[Industry] Make full use of high-quality resources to break the camp’s unprofitable dilemma

The policies are favorable and the number of campsites is also increasing. Although the development of the campground industry is still in its infancy, its development curve is showing an upward trend from the policy to the market level.

High output value ≠ more money

From a macro point of view, although the industry prospects are good, the analysis of the success and failure of each camp is not measured and judged by the industrial output value. At present, most domestic camps are in the embarrassing dilemma of not losing money but making profits. The development of the industry does not seem to have any impact on camping. It is not that some camps do not make money now, but that they have never made money.

[Industry] Make full use of high-quality resources to break the camp's unprofitable dilemma

The reporter visited a certain camp in Huairou District, Beijing, and the situation was really not optimistic. There are several caravans and wooden houses in the park that can be seen at a glance to provide accommodation, which is all the business of the camp. It may be that in order to save labor costs in the camp, there are only two service personnel in the entire park. As it turns out, there really isn’t a need for too many staff, as the number of tourists in the camp is also minimal. At present, such camps are not uncommon in China. When the camping industry really gets hot, I am afraid that such camps will still not be profitable.

lack of independent soul

At present, there are generally two situations in domestic camps. One is that some camps play side-by-side policy, occupy land in the name of the camp, and even get corresponding support and subsidies, and do not make a reasonable plan for the commercial operation of the camp. The other is that there is a deviation in the understanding of the concept of the camp, and the core positioning and commercial profit point that suits you have not been found. Due to the limited number of caravans, the main business has been turned into accommodation, but special accommodation such as caravans and wooden houses are not as attractive as imagined.

[Industry] Make full use of high-quality resources to break the camp's unprofitable dilemma

At present, all camps are crossing the river by feeling the stones, watching how other camps do, ignoring their own conditions and characteristics, and blindly learning and imitating. As a result, a number of camps with the same form and lack of soul have emerged, and most of them are not well managed. Therefore, it is concluded that the “spring of the campground” has not yet come, and it is the immature market that leads to no profit or even loss. In fact, it is just that individuals are not fully prepared, and blindly waiting for the wind of the industry, it is better to try to find their own commercial profit points.

jump out of camp camp

Regarding the positioning of the camp project, it must not be limited to the word “camp”. It is not only a land area, but also a platform for carrying various activities. Camps should be personalized products, and camps in each region have their own characteristics. Mo Keli, vice president of Tonghe Shanzhi Landscape Design Co., Ltd. explained the camp in this way. From the perspective of consumers’ deeper needs, camping represents a new type of leisure travel behavior, and the role of the camp is more like a complex of outdoor leisure. , containing the attributes of nature, fun and freedom. In fact, it is not too complicated. Building a camp is just a matter for consumers to get close to nature and get happiness. The construction of the camp must be based on demand. The biggest feature of the camp is nature and health. Compared with ordinary parks, the camp relies more on and strengthens the natural environment, and needs to design a natural experience suitable for multi-level people. For example, filling the campsite with star tents, planting and picking farms, etc., so that consumers have more opportunities to interact closely with nature.

[Industry] Make full use of high-quality resources to break the camp's unprofitable dilemma

Different from ordinary parks, the first principle for camps to attract popularity is special experience, that is, “fun”. Feng Jun, the founder of Bird RV, mentioned that the consumption level of consumers who stay in the camp for one day is about 400 yuan per capita, while the consumption level for two days is about 1,600 yuan. Only one more day, the consumption level is three times the gap . Having interesting themed items will greatly increase customer stickiness. Finely differentiate the audience groups, and design characteristic and rich-level themed projects for different groups of people such as the youth market, couple market, family market, and corporate market, which enriches the content of the camp and enhances the interaction between the camp and consumers performance, thereby increasing user retention.

[Industry] Make full use of high-quality resources to break the camp's unprofitable dilemma

Different places have different natural conditions, urban situations and consumption situations are also different. There is no fixed model for camp building, nor should there be a fixed model. The camp itself should be a non-standard product. Don’t look at whether other camps are profitable or not, and don’t wait for the industry’s east wind to come. Build the barriers of the individual camps themselves. When everything is ready, the individual east wind will come.