“No brothers, no off-roading”, the 2019 annual meeting of the Shaanxi Brigade of Pazhongju

Part I: Preparations

Before the annual meeting, the “post-cross-country e-family era testimonials” wrote:

This year’s annual meeting, like many things this year, came very suddenly. After returning from the 14th Heroes’ Meeting, I was extremely busy, and it was almost the end of the year, dragged by time. The annual meetings of teams from all over the club come and go one after another, like brilliant fireworks, drawing wonderful moments in the sky of 2019.

I have been busy running around for a year, and people have no gaps to stop. Those things, people, and things scattered in 2019 can’t help but make people feel emotional.

Many things have happened in this year’s off-road circle, and they continue to divide step by step. We have reached the so-called “post-off-road e-family era”. The off-road e-family is facing tremendous pressure from all directions. Pa Zhongju is also facing this kind of pressure. It is not so much the pressure of market segmentation as the result of interest differentiation. Pursuing the economy is a normal thing in the development process, and it is fundamental to get it in the right way, and the right way is to always put the principle of serving car friends and serving the society first. In this process, Pazhongju has experienced its unique strength and tenacity from its model organization based on the Pajero segment at the beginning of its establishment to the current multi-model car fan platform with nearly 50 branches across the country.

In the past 4 years since its establishment, Pazhongju is grateful to the friends who have accompanied it all the way, and to everyone who has passed, accompanied or left, because of the persistence of each of us, forging the original intention of Pazhongju: to be a socially responsible off-road people! Fearless and fearless, strive to realize the true meaning of off-roading without brothers, the farther the road, the closer the heart, silently influence and guide the team members to participate in public welfare and environmental protection with the concept of healthy life and happy off-roading, love and support, and pay attention to social vulnerable groups Wait for the event. Because of this, Pazhongju builds a platform with everyone’s support and continues to serve you. Because of this, Pazhongju manages the national Mitsubishi board with the trust of the off-road e-family to serve more riders, forming an offline and online network. unanimous.

As in previous years, a preparatory committee for the annual meeting was established first, and everyone divided their work. After two rounds of road-finding and contacting, the address of the annual meeting was finally decided to be in Hancheng City, located on the west bank of the Yellow River in eastern Shaanxi Province.

Hancheng is located on the west bank of the Yellow River in the eastern part of Shaanxi Province and the northeast corner of the Guanzhong Basin. It is not only the industrial core city of the Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone, but also an important part of the “Yellow River Golden Triangle” of Qin, Jin and Henan. Located at the throat of Qin and Jin Dynasties, connecting east and west, facing the Central Plains, connecting Shanxi, Shanxi and Henan, it is the “east gate” for the development of Guantian Economic Zone. The total area is 1621 square kilometers. Hancheng is located in the center of China’s territory. It is the meeting point of west and central, Shaanxi and Shanxi, Guanzhong and Shaanxi. At the same time, it is also an important pole in the Silk Road Economic Belt, Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Economic Belt, Yellow River Golden Triangle and Shaanxi Dongdamen Economic Belt.

I have received support from many teammates throughout the preparation process, and I would like to thank them here. Members of the conference affairs team: Zhang Yi, Xiaojing, Tian Shuai, squad leader, Gu Yue Yimao, Wei Jueye, An Yong, Li Lei, and others were running around and worrying about the annual meeting. Here, I would like to thank the pre-undercurrent pathfinding, hotel contact and other work for devoting a lot of time and energy to the annual meeting.

The route survey and hotel inspection before the annual meeting were carried out by undercurrent students. In fact, before this, there was a squad leader on the western front who conducted a road exploration, but he gave up after comprehensive consideration of various conditions. Here, I also want to thank the squad leader and the teammates of the Xianyang team.

The work records of the conference affairs group at that time still seem to be able to feel the tense atmosphere at that time.

The 4th Annual Meeting of the 2019 PA Zhongju Shaanxi Brigade [Conference Affairs Group Announcement]

The main task of the working group is to be responsible for implementing various affairs of the annual meeting and controlling the process of the annual meeting.

