Xinruijie ST is equipped with 2.7T + brand new 8AT, and the powertrain can be called a match made in heaven!

Why do many people use an Apple computer with an Apple mouse? Is it all a matter of saving face? of course not! Because the mouse computer of the same brand has a unique signal receiving design, it can respond quickly when receiving instructions. This natural perfect match of the same brand can be called “a match made in heaven”. With other brands of mice, many of them are not as fast to use as the brand mice. Even a slight difference of 0.1 seconds will make a difference in the use experience, especially for those who have extremely high requirements for sensitivity.

Xinruijie ST is equipped with 2.7T + brand new 8AT, and the powertrain can be called a match made in heaven!

Don’t underestimate this 0.1 second. This small gap will be infinitely magnified when it is reflected in the car’s powertrain. It can be said that “the difference is a thousand miles away”. On the contrary, if it is a “natural fit” powertrain, it will bring double benefits. The new sharp world ST is equipped with a 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost twin-turbocharged engine and a new 8-speed transmission that are “a match made in heaven”, making it the most powerful and controllable large 7-seater SUV in its class!

Powertrain made in heaven comes from Ford’s independent research and development and production capabilities

Xinruijie ST is equipped with the strongest 2.7L V6 EcoBoost engine in its class. With the three core technologies of turbocharging, direct fuel injection, and dual independent variable valve timing systems, it has a maximum power of 237KW, a maximum torque of 500N.m, It takes only 7.2 seconds for zero-hundred acceleration! The matched brand-new 8-speed transmission has a maximum speed ratio span of 7.28, and a more reasonable gear ratio design brings a smoother shifting experience, and the maximum input torque of the transmission is 570N.m, which is much higher than the 500N.m of the V6 engine The maximum output torque, so as to be able to transmit the surging power of the engine vividly!

Xinruijie ST is equipped with 2.7T + brand new 8AT, and the powertrain can be called a match made in heaven!

Why is the “natural match” between the ST engine and gearbox of Xinruijie so powerful? I have to mention Ford’s research and development strength at the top of the pyramid. Ford can not only independently develop, verify and produce engine/automatic transmission products, but also consider the compatibility of engine and gearbox products from the beginning of design, and can rely on its powerful power system. Control software development capabilities to perfectly realize the design performance of powertrain products without compromise.

For example, Ford’s unique database can simulate various “preset” situations, and predict the driver’s needs in advance in situations such as starting, accelerating, and cornering, and mobilize the engine and gearbox before the driver gives instructions. Power and gear preparation, once the driver gives an instruction, it can respond at the fastest speed, making driving more handy.

All of the above are things that cannot be done by car companies that buy engines and gearboxes from different brands. Excellent engines and gearboxes alone cannot achieve the effect of 1+1>2. Natural differences greatly reduce the compatibility between the two. Some car companies have to spend a lot of manpower, time, and financial resources on tuning the engine and gearbox in order to be compatible, and the cost incurred is very likely. It will be passed on to consumers, and in order to save costs or the tuning technology is not mature, some car companies will lose part of the performance in places that are invisible to users, greatly reducing the driving experience.

Powertrain made in heaven brings rich driving pleasure

In addition, the “natural match” of the ST engine and gearbox of Xinruijie also brings driving pleasure to consumers on multiple levels.

In terms of comfort, when the driver steps on the accelerator deeply, the new 8-speed gearbox can quickly understand the driver’s intention, quickly complete the downshift and speed up, and bring a smooth and pleasant driving experience.

Xinruijie ST is equipped with 2.7T + brand new 8AT, and the powertrain can be called a match made in heaven!

In terms of failure rate, the “natural match” engine and gearbox can always maintain good working conditions when they are running, minimize the wear and tear of parts, reduce the failure rate of cars, and allow consumers to save car costs during use.

In terms of fuel economy, the power output by each gear is more balanced and linear, which makes it more efficient and fuel-efficient.

The “natural match” of ST engine and gearbox of Xinruijie realizes the power output without compromise, and meets the requirements of strong power, smooth shifting, and fuel-saving for young Chinese consumers in road racing, long-distance self-driving or off-road experience. Heart and other needs. If you are a consumer who likes sports and pursues the ultimate driving experience, this new sharp world ST is definitely worth your attention!