【Industry】Let interesting souls have a place to stay

Good-looking skins are the same, and interesting souls are one in a thousand. Every RV user has a unique and interesting soul. They are keen to explore the beauty of the world and love a comfortable travel life. However, the same “skin” in the domestic RV market makes people feel dull, and I can’t help but lament that the design of RVs is too lagging.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the number of RV manufacturers in 2018 (January to October) was 216, 99 more than in 2017; the number of brands was 213, also 99 more than in 2017. New models and minor facelifts on the market are emerging in an endless stream, which can be described as menacing. After browsing most of the RVs in the market, I found a problem. From the appearance to the interior, the RVs of various brands are similar, lacking the aesthetic feeling and coordination of the design.

design problem

Through the search engine, we can know: “Design is the process of conveying an idea through reasonable planning, careful planning, and various sensory forms. Design is the pre-planning of creation activities, and any plan of creation activities can be integrated The technology and planning process are understood as design.” Obviously, the design of domestic RVs is too rough. Compared with the mature automobile industry, the current domestic RVs are more like a product made up of a bunch of parts.

The 216 RV manufacturers are a huge number, and it looks like the market is thriving. In fact, there are no more than 20 or 30 common brands in the market, and most of them are experimental products of various enterprises and small refitting factories with an annual output of only a dozen units. scale.

【Industry】Let interesting souls have a place to stay

design status

Due to limited space, capital and other factors, small RV manufacturers will not invest a lot in technology. As a result, there are basically no professional designers involved in the design process of the RV. In many cases, the boss and the RV assembler work together to complete the draft, and then solve any problems found during the production process. Of course, it is unavoidable to refer to the design of other brands of RVs, or even directly copy them. Of course, there are innovations. The evolution of outdoor kitchens in the domestic RV market relies on the promotion and innovation of small manufacturers. However, in practice, it is more random installation, and the installation work of the RV is carried out without proof. This is also one of the important reasons why many domestic RVs in the market look beautiful, but are full of problems during use.

Large-scale RV manufacturers like Chase, Yutong, and Brilliance, which are OEMs, invest tens of billions in capital, technology, and factory buildings. The investment in the tiny domestic RV industry is huge. Naturally, their investment in design will not be small. While recruiting national RV design talents, they have also hired many professionals in the international market. However, the history of RVs in China is too short, and the experience in using RVs is generally lacking. Moreover, my country has a vast territory and complex landforms, ranging from mountains and forests in the north to bamboo seas in the south, and from water towns in the south of the Yangtze River to snow-capped mountains in the west. We have the most beautiful scenery in the world and the most varied environment. This means that not all the experience in using foreign RVs is applicable, and it is necessary to accumulate experience again.

【Industry】Let interesting souls have a place to stay

The more important point is that as a large enterprise, you cannot make mistakes. As a natural industry leader, there are thousands of pairs of eyes staring at every action he makes. Therefore, in the design of RVs, they will not be reckless like small workshops. Lithium batteries, household air conditioners, large water tanks, etc. should be used cautiously, and they cannot afford even one in ten thousand accident rate. This leads to hesitation in the design of RVs. Any modification requires a lot of experiments and demonstrations before it can be applied to the end product. It is difficult to keep up with market changes and user needs.

design road

As a model of the upstream product and design of the RV, the car has clear and well-organized steps from conception to listing. Among them, more than 20 theories and professional knowledge must be considered during design, which is obviously not something that non-professionals can do.

RVs, especially self-propelled RVs, because they are refitted on mature car chassis, give everyone the impression of decorating a home. In fact, this is not the case. A caravan is a combination of “car” and “house”. While enjoying the convenience brought by the two attributes, it must also bear the restrictions brought about by the two. For example, the shape of a caravan is not only beautiful, but also withstands the test of cross winds; furniture not only needs to be used, but also needs to be tested for long-term bumps. All of these are obviously beyond the comprehension of ordinary players and assembly workers. There are too many problems caused by

【Industry】Let interesting souls have a place to stay

A more professional design team entering the RV industry can not only bring fresh ideas and design inspiration, but also a more professional attitude and perspective. Separate production and design, let professional people do professional things. For example, there are many professional designers in the automotive industry, especially relatively mature commercial vehicle designers, who are more likely to get started with the design of RVs with similar functions. The perfect inspection mechanism provides a guarantee for the final product.

Large-scale RV manufacturers can adopt a dual-track design system, combining internal and external. The outsourced design team is responsible for the creative modeling, layout and other work, and the details are handled internally and the final product is finalized. This can not only ensure the professionalism of the terminal products, but also have strong innovation. Small RV manufacturers can adopt a more flexible way to purchase mature design products and carry out minor changes, which not only reduces cost investment, but also guarantees product quality. Or directly cooperate with design companies to launch products, take high-end or customized routes, and reduce financial pressure by sharing profits.

design soul

The purpose of RV design is to provide RV users with a better experience, and to provide interesting souls with a good “skin” for traveling. There are many problems in the current domestic RVs. To find a development path suitable for localized RVs, it is necessary to go through painful evolution.

Although the difficulty is not humane, it can be seen from the elimination rate of the brand. The RV design is the core of the RV. Only with correct and reasonable design can the RV life be better. In order to have a better RV life, we must constantly introduce new ideas and break the old cage, so that more interesting souls can join and enjoy it.