[Annual meeting time] January 4-5, 2020 (Saturday and Sunday)

[Venue of the annual meeting] “Hancheng International Hotel” in Hancheng City, Shaanxi Province

Working arrangements:

1. The return route is basically implemented, and it is best to run again on the vehicle that goes to the hotel in advance on the 3rd;

2. Hotel accommodation has been implemented, and the standard standard room for negotiation is 188 yuan including breakfast;

3. The banquet hall has been implemented, and the meal standard is 760 yuan per table (halal table has been arranged). On January 1st, a deposit of 3,000 yuan is required;

4. The accompanying gift has been implemented (it is currently being proofed, and the cost budget is 40-50 yuan per piece)

5. Xiaojing is in charge of the registration and sign-in group, and 2-3 members of the registration group are needed, who are volunteers. (1 male player and 2 female players);

6. The photographic record of the annual meeting is recorded by Gu Yue Yimao;

Those who can go to the hotel in advance on the 7th and 3rd: Laosi, Zhang Yi, Xiaojing, monitor;

8. Undercurrent No. 3 will respond at the hotel and be responsible for implementing various affairs of the hotel;

9. The main background, car stickers, gifts, flags and other pictures of the annual meeting are in charge of the old shop, and Xiaojing assists in the implementation;

10. Xiaojing is responsible for the finance of the annual meeting;

11. Yuyu, squad leader, Xiaowei, and Tian Shuai are the team leaders for the return trip; (Because Yuyu participated in the Hara Lake Ice and Snow Heroes Meeting, the return team leader was replaced by Desert Guyan)

12. Tian Shuai assisted An Yong in organizing the banquet;

13. Zhang Yi is in charge of hosting the party;

14. The opening song is sung by Senna, and the accompaniment of audio and karaoke needs to be implemented in advance;

15. Self-purchase of drinks for the annual meeting

【Sponsor Policy】

1. Sponsorship is voluntary and cannot be apportioned or designated by force;

2. The sponsorship is mainly to sponsor the lucky draw items of the banquet, and cash sponsorship is not accepted;

3. No matter how big or small the sponsorship is, they will all give feedback for expanding promotion and publicity;

Subsequent additions to the above:

1. All matters that need to be decided are discussed and approved in the group, and the boss will decide if there is no result in the discussion;

2. Abide by the code of conduct of Pazhongju, stick to righteous thoughts, the annual meeting is a non-profit activity, please keep in mind;

3. The annual meeting will pay a lot, and there may not be any rewards, and sometimes it will even be misunderstood. Please be prepared and thank you in advance.

Part Two: Sign-in Day

Early on Friday morning, Li Lei, Zhang Yi and Xiaojing and I gathered at the Pucheng service area according to the agreed time, and went to Hancheng Daqian Station first, just doing the last route detection.

In the morning, I took my daughter-in-law off to work and took the expressway from Gaoxin. This is Li Lei saying on WeChat that he has arrived. It turns out that his car has a limited number of cars today, and he left Xi’an before 7:00 in the morning, and he will be sleeping in the service area.

I saw that since this was the case, I didn’t dare to neglect, so Xi’an rushed over to accompany him to talk. Zhang Yi and his wife also towed a RV from Xi’an to the training base of the Pazhongju RV camp under construction in Xianyang earlier. They also got up very early and joined us at about 10:30.

After merging with the RV, we got off the expressway from Pucheng to have dinner.

Pucheng County is a famous historical and cultural city in Shaanxi and the birthplace of Beijing Time. It is known as the hometown of pears and fireworks. It is surrounded by majestic tombs of Tang Dynasty emperors such as Tangqiao Mausoleum and Tang Tai Mausoleum. Pucheng is also the hometown of General Yang Hucheng of the National Revolutionary Army and Wang Ding, Prime Minister of the Qing Dynasty, so it has the reputation of “the hometown of generals”.

A few years ago, the famous hero slope was in Pucheng, but now it is not allowed to go there due to management. For lunch, I chose Qin’s Mutton Restaurant in Pucheng, which is the right place for us foodies.

After drinking and eating, I went straight to Huanglong Shendao Ridge through Baishui in Pucheng.

Baiyu Shendaoling Scenic Spot is located in Baiyu Township, Huanglong County. In the scenic spot, there are mountains with overlapping peaks, dense forests and luxuriant leaves, and the coverage rate of forest and grass is as high as 97%. It is the habitat of national first-class protected animals, leopard and brown eared pheasant.

Shendao Ridge is the crossing route of this annual meeting. The mountain roads here are winding, the mountains are lush, and the scenery is beautiful, especially the snow scene is no less than that of the Crown Chaoyanggou. The most important thing is that there are few human-traveled vehicles here in the winter scenic spot. It is a large caravan crossing. Excellent location.

In ancient times, Shendao Ridge was the main road from Hancheng to the northern Shaanxi border. At the junction of Hancheng and Huanglong, there was a war preparation road winding on the mountain. Now it has been developed into a road in the scenic area.

Since the weather was sunny for a few days when we came here, and there was no snow on the road, apart from enjoying the scenery along the way, I felt that there were few people, and it felt like there were only a few cars in such a big mountain.

