Tiggo 5x HERO collides with Trumpchi GS3, who is the real good car?

Back then, the Monkey King stayed in the alchemy furnace of Taishang Laojun for seventy-seven forty-nine days, and he developed a pair of piercing eyes to “distinguish the good from the evil, and tell the truth from the false”. Iterations and the launch of various new cars and remodeled models can be described as “scattered flowers gradually becoming charming eyes”. If you want to find your own soul model, you can’t do it without a pair of sharp eyes.

In order to sort out the current auto market in detail, the most popular model is undoubtedly the SUV market, and in the most competitive SUV market below 100,000 yuan, it needs to be young and steady. Today we have selected two popular Chinese brands. These two models, Tiggo 5xHERO and Trumpchi GS3, let’s see who can hold the real body and stand in the position of a really good car under the eyes of the eyes.

Driving first, comfort is the first priority

If there is a selection of car purchase decision factors for car buyers, driving comfort must be among the best. After all, the car has a large interior space, and driving comfort is the most intuitive feeling of using a car.

In terms of body size, Tiggo 5xHERO has achieved a comprehensive victory in overall space performance by virtue of its 70mm wheelbase advantage. After sitting in the cockpit, Tiggo 5xHERO has also achieved an upgraded driving experience at the same price. The LCD instrument panel and the electric seat adjustment with six-way adjustment maximize the driving comfort.

Tiggo 5xHERO Trumpchi GS3 Length (mm) 43584350 Width (mm) 18301825 Height (mm) 16701680 Wheelbase (mm) 26302560

In terms of power, both sides use 1.5L naturally aspirated engines, but it is worth mentioning that Tiggo 5xHERO takes the lead in adopting the National VI standard to solve the worries of buying a car. In terms of actual performance, Tiggo 5xHERO relies on CVT The gearbox achieves a more gentle posture experience, and the overall acceleration is more linear.

Tiggo 5x HERO collides with Trumpchi GS3, who is the real good car?

Configuration game, cross-level SUV experience

Compared with the configuration, Tiggo 5x HERO has demonstrated the strength of “seventy-two changes”. In terms of driving configuration, it is equipped with one-button up and down windows, intelligent electric air conditioner, delayed headlight lighting, and intelligent anti-pinch electric landscape sunroof. In terms of safety configuration, Tiggo 5xHERO has become the first batch of brand-new models in the world equipped with Bosch 9.3ESP as standard. In addition, it also has a dynamic trajectory reversing image and the unique EPB+AUTOHOLD system at the same level, providing comprehensive protection The vehicle is stable to cope with various road conditions.

Tiggo 5x HERO collides with Trumpchi GS3, who is the real good car?

In contrast, Trumpchi GS3 is slightly inferior in this aspect. Except for safety functions such as ABS anti-lock braking, vehicle stability control, and brake assist, other practical configurations are slightly insufficient, such as automatic parking and leather steering wheel. , Headlight delay lighting and many other practical configurations.

Design testimonials, highlighting the definition of emotional appearance

Turning to the design aspect, both parties follow the family design. While having family recognition, they also carry out customized processing for young consumers.

Tiggo 5xHERO adopts the brand-new design concept of Tiggo family of “Life in Motion 3.0” as a whole. The large opening of its tiger-like front face shows the aggressiveness that SUV models should have, and the sinking of the B-pillar further highlights the streamlined sense of the streamlined models. , the newly added two-color roof is more fashionable, and in terms of details, whether it is black wheel eyebrows or 17-inch five-spoke mirror-finished wheels, it maximizes its sporty DNA visually.

Tiggo 5x HERO collides with Trumpchi GS3, who is the real good car?

Turning to the Trumpchi GS3, its front face adopts a family-style design. The Lingyun wing is combined with the penetrating headlights with chrome-plated trim, which is similar to the appearance design of the Trumpchi GS4. The car is too stable.


To sum up, both models are the best among domestically produced compact SUVs, and they are even close in comparison. If you are a post-90s consumer full of passion and vitality, if you only have a budget of 100,000 yuan but want If you own a compact SUV that is fashionable, powerful, intelligent and considerate, Tiggo 5xHERO is undoubtedly a good choice.