“Chongshang” green travel Roewe Ei5 taxi settled in Chongming

On June 28, Roewe Ei5, “the country’s first intelligent network-connected pure electric taxi”, was delivered to Chongming Axiata and officially put into operation. This vehicle delivery is the result of the strategic cooperation between SAIC Motor and the Chongming District Government to jointly build Chongming’s world-class ecological island, which will speed up the construction of ecological Chongming.

In response to the State Council’s proposal to “accelerate the upgrading of vehicle and ship structures and promote the use of new energy vehicles”, SAIC Motor and the Shanghai Chongming District Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement to develop new energy vehicle applications, green transportation solutions, product supporting facilities, and energy-saving and environmental protection facilities. In-depth cooperation to jointly promote the construction of green transportation in Chongming’s world-class ecological island. The 229 Roewe Ei5 taxis delivered this time are “the country’s first intelligent networked pure electric taxi” developed based on the current taxi market ecosystem. and other advantages, it perfectly fits the long-time, high-intensity, fast-paced, and large-passenger usage characteristics of taxis, and can be called the “Dura King of Electric Vehicles”.

In terms of battery life and cost of use that drivers are most concerned about, the Roewe Ei5 can achieve an ultra-long comprehensive battery life of 400 kilometers and a fast charging speed of 80% in 30 minutes, eliminating the mileage anxiety of pure electric taxis. You can do some calculations. The Roewe Ei5 has the lowest comprehensive power consumption of 13.2 kWh/100 km in its class. The average daily mileage of taxis in Chongming does not exceed 300 km. Calculated according to the Shanghai electricity price of 0.6 yuan per kWh, the daily operating cost of the Roewe Ei5 It is only 24 yuan, and the electricity bill is only more than 700 yuan a month. The use cost is ultra-low, which can greatly increase the income of taxi drivers.

Relying on the world’s first exclusive structure of pure electric SUV, Roewe Ei5 will bring more spaciousness to passengers with its higher appearance, more spacious interior space, and the unique ride comfort and quietness of pure electric vehicles. Comfortable travel experience. In addition, the Roewe Ei5 is also equipped with a new rental intelligent terminal, which integrates the Internet of Vehicles and taxi-specific functions, and cooperates with an intelligent digital camera to effectively guarantee the safety of drivers and passengers.

After the Roewe Ei5 taxi enters Chongming District this time, the three islands of Chongming will realize 100% pure new energy in terms of public transportation. Next, SAIC Motor will give full play to its comprehensive strength in the fields of new energy vehicle manufacturing and related supporting facilities, new energy travel services and intelligent networked travel, and continue to carry out in-depth cooperation with the Chongming District Government to help Chongming become a world-class ecological island.