【Industry】Analysis of Star Camp Rating System in South Africa

South Africa is the second largest economy in Africa, and its citizens have a high standard of living. Compared with other African countries, South Africa’s economy is relatively stable. Therefore, South Africa’s campground industry has also developed rapidly with the support of a stable economic foundation.

South Africa is located in the southernmost part of the African continent, surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean on the east, south and west sides. The Cape of Good Hope route at the southern tip of the country is one of the busiest sea lanes in the world and is considered to be the “lifeline of the seas of the West”. Known as the “Rainbow Country”, South Africa faces Australia across the Indian Ocean in the southeast, and Brazil and Argentina across the Atlantic Ocean in the west. There are many famous wild luxury and jungle camps in South Africa, and these camps have also been rated by the South African Tourism Rating Committee based on factors such as camp facilities, scale, and services.

【Industry】Analysis of Star Camp Rating System in South Africa

The South African Campsites Star Rating Agency defines a campsite according to its function. Generally, caravan and camping parks are those places that provide visitors with space for self-catering, such as providing them with an area to set up a tent or park a caravan, or The camp itself has tents or RVs already arranged for tourists to check in. Such camps will be equipped with showers and toilets. Not all campsites are eligible for star ratings, only those that host public visitors for recreational purposes. Sites that provide accommodation and other facilities for permanent or semi-permanent populations should be distinguished from camps. Camp owners or camp representatives who are eligible to participate in the star rating need to be in touch 24 hours a day. In addition, all campsites participating in the star rating also need to have a reception or customer service center in order to better provide guidance services for tourists.

From point to area

More importantly, any camp participating in the star rating must not discriminate against tourists, and should treat tourists regardless of race, nationality, gender, belief, or physical or mental condition. Of course, the camp also has the right to refuse certain special tourists to enter the camp. Accommodation units in campsites are priced as standard and all prices include taxes. When tourists book campsites or RVs, they must clearly explain the precautions for booking cancellations.

The specific evaluation details are as follows:

Appearance of buildings in the camp:

【Industry】Analysis of Star Camp Rating System in South Africa

Grounds and gardens:

【Industry】Analysis of Star Camp Rating System in South Africa

External lighting:

In the campsite, clear signposts need to be marked on the road, and these signs should allow tourists to clearly understand the layout information in the campsite. Attention should be paid to reminding tourists which areas are prohibited from lighting, or on which roads the area illuminated by lights should be lowered. At night, when entering toilets, bathrooms, and public areas, lights are required to guide them.

【Industry】Analysis of Star Camp Rating System in South Africa

Bathrooms and toilets:

Bathrooms in all participating star-rated campsites shall be divided into public bathrooms, private bathrooms and family bathrooms. Whether private or family bathroom,

There should be separate bathrooms for men and women. Separate washing, showering and toilet areas should have the necessary separation to ensure the privacy of personal life. All toilet facilities shall have sufficient space for visitors to move freely. Unless otherwise specified, clean hot and cold water should be provided to visitors at all times. All toilets, sinks, showers, and other valves and pumps should be in good working order, and the surface of the faucet should be clean and free from contamination, and the toilet seat should not be damaged. The number of men’s and women’s toilets should be set reasonably in the toilet, and the shower area should ensure at least one men’s bathroom and one women’s bathroom.

【Industry】Analysis of Star Camp Rating System in South Africa

View the big from the small

For a long time, how to establish “green, ecological, leisure, and sustainable” campsites has always been a development model that practitioners in the campsite industry in various countries have been constantly exploring. It can be seen that the evaluation of every detail is properly grasped, providing normative guidance documents for practitioners in the camping industry.


In recent years, Africa has become a popular tourist destination in the world, and South Africa, a country with relatively stable economy and politics, is also attracting more and more tourists with its beautiful natural scenery. According to its unique landform and climate characteristics, South African campsites present different characteristics from developed countries such as Europe and the United States. The campsites here are more inclined to wild luxury and preferential holiday resorts. The environment forms a strong contrast, creating an extremely luxurious supernatural camping experience. The introduction of a series of camp evaluation standards not only regulates the construction and layout of camps, but also allows the entire camping industry to develop rapidly in an orderly and healthy environment. Undoubtedly, this is very important for the South African camping industry and even the entire African economy. had a positive impact.