Banma Network won the “Oscar” in the automotive marketing industry CMO Cheng Li talked about “human-vehicle relationship”

“A good human-vehicle relationship must be driven by both data and scenarios, and IQ and EQ are both online.” Banma Network CMO Cheng Li said at the 2020 Jinxuan TALK show.

The first non-car company to be shortlisted for the Jinxuan Award “Smart Carnival Month” to create automotive scene marketing IP

It is understood that the Jinxuan Award, founded in 2014, aims to “promote China’s auto brand innovation” and aims to reward each year in the changing marketing environment for continuous efforts in brand innovation, marketing model innovation, and marketing system innovation. Auto brands and auto marketing teams that have achieved high return on investment and brand benefits, and have a positive impact on the auto industry and a benchmarking effect. The judging committee of each Jinxuan Award is composed of famous scholars, producers, advertisers, entrepreneurs, car company executives and other important figures in the industry. After in-depth discussions and fair voting, the awards are determined. As the “Oscar” of China’s auto marketing industry, the “Jinxuan Award” has become an award that marketers in the auto industry are chasing each year, and the “gold content” of the award is self-evident.

Banma Network won the

In 2020, under the fact that the domestic auto market has become a stock market, how to create a brand positioning with a clear path, how to lead innovative marketing trends, and how to apply appropriate tactics to create a respectable marketing value has become a major issue in today’s auto marketing. The realm that people are constantly exploring. It is reported that Banma Network won the “Annual Product Innovation Marketing Award” of the 2020 Jinxuan Award for creating the 2019 “Hello Banma Zhixing Carnival Month” and pioneering the operation of smart connected car users.

As the only non-OEM brand that won the Jinxuan Award this year, Banma Network is particularly eye-catching among the award-winning auto brands. In 2019, with the theme of “Hello Banma Zhixing Carnival Month”, Banma Network operates around the scene of “people-car-life”, presenting a new consumption scene to the world. The car scene is an extension of the home scene and office scene. Car owners can easily experience intelligent interaction and scene experience through voice, and realize the connection and consumption between people and information, scenes and services.

Cheng Li, CMO of Banma Network, said that providing scenario-based, precise, and proactive car-related services based on user data is the key for automakers to build differentiated competition and the basis for business model reconstruction. The “Carnival Moon” IP created by Zebra for two consecutive years has gradually proved its platform advantages. Banma can provide OEMs and ecological partners with a complete set of systematic operation tools such as label portraits, scene engine tools, marketing activity capabilities, and user operation capabilities. Ultimately, it can help OEMs and ecological partners improve operational value and expand new business models. Create a new human-vehicle life and relationship between people and vehicles through refined user operations.

The new system of Banma Zhixing was exposed in advance, and a number of black technologies awakened a new realm of “human-vehicle relationship”

In the wave of the “new four modernizations” of automobiles, intelligence is not limited to the ride comfort, NVH performance and control sense that are emphasized in the traditional automobile industry, but will be more reflected in the satisfaction of passenger convenience, emotion and scene-based experience on the appeal. The connected car is no longer a means of transportation, but has gradually become a caring partner with the goal of fulfilling the various needs of passengers. In addition, in the new car space created by smart connected cars, car owners will be liberated from the original driving mode and become the creators of consumption scenarios. The in-vehicle intelligent network connection system represented by Banma Zhixing will be given greater value.

According to sources, the strategic reorganization between AliOS and Banma is coming to an end, and the new Banma will embark on a new journey. The new Banma Zhixing VENUS system will be launched in May, and it will be the first to be installed on the new Roewe RX5 PLUS.

It is understood that Banma Zhixing VENUS is equipped with a number of the latest black technologies, the human-vehicle interaction function has been fully evolved, and both IQ and EQ have been improved. In terms of voice interaction, Zebra Zhixing has launched an AI voice function. Once awakened by “Hello Zebra”, you can continue the conversation naturally, and the command can be interrupted at any time, and the content can be switched at will; Voices of friends, lovers, and children can be personalized and truly achieve “thousands of voices”, making human-vehicle interaction as intimate and natural as chatting with friends; in addition, AI voice skills will cover more than 500 commonly used knowledge fields. The weather, checking stocks, or humorous jokes can be “answered at any time”, which can be called the “encyclopedia” of the car industry.

In terms of travel scene extension, Banma Network, SAIC Motor, and Alipay have deeply customized the car applet, ordering restaurants, buying movie tickets, checking the weather, etc., all arranged with a sentence of “Hello Banma”. At the same time, Banma Zhixing VENUS also realized the car-home interconnection through the cooperation with the smart home giant Midea, and can remotely control the smart home appliances at home in the car, completing the closed loop of the user’s digital life scene.

In addition, the AB parallel world, personalized AI image, day/night mode and other personalized functions launched by Banma Zhixing VENUS system all focus on a more friendly “human-vehicle relationship”, making cars smarter and more understanding of users.

Deloitte China’s report “Intelligent Interconnection—Building the Human-Vehicle Relationship in the New Era” points out that the construction of the ideal human-vehicle relationship defined in the new era is based on the operating system of the ecosystem, which assists OEMs in integrating resources to the greatest extent, combined with AI Technology focuses on the design and development of the human-machine interface to realize personalized human-vehicle relationship. In the future, based on the AliOS system and cloud platform, Banma will help the digital transformation of the automotive industry, and will continue to introduce black technology for human-computer interaction centered on users, creating a new future-oriented relationship between people and vehicles, and making travel more intelligent.