Detailed Explanation of Driving Skills and Safety Precautions of Trailer RV

The warm spring is undoubtedly the most suitable time of the year for travel. It has become a very popular way of life nowadays to invite three or two family members and friends and bring your own car for a self-driving tour. However, in China where the RV culture is not yet very popular, self-driving tours in RVs are far less popular than in Europe and the United States. Especially for the American people who love big cars, a full-size pickup plus a huge trailer-type RV is absolutely It is a sharp tool for medium and long-distance self-driving tours. However, a larger body size usually means that it is more difficult to control, especially after towing a trailer, the requirements for driving skills are higher than those of ordinary cars or SUVs. Foreign media have summarized the following about trailers The driving skills and safety precautions of trailers are very practical.

Detailed Explanation of Driving Skills and Safety Precautions of Trailer RV


It is very necessary to adjust the tire pressure of the towing vehicle and trailer car to the appropriate tire pressure before each trip, which is helpful for the handling and economy of the vehicle. And always ensure that there are two spare tires in the car: a spare tire for the tractor and a spare tire for the trailer, preferably full-size. Many drivers may only remember to prepare a spare tire for their pickups or SUVs, but they tend to forget that trailers also need a spare tire, especially when driving in relatively desolate remote areas, tire punctures are always a headache The problem.

Adjust the mirrors

After taking the trailer on the road, it is usually necessary to adjust the angle of the exterior rearview mirror, so as to ensure that the driver can see the trailer from the exterior rearview mirror, and monitor the situation of the trailer in real time while driving. If possible, it is also a good choice to replace the towing vehicle with a set of rearview mirrors with a wider viewing angle.

load balance

Try to keep the load balance in the RV, and pay special attention not to concentrate most of the weight on the rear of the trailer, which may easily cause instability during driving.


When driving a trailer-type RV on the road, the biggest driving tip is to control the speed of the vehicle, keep the vehicle at a reasonable speed, avoid rapid acceleration or step on the brakes, and don’t be impatient when merging. Keep the stability of the trailer as much as possible. For drivers who have not yet mastered trailer driving skills, it is more necessary to carefully control the speed of the vehicle when reversing and turning. In addition, due to the addition of trailers, the braking distance of the towing vehicle will also become longer. It is also very important to brake in advance and keep a safe distance.

If the trailer sways from side to side when driving on the expressway or when going down a long slope, don’t panic, and don’t step on the brakes suddenly. Instead, you should release the accelerator and slow down appropriately. The trailer will usually adjust itself back to the correct track superior. The traction driving mode equipped on some SUVs and pickups is also a very practical configuration, which can make full use of engine braking when going down long slopes, so as to protect the braking system from overheating.