“In-depth talk about RV” Domestic Cheetah and French Pilote are married, domestic models are expected next year


Affected by the policy, there have been few imported RVs in China in the past two years. At this time, Pai Lite from France came to China in a unique way. How did this foreign monk recite scriptures?

Interviewee: Wang Chenggang, deputy general manager of Hunan Pailite Co., Ltd.

Interviewer: Bai Tan RV Bailong

Photography: Lao Wang of CCRV

Bailong: Europe and the United States are the origin of RV culture. After a hundred years of development, their cultural background is profound, and many RV stories and histories have been produced. In order to better understand the RV culture and explore the history of RV, we specially invite you to Pai Lite today. Mr. Wang Chenggang, Deputy General Manager of RV.

Wang Chenggang: Hello everyone, I am Wang Chenggang, deputy general manager of Hunan Pailite Co., Ltd. I have worked in the passenger car industry for 21 years, and I am also very happy to enter this (RV) industry and become friends with everyone. Thank you!

Bailong: Many friends may not know the brand of Pai Li Te, let us first ask Mr. Wang to introduce the brand of Pai Li Te and the origin of Pai Li Te.

Wang Chenggang: Hunan Pai Lite was established in November 2017. Hunan Pai Lite is the first Sino-French joint venture in China engaged in the production and sales of station wagons, jointly established by Cheetah Automobile and the French Pilote Group. Cheetah Motors and Pilote Group are two companies with a long history. Cheetah has a history of 69 years and has been engaged in the production of passenger cars for 35 years. The French Pilote Group has been engaged in the production of caravans for 57 years. The two companies came together because of the same cultural background, and jointly promoted the development of Chinese caravans.

Bailong: We saw a lot of our show cars at the scene, and just now we heard from the staff that they are all imported models. I don’t know if there is a specific time for our joint venture models to roll off the assembly line. When will we be able to see them?

Wang Chenggang: Hunan Pailite’s current strategy is to bring you the original imported French products, and then through SKD, CKD, and finally localization. On the premise of ensuring quality, bring high-quality French RVs to Chinese market. Our current delivery room is under construction, and it is expected that in the second half of next year, we will gradually realize domestic production through CKD and SKD.

Bailong: When you introduced yourself just now, you said that you have just been in contact with the RV industry for more than three months. Would you please tell us your feelings about domestic RVs and imported RVs during the three months?

Wang Chenggang: After more than ten years of development, Chinese RVs have made great progress. This kind of progress is beyond my imagination. We have seen the distance between domestic RV companies and foreign RVs in R&D, design and manufacturing. , the gap is getting smaller and smaller, which is very gratifying. At the same time, we have to admit that there is a certain gap between domestic RVs and imported RVs. After all, foreign RVs have been developed for hundreds of years. If China’s development for more than ten years is to reach the level of foreign countries, I think we need to make some efforts together.

For example, we saw the chassis of RVs. There are not many domestic RV chassis to choose from, and the chassis is not specially developed for RVs. However, it is different in foreign countries. They have developed special chassis for RVs. The comfort and adaptability of RV driving There will be more room for sexual transformation.

Industry standards have gone through more than 100 years in foreign countries. Their standards are more standardized than China’s industry standards. Many standards of Chinese RV companies are blank. There are no standards, and even industry regulations are a constraint on the development of our RVs. , a barrier. I believe that with the continuous development of the market, the government will pay attention to these issues and they will be resolved.

Like craftsmanship, we feel that the craftsmanship of imported cars is better than domestic RVs in terms of quality and aesthetics. Generally speaking, China’s domestic RVs are making progress. We hope that one day domestic and imported RVs can achieve the same quality. The market needs us to develop and develop together.

Bailong: Would it be convenient for you to introduce the characteristics of Pai Lite RV in a few simple words?

Wang Chenggang: Pai Lite RV is produced in France. My feeling is that it brings French romantic atmosphere, French aesthetic point of view, and French romance and elegance. My first impression of Pai Lite RV.

The second impression is that I think it is comfortable to drive. I have driven the RVs of Pai Lite and other RVs, because the chassis are different. The chassis of Pai Lite is a professional caravan from Fiat Ducato. Sometimes, its comfort is better than other chassis.

The third impression is the humanized interior design.

Bailong: The after-sales problem is a headache for most manufacturers. I wonder what work Pailite has done in this regard? Especially for the Fiat chassis, how do we solve a series of worries of buyers after sales?

Wang Chenggang: As far as the after-sales problem is concerned, as a French Pai Lite, we are now importing original packaging, and we must ensure the quality of the product. After the product quality reaches a certain level, you will use this car, and the corresponding after-sales problems will be reduced a lot. Of course, it does not mean that this car does not have any problems. For after-sales, there are three main ones:

1. As a French company, they have set up an Asia-Pacific business department for the Chinese market, which is responsible for the entire Asia-Pacific region, including after-sales support. At the same time, France Power will also organize (training), for example, the after-sales engineers of Hunan Power will go to France for training. This is made by Pai Lite in France.

2. Hunan Cheetah Auto cooperates with French Pai Lite. The domestic after-sales service system of Cheetah Auto can support the entire after-sales service.

3. The dealer team now requires dealer service providers to have their own after-sales service system. Through these three systems to solve customers’ after-sales worries.

Bailong: Please stand in the capacity of the deputy general manager of Pai Lite, do you have any good suggestions for some new friends who plan to buy a caravan?

Wang Chenggang: I suggest that when you buy a car, you must do more homework and experience more. The car (RV) you see, I think it is a means of transportation that meets your food, accommodation and transportation when traveling. It is a car, a car chassis is the foundation.

There is another question, why did you buy this car yourself? Only through experience will you know why you bought this car. When the French design cars, unlike some Chinese RV companies, the design space is very small. They will not design more beds within a space of 6 meters, at most two beds. We have seen that some Chinese companies will design 3 or even 4 beds on it. If you think about such a small space and so many people, how can you guarantee the comfort? We think that a RV is a family of 3-4 people going out to play, some of which are not practical, so you have to understand what you need.

The last suggestion is to choose a brand. The brand is the basis of quality assurance. A big brand can guarantee its quality and after-sales service. It will also allow our riders to experience the benefits of a RV when they use it. bring joy and pleasure.

Bailong: I saw the A-type RV and B-type RV of Pai Lite at the scene. I would like to ask you to talk about the most satisfactory and least satisfied parts of these two cars.

Wang Chenggang: What I am satisfied with is the characteristics of the French Pai Lite car, its chassis, manufacturing process, and humanized design, which will make people feel bright, which is different from domestic RVs and other RVs.

There are two points of dissatisfaction:

1. The price is high. It has to be admitted that we are all imported with original packaging. Due to the overlapping of tariffs, the current price is high. Of course, we are still working. The next step is to use SKD and CKD, or even localization in the next step, to reduce the price. While ensuring the quality, we will bring the highest quality and most cost-effective products to the consumption of Chinese RVs. By.

2. When the French were doing (RV), I felt that some adaptations to China were needed. The French designs are all in the RV, the kitchen and the gas stove. In fact, the cooking habit of the Chinese is the pull-out gas stove outside the RV. I think this is more in line with the characteristics of the Chinese. Because Chinese cooking fumes are relatively heavy, if you use a range hood in the room, it will still cause some inconvenience. We will make suggestions to the French side in this regard in the next step. While retaining the original design, increase Some configurations that are more in line with China’s national conditions.

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