“Lai” to Lhasa | Self-modified RV and self-driving Tibet with daughter, a ten-year appointment (Part 2)

Travel Diary—318 Entering Tibet

No matter how beautiful the scenery is, it is just a stop in our travel map. The rain has been falling. We pack our bags and continue on the journey. Going out for a long-distance trip, tidying up for two hours in a row every morning has become a normal state of life. , Cleaning personal hygiene, tidying up the bed, arranging the items in the RV, and cleaning the interior of the car all consume a lot of time, which is actually no different from daily life.

After finishing all this, we finally bid farewell to the beautiful Lijiang and went to the holy place in our hearts—Shambhala. This section of the journey is relatively easy, but after some navigation, Shangri-La did not attract us too much, so we gave up our stay in Shambhala and continued on our way.

And the next short-term destination is Deqin. I thought it would be a short drive, but I didn’t expect that this decision was the beginning of Lao Liu’s hard work: the winding mountain road eventually exhausted Lao Liu. All patience.

Several times of roaring, almost became a road rage, except for the bright sun, sometimes sunny and sometimes rainy, there is really nothing for Lao Liu to commemorate on this journey, as for Xiao Liu, it seems that there is nothing happy or unhappy.

At around ten o’clock in the evening, I finally found a hotel on the outskirts of Deqin County. After inquiring about the price, it was quite cheap, only 80 yuan.

On the last day in Lijiang,

Roasted durian doesn’t understand the two of them

After coming out of Lijiang, there is no expressway

the road is getting worse

The stones on both sides of the road are landslides.

falling stones,

danger at any time

On the way, I found an open space to rest

Take a few pictures of the scenery

Beautiful or not

Arrive at Shangri-La

The shocking blockbuster is coming,

What you see with your eyes is more shocking than the photos

so easy

Such a blue sky and white clouds cannot be seen in Shandong

Another one, I will keep it as a computer wallpaper

This seems to be a place for online celebrities to check in, let’s have one too

Hit the local farmers market and eat chicken tonight

Serve with green vegetables

Use the pressure cooker

Drooling no, Lao Liu stewed chicken

It’s rare that the weather is fine today,

We did a lot of laundry,

Let it dry, I brought the rope,

But since there are no trees or anything,

So I can only hang it temporarily in the car

The shoes should also be photographed with a sense of ceremony. These pairs of shoes,

It was already wet when I was in the ancient city of Fenghuang.

Now is the chance to see the sun,

really glad they

going to sleep here tonight

Daughter-in-law come to a big roc to spread its wings

The blue sky and white clouds are right in front of our eyes

Accompany our car all the way

Take a picture on the dark side of the mountain

Let’s take a night scene

I can’t remember how long I haven’t seen the stars

Although for the locals, it was only a little more than half an hour after the sun set, but they fell asleep and missed the real face of Meili Snow Mountain. After waking up early in the morning, I washed it from the inside to the outside and finally walked out of the hotel door after ten o’clock.

If one word is used to describe the upcoming trip, I think it can only be described as wow ⊙ω⊙! So beautiful! After leaving us for seven days, Mr. Sun finally showed his bright smile at noon of the eighth day, and embraced us with his enthusiasm without reservation!

It’s hot, but it also shows us its beauty. If we have to describe it in words, I really don’t know how to describe it. Blue sky, white clouds, green grass, the child likes all kinds of stones, and insisted on taking a few pieces home as gifts for her children, so Lao Liu went to the bank of the Lancang River and picked up a few stones.

The roaring river frightened old Liu. We followed the Lancang River all the way upstream, and finally entered Tibet at 3:33. Hongla Mountain, 4448 meters above sea level, experienced the first inspection during the trip in Yanjing, and checked it inside and outside the car.

The kind police uncle just reminded Lao Liu not to wear slippers to drive the vehicle, which is prone to danger. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery all the way. We finally arrived at the Mangkang Public Security Checkpoint at 9 o’clock in the evening. It was the same procedure: register the ID card, check the vehicle, Open the trunk and ask where are we going? What are you pulling?

Old Liu replied with a smile: Pull the furniture and bedding, the police said, are you going to travel?

Um. let’s go!

Lao Liu asked shyly again: Can we live around here, next to you, safe and rest assured. The police uncle readily agreed, pointed us to a large, empty parking lot, watched us settle down and parked the car, and told Lao Liu that if you need hot water, you can go to the police station to pick it up, Lao Liu quickly thank.

At the checkpoint at an altitude of 4317 meters, we spent our first night in the Tibetan area in the car. Lao Liu looked at the potatoes, bacon, tomatoes, peppers, peanuts, and carrots stewed in the electric pressure cooker, and said that it would be good to have a little Kuanhai Brew.

Xiao Liu said: The stars outside are so beautiful, so: Lao Liu was shivering, and took a photo of the first starry sky in the Tibetan area with his Huawei mobile phone on the first night in the Tibetan area. We look forward to having such a shining starry sky every night.

Good night.

Lai to Lhasa, to be continued (it will be updated from time to time in the future).