Arrived at Hancheng at 7:30 in the evening, and joined several team members led by the squad leader of the Xianyang team. An Yong, who had arrived a few days ago, hosted a banquet to entertain everyone as a landlord.

The local flower buns in the hotel are really unique, and this craftsmanship can completely apply for intangible heritage protection. Since everyone still had a division of labor the next day, we didn’t drink any alcohol and went back to the hotel around 10 o’clock.

This time, Hancheng International Hotel was chosen as the main venue. Under the contact of An Yong, the hotel offered us a group price with sincerity and actively cooperated with us. A welcome sign was put out early.

When we arrived at the hotel, I shared a room with the squad leader. Both of us are single bicycles. We can save as much as we can. After arriving at the hotel, I contacted Xiaojing and Manager Wei from the hotel’s marketing department for the next day. The work arrangement, the squad leader and the others went to check the room.

Get up at 8 o’clock the next morning, and start setting up the registration desk after breakfast. Undercurrent also arrived at the hotel early, and the meeting team was basically all in place.

After 9 o’clock, the riders who came began to sign in to receive gifts.

The team members who have completed the registration will rest in the hotel according to the arrangement or play in the Yellow River Wetland under the leadership of local riders in Hancheng or visit Simaqian Temple, Dangjia Village, Liangdai Village Site Museum, Hancheng Ancient City, Baling Shooting, Longmen Ancient Ferry, etc.

Since the team member Huang Secretary has been in Guangzhou, we usually take photos and send them to him before eating, hahaha

At the beginning of each year, the Shaanxi Brigade of Pazhongju will choose a member to sing Beyong’s “No Hesitation”. Not afraid of hardships, his personality fits very well:

bored looking hesitant

It is not easy to achieve the ideal

Even with confidence and fighting spirit but suppressed

who decides me to go or stay

fix the universe in my heart

I just want to wave to the ideal with both hands

The question is how high is the sky, the heart is higher than the sky

The mentality of self-confidence can’t be killed will live to old age

WO-OH I have a story in my heart

Write each paragraph of joy, sorrow, and dream by hand

WO-OH Don’t retreat even if there is trauma

Dreams will come true one day, find the world of dreams in the bottom of my heart

finally see

Who hasn’t tried to hesitate

It is not easy to achieve the ideal

Even with confidence and fighting spirit but suppressed

who decides me to go or stay

fix the universe in my heart

I just want to wave to the ideal with both hands

The question is how high is the sky, the heart is higher than the sky

The mentality of self-confidence can’t be killed will live to old age

WO-OH I have a story in my heart

Write each paragraph of joy, sorrow, and dream by hand

WO-OH Don’t retreat even if there is trauma

Dreams will come true one day, find the world of dreams in the bottom of my heart

finally see


Write each paragraph of joy, sorrow, and dream by hand


Dreams will come true one day, find the world of dreams in the bottom of my heart

finally see

    This year this song was sung by Senna. The day before, Senna was on a business trip in Wuhan, and after receiving the mission, he contacted and sang the song.


Speech from the moderator of Tiema Laosi: First of all, thank you for your support for Pazhongju in 2019, and introduce the current situation of Pazhongju in the country: keep righteous thoughts, never forget the original intention, and dare not forget in 2020 The original intention, this is the common belief of the members of the Pazhong Club, fearless, fearless, truly do no brothers and do not go off-road, the farther the road, the closer the heart.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the members and sponsors of the annual meeting.

    Next, Zhang Yi, the gold medal host of the Shaanxi Brigade of Pazhong Ju, came on stage. Zhang Yi and I have known each other for 30 years. They are upright and persistent, and a very good friend. From volunteering to be the moderator of the first Mianxian County Annual Meeting until now, it is said that he volunteered to be the moderator, but in fact it was because he was brave enough to take on the challenge without the moderator. In fact, his real identity is a master of auto repair, and he is also the captain of the Pazhongju RV camp.

Every year, the lucky draw at the annual party is the climax of the game, as well as the recognition of outstanding team members, and this year is no exception.

This year’s lottery was drawn by the children on site. It was fair and just, and the children were very happy.

It was past 23:00 when the party ended. Since we had to cross Shinto Ridge the next day, everyone didn’t let go of drinking. After returning to the room, we chatted with the car friends for a while and went to bed early.

The next morning, I was basically called out by everyone, who got up too early! So I got up and went out with Zhang Yi Xiaojing to eat the local special water basin mutton. The only feeling was that the boss was reluctant to put salt. Back at the hotel Xiaojing went to settle the bill with the hotel. Our room monitor also got up early and checked out the room. I think it’s still early to go to find a gas station with Senna to refuel.

