【Industry】Is RV leasing waiting or changing?

Although caravan tourism in my country is still in its infancy compared with European and American countries, it has not been long since the introduction of the new travel mode with the strong support of the “Internet” policy and the upsurge of self-driving travel. However, with the increase in the number of self-driving tour enthusiasts in recent years, the demand for RVs is also rising.

【Industry】Is RV leasing waiting or changing?


Wu Fuhua, the person in charge of the Xixi Wetland Snail RV Camp, revealed that some RV camps currently offer RV rental services. The daily rental price of a domestic car ranges . If it is an imported RV, the price will be much more expensive. Among these cars, the models that can be driven with a C1 driver’s license account for more than 90%, and other types of RVs need to be rented together with the driver. “If you want to rent an RV during the peak period, you need to make an appointment in advance.”

According to Shen Guobin, president of the Tourism Camping , the RV rental market has certain volatility, and the rental peaks are generally concentrated on holidays and small holidays.

According to the “2016-2020 In -Depth Research and Investment Prospect ” released by China Investment Consulting, among the 4 billion domestic tourism trips in 2015, self-driving tourists accounted for more than 5.85 billion, reaching 2.34 billion trips. RV tourism in China belongs to high-end consumption, which satisfies an exclusive, noble, personalized and characteristic tourist group. With the growth of people’s consumption level, the market prospect of RV tourism is broad. Under the continuous promotion, it will attract the investment of various social capitals and push China’s RV industry into the fast lane . RV is a kind of travel and accommodation as a whole . According to the forecast of the Association of Travel Vehicles, by the end of the “13th Five-Year Plan”, the number of self-driving tourists in China will reach 5.8 billion, accounting for about 70% of the number of domestic tourists.

RV tourism belongs to high-end consumption, which satisfies an exclusive, noble, personalized and characteristic tourist group. With the growth of people’s consumption level , the market prospect of RV tourism is broad. In recent years , the production, sales and ownership of RVs in China will maintain a rapid growth of 5,000. In 2016, the number of RVs in China will exceed 30,000. It is estimated that by 2020, the number of RVs in China will exceed 100,000. In the future, the number of caravans will be further expanded. Entering the era of mass tourism, the way of domestic tourism has changed from sightseeing to leisure travel. As a new way of tourism consumption, RV tourism will gradually become the main body of the tourism market.

In recent years, self-driving travel has gradually become the way people choose to travel. Some people also want to experience the comfort of home when they choose to travel, and the RV has become the favorite of travelers. As a relatively new way of traveling, motorhomes are popular, but this industry has also encountered some obstacles in the development process . Some people in the industry said that the current market is still immature, the lack of supporting facilities and the shackles of consumption concepts may become the main factors restricting development. However, the emergence effectively solved these problems and played a good role in accelerating the formation of the RV market.

【Industry】Is RV leasing waiting or changing?


China’s RV tourism has entered a new stage , and there are many deep-seated problems that need to be solved after reviewing the situation. The most urgent one is to deepen the reform of the supply side, rectify the name and return to the status of RV tourism, and formulate forward-looking scientific plans. In recent years, the development of China’s caravan tourism has been booming and overwhelming. As of now, the number of RVs in the country has exceeded 35,000 , and more than 500 self-driving RV camps have been built or are under construction. More than 25 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country have established first-level RV camping and self-driving associations.

At present, the domestic RV leasing industry is developing in full swing . With the changes in the economic level and consumption habits, the RV leasing industry also needs to assess the situation and actively respond to the changes in consumers’ awareness , acceptance and active selection. Meet rental needs.

RV, a simple word, can always trigger a chain reaction, making people think of camping bonfires, pure fields, and rough barbecues. For a while, their hearts are full of beautiful reveries about nature; He is the unrestrained and active American road movies. They go on the road with their own brilliant dreams and visions, and those heavy or light, simple or luxurious RVs become the most loyal companions and homes for wandering on the road.

Different lifestyles also require different types of RVs to match. Camp RVs are not allowed on the road . They are the residents of RV campgrounds. For families who like to get close to nature, they are an essential part of camping equipment. Those who want to travel in an RV need a self -propelled RV or a trailer-type RV. With the permission of the road management department in the area, they can enjoy the freedom and happiness of being “on the road” all the time. In short, the best way to promote RV camping tourism is to let more RVs “run”, more RVs “on the road”, and more RV people live “in the landscape”.

【Industry】Is RV leasing waiting or changing?


No matter how the RV market changes, it can never get rid of the category of service, because it corresponds to the service content, including domestic free rental and return, line development, vehicle condition maintenance and occupant safety issues, all of which are It is where we really need to work hard to cultivate silently. In these places, we may not see hot news that the public likes to hear, and we may not hear how much financing anyone has received, but the RV rental platform that has gone through this stage will surely be able to accumulate and develop in the long run.