【Industry】Who Moved the Huge Cheese in the Campground Market?

Self-driving camping leisure travel is developing rapidly in my country. Under the double stimulation of the market and policies, the construction of campsites has transitioned from the budding development stage to the initial stage, and the camping culture is becoming more and more popular. However, the campsite industry, which was born for camping, has not yet become the mainstream choice of campers. Farmhouses, resorts, and even paid parking lots blooming everywhere have divided up the huge market share of campsites.

【Industry】Who Moved the Huge Cheese in the Campground Market?

The general situation of self-driving travel is developing rapidly, and camping has become a new mode of tourism and leisure. However, under such a good background, why do campsites that provide the most basic platform for self-driving travel and camping operate tepidly? Unsustainable? Where does the huge consumer market go?

Huge market share is divided

The reporter went deep into many self-driving tour clubs in Beijing, and also visited many camp owners, and found the answer. At present, except for a small number of RV users, camping sites are not well-known in China, while hotels, farmhouses, and resorts, as leisure platforms that support the tourism system for a long time, still play an important role in the era of self-driving tours. A self-driving tour leader in Beijing said frankly: “I don’t know the existence of campgrounds in various regions. Even if there are campgrounds in a small number of areas, the experience is not as good as that of a 100 yuan hotel. If you camp outdoors, you still choose camping. There is no concept of a camp.” RV riders are the user group who know the campsite best. The operation and maintenance of RV needs the support of electricity, water and sewage in the camp, but this group is still surrounded by farmyards, parking lots and service areas. Diversion in other places. Formal campsites have not yet formed a mainstream trend, and the huge self-driving RV camping market has been divided up. This phenomenon has its roots.

【Industry】Who Moved the Huge Cheese in the Campground Market?

Popularity is a very important aspect. We can easily make reservations to hotels, farmhouses, etc. in travel agencies, websites, etc. The media has been reporting information on the tourism accommodation system for many years. When people choose camping sites during self-driving tours , is still relatively passive; in terms of number, there are very few campsites, and most campsites are difficult to operate. Even if many campsites are listed on the mobile phone map, they are actually closed. Narrow communication channels and a small number of campsites are the internal reasons for the diversion of the huge market share of campsites.

An RV rider said in an interview: “The advantage of a RV is that you can live in the car and park in the camp. The cost of water, electricity and other support is about 200 yuan a night, while the farmyard is about 60 yuan. At the same time, meals may be free.” Therefore, camping sites have no advantage in terms of price; in terms of leisure facilities, they are not comparable to leisure resorts. Leisure resorts are mostly surrounded by mountains and rivers, with beautiful environments and service facilities that have been in the market for many years. The competition has been continuously upgraded, but the campsites in my country lack reasonable planning and operation, and the experience is poor. The price and experience are suppressed by competitors, which is an external factor hindering the development of the campground industry.

Camp will finally return to mainstream status

Although various factors have led to the current embarrassing situation of campgrounds, the industry has gradually shifted from a market-led to a policy-led stage, and the development of the campground industry will also be qualitatively improved.

From a macro perspective, in 2016 and 2017, many ministries and commissions successively issued a number of policies to solve problems such as camp site selection standards, camp construction scale, and camp planning and design. The development of the industry began to develop in a scientific and orderly direction. In terms of camp site selection, construction and operation, the relevant standard system has been gradually established, and the number of camps has also begun to show a trend of concentrated growth. Both the degree of dissemination and the quality of service will be greatly improved. The increase in the number of RVs and the elimination of market competition will also make the prices of campsites tend to be normal, and better provide service guarantees for self-driving tour enthusiasts.

【Industry】Who Moved the Huge Cheese in the Campground Market?

From a microscopic point of view, although hotels, farmyards, parking plants, etc. are temporarily in the limelight and have a slight advantage in price and quantity, their shortcomings cannot be ignored. The number of users who go out of the room and go to nature will follow the general trend and increase year by year. However, the safety of outdoor camping is not good, and hotels and farmyards are not the most direct way to contact nature. For RV owners, although many hotels and farmyards can also provide water supply and power supply for RVs, the vast majority of hotels and farmyards cannot solve the problem of RV sewage, and regular campsites will become their best choice. choose. It can be seen that although the huge cake of the campground market has been divided temporarily, with the increasing number of campsites, the gradual improvement of service facilities, and the gradual improvement of the business model, choosing campsites for camping will definitely become the mainstream development trend. The huge market share will return to those camps with clear positioning and good quality in the brutal competition.