On the way back, GX called and said that he was still there in 10 minutes, let him wait for him to cross together. He had time the day before, and he came from Xi’an on Sunday morning to join the team for the return crossing. When I got back to the hotel, everyone had already checked out, so I announced on the radio that the formation would start at the scheduled time.

Everything was well arranged, yesterday was still clear and clear, but today it started to rain lightly in Hancheng, and local riders told me that there must be heavy snow on the mountain. Everyone was very excited about the weather.

The team marched forward in three echelons. Brother Guyan Tang of the Desert led the team because he was familiar with the terrain. The squad leader, Xiao Wei, Shuai Tian, ​​and Lao Niu were responsible for the connection and progress control of the first and second echelons respectively. Since our pair had an RV Towing, so I and GX, Senna, Zhang Yi Xiaojing, Li Lei, and the future that can’t be written continue to form the third echelon, and the old buddy Bibendum and Mr. Chestnut finish.

Along the way, everyone was singing and marching forward. After entering the mountainous area, the light rain gradually turned into light snow. Occasionally, cars coming down the road were covered with thick snow.

Entering the Shendaoling Scenic Area, it is really quiet. Due to the steep slopes and the repair of the tunnel under the mountain, basically no one walks this road in winter.

    Everyone stopped and walked along the way, admiring the snow scenery. To be honest, the scenery here is comparable to Chaoyanggou in the crown.

    Seeing the beautiful scenery, the team members suddenly became energetic, their childlike innocence burst out, and they began to play wild in the snow.

When everyone was preparing to move forward, the news that the RV was trapped came from the radio. Because there were two Land Patrols and one 73 behind, I let the front troops go first, and Senna and GX and I waited in place. , completely lost contact with the previous two echelons. Looking at the landmark, it is 22 kilometers away from Zhongzhao Road.

After a while, Zhang Yi said on the radio that she was out of trouble. It turned out that the vehicle in front compacted the snow, and the trailer swung its tail when turning uphill, and got stuck in a small ditch on the side of the road. Unexpectedly, just after walking less than 200 meters, the news that the car was stuck again and needed rescue came from the radio.

So the three cars in front of us decided to turn around and return, and when we came back, we saw that the RV broke down again at an uphill curve.

So everyone started to rescue. Since the place where the car got stuck was an elbow with a small bridge, the road surface was very slippery. We tried towing, pushing, and laying soil, but the trailer still slipped badly.

    Since the 200 is the original tire, it is hard to change it to the GX, but because the RV is too heavy, it is also very slippery.

This reverse wear really underestimated the lack of preparation, and everyone didn’t wear snow chains. The plan at the time was to go to Baishui County to have lunch in Pucheng in the afternoon, so the people and vehicles didn’t even prepare food for the long-term battle.

In the process of pulling the trailer, because there is a valley on the right hand side, the trailer is long, and the turning radius is small. Everyone is worried that the rear car will drift and slide down the ditch, so they get out of the car and push it behind the car. But to be honest, the effect is to appear sideways Slippery when yelling to stop.

These photos really record the emotion. Since everyone was participating in the rescue at that time, there were not many photos recorded. Only Xiaojing took these photos with his mobile phone.

For everyone, this is really a normal thing in cross-country. If there are difficulties, everyone will come and go together, and none of us thinks of retreating. Isn’t this the off-road concept of not giving up and not abandoning?

Also attending the annual meeting this time is a big brother whom I respect very much: Brother Yuan. He has known me for more than 20 years, and is also much older than me. He is also an old off-roader. The first Competitor in Shaanxi Province is a display car he bought directly at the exhibition. He accompanied me to Xilinhot to buy my first off-road vehicle. In recent years, due to health reasons, there have been fewer out-of-road vehicles. This time, I said that I must come for the annual meeting.

Because the car was in a dilemma at the corner, it couldn’t be pulled up, nor could it be pushed. Finally, it was decided to let the caravan fall down to a straighter road and rush up.

In order to prevent the RV from stalling, everyone holds a stone and is ready to put it under the wheels at any time.

In fact, it is quite joyful to see everyone hugging a big rock alone in the ice and snow.

On the contrary, reversing on the downhill section is indeed very dangerous. The car reversed smoothly for the first ten meters, but after one meter and one brake, you could turn a little bit, and the car slid out of control and slipped out of the small ditch of the roadbed. There was no way to do it.

