“Spirited Away” is “difficult to distinguish between true and false”, but the scenery is so wonderful!

When I was a child, I watched “Spirited Away”

Remember that bizarre, magnificent and fantasy world

Remember Grandpa Boiler’s Bathhouse

The Oil House in the Hidden World

A small train galloping along the sea

Now, “Spirited Away” is here

Every poster and promotional image hits the heart

Warm and healing, filled with emotion

I don’t understand until I grow up

This is a growth guide written for everyone

In the process of growing up, don’t lose yourself, the most authentic self

On the road of growth, don’t look back, keep going forward

When “Spirited Away” hits our life again

There are countless

“Spirited Away” check-in photos

true false false

Who knows, who cares

Actually these are not important

It is true to have feelings

The animation that accompanied us growing up

“I” finally met “it” in real life

These “Spirited Away” are true and false check-in places

let’s take a look

Official recognition

Grandpa Boiler’s Room

Edo-Tokyo Architectural Garden “Takei Sanseido”

The room of Grandpa Boiler refers to the appearance of “Takei Sanseido” in the Edo-Tokyo Architectural Garden. With a disgusting and kind face, he helps Chihiro like a granddaughter, which is very touching. Walking into the Sansei Hall of Wuju, one enters Grandpa Boiler’s workshop in a trance. The small cabinets all over the wall are exactly the same as the medicine cabinets in the movie.

And in the Edo-Tokyo Architectural Park, there is still a tram parked. It is a tram that actually ran between Shibuya Station and Shimbashi and Kanda. It is said that this is the water train that Chihiro and the faceless man took together. Prototype.

oil shop

Dogo Onsen Honkan

Also in the diary on Ghibli’s official website, it is clearly written: Regarding the prototype of Aburiya, I asked director Miyazaki directly, and the director replied, “Referring to many hot springs, there is no specific prototype, but Dogo Hot Spring is indeed one of them.

This beautiful three-story building is made of dark brown traditional wood with dark brick eaves. After nightfall, the strong light from the Japanese paper curtains reflects the strong light of the paper curtains. Isn’t the oil house in the movie somewhat similar?

In order to save her parents who have turned into pigs, the heroine Chihiro had to stay and work in the “Oil House”. Dogo Onsen is the oldest hot spring in Japan recorded in “Nihon Shoki” and was awarded 3 Michelin stars in 2009. .

Large-scale anti-counterfeiting scene 

sky realm

Jiangchuan coast

In reality, there is such a paradise, that is, the Jiangchuan coast where the sea and the sky are the same color. The Jiangchuan coast is located in Chiba County. It is a popular spot for enjoying the sunset in the local area, and it is also a place that many photographers like very much. Looking far away, the water surface reflects the sky, full of fairy spirit.

sea ​​train

Japan Iyonada Monogatari Sightseeing Train

Sea train in Sri Lanka

Those who like “Spirited Away” must still remember the train traveling in the vast sea, just like the Iyonada Monogatari sightseeing train traveling in the coastal waters of Japan.

In addition to the station itself, the submerged railway track near the station is also one of the local characteristics. It is very similar to the scene where Chihiro took the train to find Granny Qian.


According to legend, the inspiration prototype of the sea train is the sea train in Sri Lanka. It is said to be a sea train, but it is actually a sea train, and it is only a short distance from the sea.

And the water train in the movie is really on the water. There must be a misinformation here. There is no official location or inspiration for the filming, but it must be taken from the Japanese train.

incredible town

Taiwan Jiufen, Chongqing Hongyadong, Hunan Phoenix

Enter “Spirited Away filming location” in a search engine, and nine times out of ten, Jiufen, Taiwan will come up, and there are not a few Japanese websites that say so. Although most people who have been there say that the feeling of Jiufen is somewhat similar to that in the movie, especially after the lights are turned on at night, Master Hayao Miyazaki himself refuted the rumors here.

A certain TV station once interviewed Hayao Miyazaki for a program, and asked Hayao Miyazaki whether the story scenes of Spirited Away were based on Taiwan’s Jiufen, but Hayao Miyazaki solemnly denied it.

Some people say Hongya Cave, but in fact, Hongya Cave has nothing to do with “Spirited Away”. We now feel that the place that is very similar to the filming location of Spirited Away was established by Chongqing Municipality in 2006. The landscape project was built with a total government investment of 385 million yuan, and “Spirited Away” was released as early as 2001.

 A Japanese media went to the ancient city of Fenghuang before. When I came to Fenghuang for the first time, I felt like I had come to the incredible town in “Spirited Away”. But obviously this is not the case, but the ancient city of Fenghuang is indeed a good place.

 through the tunnel

Former Zhazidong Tunnel in Shapingba, Chongqing

In Dahegou Community, Shijingpo Street, Shapingba District, Chongqing, there is a tunnel very similar to the real-life version of “Spirited Away”, which has attracted many tourists to explore.

The bustling and noisy world on one side, and the lush forest on the other, separated by a hole, two completely different lifestyles, in an instant, it seems to have traveled to another time and space, this scene is similar to the scene in “Spirited Away” The scenes are quite similar.

The location is never the goal, only to find the original self

Eighteen years have passed since the flowers fell and blossomed, but there are still some things that cannot be forgotten. No matter how many years have passed, those things are still the attachments that cannot be given up in the heart.

Eighteen years have passed since that sentence “don’t look back”, and at that time we have become independent adults, walking forward in the years. But despite the hardships and obstacles of the journey, it is still your unique treasure.

Live up to meet! Let’s watch “Spirited Away” again, relive this journey of love and courage, and have another fearless dream this summer.

Return a movie ticket to Hayao Miyazaki and a train ticket to “Spirited Away”. Go to those check-in places and take an animation tour. “We were the same as Chihiro eighteen years ago, and we will be the same as Chihiro eighteen years later.”

Stay safe!

Source: Tu Xiaoyou