[Industry] Different definitions of non-standard accommodation forms

In the context of the continuous upgrading of mass consumption, the connotation of self-driving travel culture has begun to change, and consumers have begun to pay attention to more distinctive and personalized consumption scenarios. Under the new situation, the content and core form of tourism products are all upgraded with the needs of users. The system of traditional hotels and resorts cannot be in line with the market and cannot effectively solve the accommodation needs of surrounding tourists. Non-standard accommodation such as RV campsites, wooden houses, and tent hotels can further enhance the travel experience of tourists.

Tourism has developed from sightseeing and leisure to the trend of off-site lifestyle, and has transformed into a scene and carrier of various consumption content. People’s definition of accommodation forms also has different definitions due to different subjects and their starting points. The so-called, “A’s honey, B’s arsenic”.

[Industry] Different definitions of non-standard accommodation forms

A good hotel, but also a place to experience local culture

With the development of the times, users’ demand for hotel accommodation products is changing from focusing on the external environment of the hotel to focusing on the characteristic operation of the hotel itself. There are many hotels with cultural heritage at home and abroad, which are more memorable than pure luxury hotels. A good resort hotel experience is even equivalent to a cultural and historical tour. Hoshino Yakyo, a Japanese hot spring resort hotel with a history of one hundred years. The hotel is built along the river wall, and the terrain is narrow. It takes about 15 minutes to take a long boat from the Togetsu Bridge to the depths of Arashiyama. Inheriting the characteristics of traditional Japanese architecture and the culture of the ancient capital of thousands of years, HOSHINOYA Kyoto Resort interprets the atmosphere of Kyoto and the charming natural beauty. In addition to the paradise-like environment, the most special thing is that the hotel will hold a morning class in the temple in the early morning. Residents can read scriptures with the Zen master, making people completely immersed in a culture, full of Zen. The Kaiseki restaurant in the hotel (one Michelin star) combines the tradition of Japanese cuisine with French cooking techniques, perfectly interpreting the concept of “Kyo cuisine”, and conveying traditional Japanese history and culture and modern services to diners. Experience Kyoto’s traditional culture in an elegant and quiet environment, smell incense, kimono, flower ceremony, tea ceremony, flower ceremony, etc., and feel the colorful customs of Kyoto throughout the year. New and old, history and inheritance are integrated here in various forms. The fly in the ointment is that the hotel has only 25 rooms, and the price is nearly 10,000 yuan a night. Although the price is high, it is still necessary to book in advance during the peak season. In addition, Ritz Paris Chanel Suite, Tianjin Astor Luxury Collection Hotel, etc. are all landmark hotels with a century-old history. It is said that in the Astor Hotel, Mr. Sun Yat-sen’s suite still maintains all the furnishings of the year.

[Industry] Different definitions of non-standard accommodation forms

The hotel has evolved from the accommodation industry to the tourism industry. Destination-type resort hotels are mostly located far away from the urban area, hidden in the high-quality natural environment of mountains and rivers, but at the same time they should meet good traffic accessibility and form a hidden and accessible arrival condition. In the transition area between urban space and natural space, according to the resource and environment base of its own location, the most useful advantageous resources are extracted, thus forming the most direct image of the resort hotel. For example, Anji Tent Hotel Xilong Tea Valley Resort Hotel is located in the 100-acre tea sea in Huangdu Village, Xilong Township, Anji. The characteristic resource of “tea” has become the core feature different from other hotels. Tourists have created a refreshing journey of tea sea face to face with nature. Under the development trend of “tourism + X”, in the new era of tourism products where content is king, it is more necessary to stand in the new background of consumption upgrading and how to innovate tourism products, and think about how to make products more suitable for consumers demand. A good accommodation experience can increase the stickiness and repurchase rate with consumers, and based on this, it can accurately guide the flow of scenic spots, catering, tickets, entertainment, leisure and other items in the surrounding tourism industry.

A good youth hostel is the favorite of travel friends and literary youths

The youth hostel with the spirit of sharing is the favorite of travel friends and literary youths. The ideal youth hostel is an excellent place where the price is low and you can learn about the customs and customs of various places. Living in a youth hostel can meet self-help travelers from all corners of the country and learn about practical knowledge, such as where to have fun, how to save money, etc., maybe you can find friends who are on the same road. Most of the Youth Youth Hostels on Qiongyou Road are self-renovated private houses, which do not meet the fire protection standards. It is a relatively open space, and personal and property safety must be taken seriously. Because you live with many people, it is inevitable that people will come in and out at night, turn on and off the lights, snore, etc. You can prepare earplugs and eye masks for backup. Although the price of the youth hostel is low, the environment is chic. But the necessary safety facilities and worrying sanitary conditions are still flawed. Finally, as time goes by and you grow older, you may not be able to stand a group of noisy people and have less and less common topics with the group of young people. You may also have a fixed partner and start to pursue more quality accommodation such as boutique hotels or homestay camps. way, but youth hostels are still an option when traveling. Regardless of the stage, comfort is the most important thing in the journey.

