RV Thing – When to End Free-Range Management

Since the RV entered China, it has been accompanied by the word “modification”. Compared with automobile manufacturing, the entry threshold for refitting is relatively low, and the refitting manufacturers of RVs are also uneven, resulting in many pitfalls on RVs. There are reasons for this phenomenon, both artificial and political.

In the era of imperfect laws and regulations, free-range management has become an inevitable choice. This era has higher requirements for manufacturers, and the integrity and brand value of manufacturers can be accumulated at this time. With the step-by-step improvement of regulations and policies and the end of the stocking era, manufacturers with high requirements on themselves will have a greater chance to become the industry leader. However, many companies are more concerned about immediate interests at this time.

RV Thing - When to End Free-Range Management

trap zone

Mr. Wang of a travel company in Yunnan ordered a caravan from a certain brand in January 2016. After paying 460,000 yuan for the car in April, the brand immediately arranged for personnel to send the RV to Kunming to complete the delivery. After the caravan was obtained, the company team immediately launched activities around the caravan. The effect of the activity became high-end immediately after the addition of the fashionable caravan. At that time, Mr. Wang still felt that the RV was good, and the company also had needs, so he could consider buying a few more. Later things seemed to deviate from the expected track. Due to the traces of grinding on the VIN of the RV, and the OBD (On-Board Diagnostic System) cannot read the vehicle information and cannot confirm the uniqueness of the vehicle, the vehicle cannot be registered and can only be processed as “returned”. Then Mr. Wang conducted friendly negotiations with the RV company for nearly five months, and finally reached an agreement on the return of the car in December of that year, and the problem was satisfactorily resolved.

The above example can be seen as an example, but it is very illustrative. An old engineer once said to me: “There must be rules in doing things, so that they will look good.” However, there are always people who will break the rules, because the cost of following the rules is too high and the benefits are very low. One of the basic attributes of a RV is a car. As a vehicle, it must be on the road, and registration is the most basic requirement. I have been arguing about this kind of thing for several months…  

In the RV market, many RV manufacturers have launched special vehicles for camping. In short, they can only be used in camps and cannot be used on the road. To use a catchphrase on the Internet, “No problem!” The camp needs high-quality and cheap RVs to support the scene, and manufacturers only need to care about whether the interior of the RV is luxurious. But as a caravan, its basic attribute “car” is no longer available, so is it still called a caravan? For ordinary consumers, just look at the excitement. Another attribute of the RV-room. A house is a place that fulfills our daily life. A few years ago, the taste of “spicy eyes” was almost the “standard equipment” of the RV at that time, and there was no desire to go in front of the RV and watch it carefully. There are much less peculiar smells on RVs now, but since there is no third-party environmental protection testing agency, the health index in the car can only be measured by the conscience of each manufacturer.

RV Thing - When to End Free-Range Management

fuzzy zone

Nowadays, many people are keen to buy “naked cars” with announcements, and come back to DIY. Can the interior of the RV really be installed by yourself? The interior decoration of the RV should not only consider whether it is smooth or not, but also fully consider factors such as circuit safety, waterway safety, and weight distribution. For self-modification of vehicles, many buyers only have ideas and do not have the qualifications and experience of RV modification. Under such conditions, the safety and stability of the caravan that is finally driven on the road will be greatly compromised.

According to the “Vehicle Manufacturer and Product Announcement”, the “Main Technical Parameters and Main Configuration Record Form of Vehicle Products” contains the parameters and configuration requirements of normal motor vehicles, and there are no parameters for RVs, which forms a “fuzzy zone”. This kind of RV production model that hit the edge of the ball came into being quietly. The quality of products under this model will inevitably have stability and safety issues. Manufacturers are also willing to sell such products for profit, and if problems arise, they can be blamed on the buyer’s modification, which increases operating income economically.

RV Thing - When to End Free-Range Management


A new thing must go through a certain period of accumulation from germination to prosperity. RVs have been developed in China for more than ten years. Compared with the behemoths of the European and American RV systems, it is natural that our regulations and policies are lagging behind, but this cannot be a tool for RV manufacturers to make profits. When will the free-range management end? We can’t just rely on the advent of laws and policies. The industry must also form its own “rules” to allow consumers to recognize it and enable manufacturers to develop soundly. In this way, the “free-range era” will be sublimated into the “autonomous era” “, instead of becoming the “era of captivity”.