【Industry】Intelligent “invasion”

“Xiao Ai’s classmate.”


“on the aircon.”

“Okay, Xiao Ai will turn on the air conditioner for you.”

This is the conversation I have with the Xiaomi AI speaker every day when I go home. As a lazy person, I have evolved to the point where I can move my mouth but not my hands. Smart life is no longer an unattainable dream. From smart phones to smart homes, smart devices “invade” our lives in every possible way. So will off-road RVs with changing environments become the next frontier for smart devices?


The intelligentization of automobiles has always been a hot spot that people pay attention to. Whether it is the cutting-edge Internet giants such as Baidu and Google, or the technological pioneer Tesla, or the major old car manufacturers, they all have different degrees of research and application. There are also many manufacturers trying to realize the intelligence of RVs. Datong RV has demonstrated the interaction between RVs and vehicles at a technology exhibition, and some other brands have tried to make RVs that combine smart homes with mobile apps. product.

smart application

The off-road RV has higher requirements for the stability and fault tolerance of the RV due to the harsh environment. Now that smart devices are still in the early stages of development, it seems that smart devices and off-road RV life are two completely opposite ways of life. So is there any smart device on the off-road RV? On the issue of smart devices for off-road RVs, the author interviewed Mr. Li Baofeng, the head of the China region of the famous off-road RV brand Bliss mobil. The result is that smart devices are not uncommon in off-road RVs.



As a high-end product in the RV, off-road RVs are naturally at the forefront in the application of smart devices. Many modules inside the RV have already been intelligentized. Take the Bliss mobil RV as an example, the intelligent system “Loxone” and the battery intelligent management system “Victron” can be intelligently controlled through the mobile APP. Outside the car, you can monitor the water, electricity and other data of the RV through your mobile phone, and you can also control lighting, drainage, etc.

The application among them is more similar to the introduction of the Xiaomi smart home system into the RV, and the use of the RV and the interaction between people and vehicles through the APP. However, this system is a dual-path system, which can be controlled not only through intelligent control, but also manually, and the priority of manual control is higher than that of intelligent control.

This means that the smart module is only used as a module to improve the comfort of the off-road RV. When the smart module is unstable, the mechanical structure can be used to intervene in time. At the same time, it can also be found that most of the pedals, doors and other equipment of off-road RVs still use traditional mechanical structures. The reason is that even if these devices are replaced with smart devices, the increase in the comfort index of life is very limited, but it will increase unnecessary failure rates.

mechanical parallel

On the contrary, come back and look at off-road vehicles that are used in the same environment as off-road RVs. Most off-road vehicles have a minimalist mechanical structure, and a simple mechanical structure has huge advantages in terms of stability and easy maintenance. For example, Land Rover’s Defender off-road vehicle, people who like it go crazy, and people who hate it scoff.

The reason is that the interior of this car can no longer be described as rough, and it is more appropriate to use rough. Even the windows are hand-cranked, and the interior space is not particularly large, and the sound insulation effect is average. But from the perspective of an off-road vehicle, it has brought the mechanical structure to the extreme. It not only has a tough appearance, but also can handle various extremely harsh road conditions with ease, and can even climb a 45-degree slope. Although Land Rover Defender is an example, it represents a common phenomenon of off-road vehicles-mechanical priority. But it is undeniable that this simple mechanical mechanism has great advantages in stability and fault tolerance in the field.

The RV is a platform for life and travel, and it is more about the pursuit of comfort. The introduction of smart home devices or man-machine dialogue systems in RVs is not an exception. This kind of life is fashionable and comfortable. However, smart devices are new things, and there is a certain chance of losing their temper. It is difficult to predict the consequences of such things happening in the wild. The operation of smart devices is greatly affected by external factors, such as humidity, temperature, and dimension. Even simple password locks have been unable to open before, not to mention intelligent systems with more complex structures. For a long period of time in the future, it is inevitable that machinery and intelligence will go hand in hand.


choose carefully

How to agree on the stability and comfort represented by “mechanical” and “intelligence” on off-road RVs requires the efforts of RV manufacturers. RV manufacturers, especially off-road RV manufacturers, need to pay special attention to the fact that when installing smart devices in RVs, they must not only consider the convenience and comfort brought by smart devices, but also consider the use environment of smart devices. The environment in which RVs are used is ever-changing. The severe cold in the north, the high temperature in the south, the dust in the northwest, and the humidity in the southeast are all natural enemies of high-tech equipment. Just like a smartphone will “strike” in an environment that is too cold or too hot, there will be many uncontrollable factors in the RV life that relies too much on these smart devices. In addition, as the carrier and platform of outdoor activities, the RV will also have many accidents like other outdoor activities. These accidents may directly affect the operation and judgment of smart devices. At the stage when the intelligent system and intelligent equipment are not yet perfect, the mechanical mechanism is still very necessary as the last guarantee and emergency measure.

The tide of intelligence is rolling in, and off-road RVs are unstoppable despite the special use environment. In the face of smart “invasion”, off-road RVs can accept it calmly.