[Industry] Different definitions of non-standard accommodation forms

A good homestay emphasizes that feelings, folk customs and personality

The development of urbanization is getting faster and faster, and life will never lack neon lights in buildings, but it is the blue bricks and green tiles, small bridges, flowing water, and pastoral pastures of the old houses in the hometown in childhood memories that carry people’s inner emotional monologue. In recent years, there is a subdivision in the non-standard accommodation market that is growing rapidly – scenic homestays.

Ant short-term rental released the “China Scenic B&B Market Research Report 2017”, in which, about 31.0% of the distribution of scenic homestays are in natural scenic spots; 29.6% are in leisure and vacation scenic spots. Scenic homestay avoids the monotony of traditional accommodation and lacks a sense of intimacy. It is an independent business format with stories and heart-touching. The room used to relieve the tiredness of the day may be an ancient house that has gone through a hundred years. The homestay not only has a living room, kitchen, and terrace, you can cook, and you can also throw dirty clothes into the washing machine; the enthusiastic landlord is like a long-lost friend who will accompany you to chat ;Live like a local and make a strange place feel like home.

Features, culture, and cost-effectiveness are the three main reasons for staying in homestays

The primary factor for users to stay in a homestay is the characteristics of the house, followed by in-depth experience of local culture and high cost performance. According to the Tujia platform, the cost of homestays is mainly concentrated in the range of 51 to 300 yuan; during holidays, the prices of holiday villas in scenic spots such as Jiulong Mountain and Qiandao Lake are above 1,200 yuan, which is 2 to 3 yuan lower than the price of high-end resort hotels in the same area. Times, if more than one person for multiple days is more cost-effective, cost-effective advantage is obvious. However, the operation of homestays in scenic spots also faces many problems, such as widespread irregular financial management, serious homogeneity of homestay operations, no legal or regulatory guarantees, and insufficient attractiveness of surrounding scenic spots.

[Industry] Different definitions of non-standard accommodation forms

Animals and delicacies can also be transformed into a trip

Kenya 1920 tent camp – Cottars 1920’s Camp, many tourists who have been there say that this is a rare and unforgettable experience in a lifetime. The camp grounds and landscaping are impeccable, with views of the Masai Mara and Serengeti National Parks from the highest point of the camp. The staff will use the antique car from 1920 to take everyone to experience the Maasai culture, safari dress tradition and local food near the grassland boundary markers in Tanzania and Kenya. In short, everything here, from the safari program to every decoration in the tent, seems so appropriate.

Kenya Giraffe Manor – Giraffe Manor. The legendary giraffe manor, the old-fashioned Scottish hunting house in the dream, and the exterior walls intertwined with vines seem to tell the long time ago. It’s home to 6 Rothschild giraffes, one of the world’s most valuable giraffe species, and the only restaurant where you can dine with the giraffes. People can shake the food bowl to summon the giraffe to come to them from the forest, and watch it stretch out its big purple tongue to lick away the food on its hands. The feeling of integration between man and nature cannot be expressed in words. It is worth mentioning that the price of foreign camps is more reasonable than that of hotels. As long as it is not specially for watching the great migration of animals, the price is even more affordable than that of domestic star hotels.

Camping is a different way of life

As the car transforms from a means of transportation to a tool for leisure, the rapid growth of self-driving and caravan tourism is an important crowd attraction. Experts in the industry said that the most fundamental problem to be solved by the camping system is to allow cars and accommodation units to be combined at zero distance and provide basic supporting facilities, which can not only improve the travel experience but also customize targeted services for them, enhance user stickiness and greatly Increase traffic. In the era of market demand-oriented tourism experience, sufficient research on the target market is the basic premise. Only by introducing special projects according to the needs of the target customer group can it be attractive and have long-term market competitiveness. In addition to huge market prospects, the RV camping industry also has many intangible assets and derivatives. The camp has a certain public service nature, and there is enough space for outdoor activities. The camp can create a good pet training site and parent-child education space in different areas. By formulating personalized and exclusive services, launching parent-child activities, pet competitions, open-air movies, outdoor barbecues, and youth development, we will bring more colorful accommodation experiences to different consumers.

[Industry] Different definitions of non-standard accommodation forms

A good trip can experience a lot of life aesthetics. No matter what kind of accommodation form, from hardware to software, from the whole to the details, everyone has their own standards for acceptance and feeling, but they are all worthy of our heart. A place I want to experience.