China’s land area is large enough, as huge as the United States. This is the background; second, China’s population far exceeds the population density of Europe, and even exceeds the population density of Japan in the eastern region. It seems that China has a huge consumer group. In the case we are talking about, there are billions of self-driving trips. Among the billions of self-driving trips, how many RV trips are there? Actually very few. Therefore, behind the environment of the big market, if we judge the domestic industry, we should look at the real characteristics and the most important characteristics. In terms of environment, the European camp construction standards are undoubtedly worthy of China’s learning, but in terms of operation and industrial investment, New Zealand’s model is more suitable for China. Check out New Zealand’s routes and camps.

【Industry】The Dilemma Game of Cross-regional Chain Camps in China

Another thing is that China’s land area is too large, and we can never say who is more suitable for China in general, because the east and the west are different. If we want to divide it, we can divide China into three concepts, the east and the west and north.

What is the concept of the East? In densely populated areas, weekend short-distance travel is extremely developed. With this type of existence, there are a large number of suburban camps in eastern China, whether it is the Bailanghe camp in Weifang, the Lejia camp in Wuzhen, or the Longshan camp of Tuju Group. , Huangshan Campground, and Wuhu Campground are all typical suburban campsites—close to markets and sources of tourists. In terms of distance, within an hour and a half of driving from the city, this kind of camp can create an exquisite outdoor scene experience within half an hour, which is the characteristic of the eastern region.

【Industry】The Dilemma Game of Cross-regional Chain Camps in China

The characteristics of the eastern region are displayed in the camp, and in fact they are also greatly reflected. Because everyone is in the city, the camps in the east will have slightly higher privacy requirements, and the requirements for the environment should also be beautiful and exquisite. If we divide the eastern region into a division, then the 13 eastern coastal provinces plus several provinces in the central and eastern part of China, such as Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Henan, etc., meet these conditions. We can collectively refer to it as for the Big East.

Eastern experience does not apply

my country’s western region is divided into two major parts, the northwest and the southwest, including 12 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government including Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Chongqing. So what are the characteristics of the West? The western region has a vast territory, the overall altitude is relatively high, and the population distribution is sparser than that in the eastern region. Most of the regions are economically underdeveloped, but they have excellent resources in terms of tourism. So what are the characteristics of Western China’s profitability? If it is based on resources, it is relatively easy to build. It does not require many artificial things. Even if you just put a tent, it may become a landscape without fences or isolation. This is especially obvious compared to the east. There may be a road or a residential area next to the campground in the east. The regional characteristics of the west doom it to have a large enough place, so the west is the most suitable for development with camps. One is that its cycle is short and quick, and the investment cost is low. The other is that its tourism resources are too rudimentary. If you don’t have experience in tourist attractions to invest, but you can’t find an investment point. The same 100 million yuan may not be able to invest in a scenic spot, but if it is made into a camp, you can invest in joining many camps to cover an area.

Northern Winter’s Sorrow

The biggest problem with campground operations in the north is that it is too difficult to operate in winter. The northern region includes Northwest, Northeast, North China, etc., so the north can be considered as an independent region, because the operation in the north is only half a year, and the camp is the best investment point in comparison. All those who want to develop tourism need to consider investment. Northern tourist attractions need to consider how to solve non-weekend and seasonal problems. In fact, to change the way of thinking, the biggest solution is to have the lowest investment and the shortest cycle. If a hotel is built in the north, even if it is only a three-star hotel, its investment cost should be 300,000 to 500,000 yuan, and the decoration will take three to five months. The campsites are all mobile facilities, with lightweight investment, they can be built in about three months, and the investment cost is relatively low. At the same time, compared with the investment cost of the accommodation units invested in the campsite and the three-star hotel, the price obtained is a five-star price. For example, if you invest in a camp-type accommodation business in the north, the selling price of the accommodation unit can be as high as 600, 800 or even 1,000 yuan, but if it is a three-star hotel with the same investment price, the retail price is generally only 200 to 1000 yuan. About four hundred yuan.

【Industry】The Dilemma Game of Cross-regional Chain Camps in China

Where are the clients of the operations management company

China has a vast land and abundant resources. Even in the same camp, we can see that different regions are divided into different concepts and different emphases. Now that we know the focus of the camps in these areas, we should think again about where the target customers of the camp operating company are. In Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, except for scarce resources like Mount Huang, there are almost pitifully few tourists in other 3A and 4A scenic spots. At present, there are more than 270 5A-level scenic spots and thousands of 3A-level scenic spots and 4A-level scenic spots in China. Except for 5A-level scenic spots, these scenic spots are all in an embarrassing stage. Many scenic spots are forced to build some expansion facilities, make outdoor experience, and expand training. Therefore, it is a huge opportunity for operating companies in this field. A large number of 3A-level and 4A-level scenic spots urgently need to use camps to attract self-driving tourists. There was no such concept and facilities before, but now there are ready-made ones, all supporting water and electricity pipe networks are in place, and there are corresponding parking lots, so this kind of scenic spots will Become one of the largest customer groups for campground operating companies.

The camp operating company is not as simple as just putting up a brand name. It is more necessary to carefully observe the regional operating differences in the general environment, propose different operating strategies, increase operating content, and increase revenue is the kingly way.