【Industry】Operation Philosophy of Hot Spring RV Camp

Soaking in hot springs in winter has gradually changed from a kind of health care and leisure to a popular trend, so hot spring camps are also constantly growing.

So popular

my country’s hot spring resources are rich and widely distributed, and there are more than 2,700 hot springs available for development and utilization. However, the conditions of the underground natural hot spring water determine that it is not a product attribute that can be copied at will. Domestic hot spring tourist destinations have basically formed a certain urban positioning and consumption tendency, and are mainly concentrated in Beijing, Liaoning, Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong, Sichuan, Chongqing, Tibet, Taiwan and other provinces and cities. There are many hot spring resorts in these provinces and cities , forming a winter tourism culture brand.

【Industry】Operation Philosophy of Hot Spring RV Camp

Even so, the market space for building hot spring camps in these areas is still huge, and the various accommodation forms, supporting services and differentiated attributes of the camps are product innovations. Compared with hot spring resorts, campsites have the advantage of less investment funds and richer product forms, coupled with the needs of self-driving travel consumer groups and driven by off-season operating products, hot spring areas will definitely become the site of choice for campsites popular.

Difference management

There are many hot spring camps in operation in China, but the hot spring modules they present have their own characteristics. Hailuogou Camp No. 2 in Ganzi, Sichuan was built in the primeval forest. Open-air hot spring pools and wooden houses of different sizes are built along the mountains, and they are well-arranged. The mountains with an altitude of more than 2,000 meters are covered with ice and snow in winter. Cozy things make the winter camp full of orders. Yijing Hot Spring Qinling Taibai Mountain Camp is presented in a courtyard style. Hundreds of hot spring villas are equipped with private bubble pools, private swimming pools, integrated cooking stoves, barbecue tables, leisure outdoor furniture and other facilities. Siheyuan makes the hot spring environment private and creates a family atmosphere, which is also a unique management strategy. Relying on Tangshan’s millennium-year hot spring culture, Nanjing Tangshan Hot Spring RV Campground has created accommodation units with Jiangnan characteristics in the camp, and introduced hot springs as a separate service module. Although it attracts self-driving tourists who mainly focus on RV camping, 90% of customers Will choose the hot spring experience in the camp.

【Industry】Operation Philosophy of Hot Spring RV Camp

The key to building a hot spring service module in the camp is not the problem of site selection. Now there are many areas where wells are manually dug and deep water pumps are used to pump underground hot spring water. Whether there is a regional hot spring culture in the surrounding market of the camp, what is the market customer group and its positioning, and whether product innovation and service facilities can win the consumption tendency in the market competition are important factors in the planning evaluation before introducing hot springs.

Off-season products

Although bathing is available all year round, winter is undoubtedly the peak period for hot spring tourism, but for most camps, winter is almost a period of stagnation in operation. Especially in northern camps, in addition to ice and snow sports, hot springs must be the best choice. Unlike ice and snow sports, hot springs have health-preserving functions and seasonal contrast properties, making this off-season product have its own core of competition.

To build a business model based on hot spring service modules in RV campgrounds, it is necessary to innovate product forms and form flagship products with unique styles. In previous cases, Hailuogou Camp No. 2 and Yijing Hot Spring·Qinling Taibai Mountain Camp created a unique hot spring enjoyment model based on geographical conditions; while Nanjing Tangshan Hot Spring RV Campground weakened the role of hot springs and set up more camp normalized operation modules. It is more conducive to the operation of the four seasons, and both modes are available.

【Industry】Operation Philosophy of Hot Spring RV Camp

The Bailu Yin Hot Spring RV camp under the Wowo chain camp that is about to open combines hot springs with other various normalized operating products, which are not only the main products but also added value. Traditional Chinese-style courtyards are used to layout RVs and hot spring family courtyards to create a collision of Eastern and Western cultures. There are also other accommodation units such as containers and luxury tents, which are divided into different types of camps. In addition, there are ATV off-road and hot air balloon experience entertainment projects. Hot springs are integrated into comprehensive functional operations.

Off-season operating products such as ice and snow and hot springs can broaden the operating time and scope of camps, increase benefits, and provide ideas for the differentiated operations of camps across the country and the exploration of multiple service modules in the future. Hot springs have their particularity but are universal The key to its function is the combination of products and the innovative application of the actual camp.