Everyone studied the rescue plan on the spot, and finally decided to find a place to unload the RV and return to Hancheng to buy snow chains. There was a village two or three kilometers along the way, and if it didn’t work, put the RV there. But turning around in place is a big problem. After several studies, it is decided that we can only go up.

At this time, GX came back from exploring the road in front and said that there is a parking lot 500 meters in front of the small bridge, where the RV can be placed. So everyone decided to shovel ice and sprinkle soil on the road.

This time, it was Mr. Lizi who towed the RV. Mr. Lizi let the tire inflation out in advance, and everyone pushed behind. This time it really worked, and he dragged the RV to the rest area in one go.

Everyone was very excited, and the friends who came with Bib Gourmand immediately decided to buy Pajero, haha!

Arrived at the rest area, simply put the RV in place, and decided to buy a pickup and a Lu Xuncheng to buy snow chains. I thought this was a relatively simple question, but who knew it would take more than five hours to wait on the mountain.

At the beginning, everyone was talking and laughing, and the family members were sitting in the car. We guys were chatting in the snow. There was no signal in the waiting area, the telephone network was gone, and the radio station had long been out of reach. Everyone waited according to the time they thought.

At this time, everyone was a little hungry. After looking around, they only found a cured beef sandwich in Mr. Lizi’s car.

Teacher Gao and Teacher Wang were also drunk.

After a while, everyone was too cold, so they all squeezed into the RV. Since Senna’s daughter-in-law was pregnant, she went back to her car with Senna and turned on the heater to wait.

Everyone chatted in the car for a while, and I suddenly remembered that there was still half a box of apples for the annual meeting in the car, so I took two bites and finished eating.

It may be due to the lack of oxygen due to the large number of people in the car, or it may be because the drowsy Fan dozed off after being tired from the rescue just now.

This is also rare quietness, the empty silence in the mountains, I was thinking about these things that happened in the off-road circle these years, and what I have insisted on since the establishment of Pazhongju, suddenly I seemed to understand a lot, the off-road road is not just a road Will you stay with me forever? As it is off-road, so it is in life.

As the waiting time exceeded expectations, the more everyone thought about it, the more they felt something was wrong, and finally decided to let Senna take his wife down the mountain first, and Bibendeng drove back to the place where there was a signal down the mountain to contact Zhang Yi and the others.

It took another hour or so for Bibenden to return, saying that they hadn’t bought snow chains and were walking up the mountain, and asked us to leave the RV where it was and go down the mountain.

I have lost contact with my family for a day after I came down from the mountain, so I hurriedly called back to report that I was safe.

After arriving in Hancheng, everyone had a simple meal. It turns out that there is no snow chain of this type of RV in the whole Hancheng City. They have to be delivered from Xi’an. Since the highway has been closed, the fastest time is to arrive at noon tomorrow. After discussion, everyone finally decided that Mr. Lizi and Zhang Yi and his wife would stay, and Yuan returned to Hancheng International Hotel to stay. Because everyone still had work the next day, the rest went back to Xi’an overnight.

It was more than 1 o’clock at night when we returned to Xi’an.

Part V: Epilogue

On the next day (Monday), Zhang Yi and Mr. Lizi finally got the snow chains and went down the mountain smoothly, and returned to Xi’an at night.

The day before the deadline of the press release, the annual conference affairs team will announce this year’s financial statements to everyone, and refund the excess funds to everyone one by one according to the registration.

So far, the fourth annual meeting of the Shanxi Brigade of the off-road e family Mitsubishi family. Pajero (China) Club has come to a successful conclusion. This annual meeting really has too many emotions. This morning, Shu Yu from Shanxi Yangquan said such a passage in the group, which was deeply touched. “You don’t necessarily walk faster if you step on others to death! Many people have a misconception that they always think that they are successful if they crush someone, surpass them, or kill them! But in fact, a real strong person does not look at How many people he settled depends on how many people he helped, how many people he served, how many people he gathered, how many people he influenced, and how many people he achieved! The future world will definitely not belong to a group of intrigues, but to A group of people who are kind, sharing, happy, have positive energy, help others, treat each other with sincerity, and know how to be grateful!”

Thanks again everyone! This year, the off-road essence of “no brothers, no off-roading” will be perfectly reflected! Let companionship become a kind of strength! I believe that we will be stronger and more united in the future, and we will be even more exciting in 2020!

– End of full text –

Gather strength, because you are wonderful



Pazhong Ju Shaanxi Brigade

Members of the 2019 Annual Meeting and the team members participating in the activities

Thank you for providing the photo materials, some of the photos are from the Internet and have been invaded and deleted.