【Lifestyle】Bright British heritage product appreciation Cairngorms National Park

Scotland has a strong European aristocratic style from ancient times to the present, just like a gentleman wearing a suit and a bow tie with a smile on his face, just like the temperate maritime climate to which Scotland belongs, it is never stagnant, neither cold nor hot . Cairngorms National Park (Cairngorms National Park) is located in this gentle land.

The Cairngorms National Park was officially opened in 2003 after being approved by the Scottish Parliament. This is the second national park established in Scotland. It is not only the largest national park in the UK, but also a well-known ski resort in Scotland. Resort. The park covers an area of ​​1,750 square miles (approximately 4,500 square kilometers), and the lush forest is the backbone of the park, and the free-flowing lakes and streams are the blood of this park. It is also the habitat of various wild animals. Red squirrels, reindeer, eagles and other wild animals shuttle in the park from time to time.

【Lifestyle】Bright British heritage product appreciation Cairngorms National Park

There are five peaks in Scotland, and the Cairngorms National Park swallows four of them, so it is considered an adventure paradise for thrill-seeking challengers. From the high mountains with dangerous peaks to the lake area with thousands of hectares of glaze, from the mountains with jagged rocks to the verdant forests with thousands of trees, from the deep and distant royal castles to the special conservation areas. In recent years, the park is facing double tests from local residents and tourists, and the landscape in the park is also under huge pressure from the flow of people.

The economic development of the Cairngorms National Park and its surrounding areas is largely dependent on the national park. ecosystem.

“Flirting” with Shanshui

As the most prestigious national park in Scotland, the Cairngorms National Park not only swallowed the famous Cairngorms in the UK, but also embraced a large area of ​​natural virgin forest. There are countless magnificent and intoxicating landscapes in the park, villages with thousands of flowing water, and the attractive scenery of thousands of rocks competing in the Cairngorms National Park can be seen everywhere. Walking through it, it is like being in a beautiful and exquisite picture scroll, and it is inevitable to linger and forget to return. 40% of the land in the Cairngorms National Park is a type of protected area designated by the UK and even internationally, such as wetlands of international importance, national nature reserves and the beauty of the endless snow scenery. Against the background of blue sky and green forest, the dreamlike white snow is incomparably beautiful. The sporadic snowflakes are like white elves scattered in the forest, mysterious and dynamic. There are 15 national forest parks in the UK, and they are like 15 pearls inlaid on the European map of 244,100 square kilometers.

【Lifestyle】Bright British heritage product appreciation Cairngorms National Park

Of course, it can be called a shining legacy left by history, and the city of Cairngorms National Park is much more than that. Apart from the magnificent natural landscape, the cultural and tourism supporting facilities of the Cairngorms National Park have also become an important factor in attracting tourists to visit.

Stepping on the highest land center in the UK, Cairngorms National Park has far more entertainment than ice and snow. There are two water recreation centers specially designed for water sports enthusiasts in the park, as well as a fly fishing area and a stag tracking area that are popular among fishing and hunting enthusiasts. A number of winding and rugged walking paths offer keen hikers a chance to get up close and personal with the Cairngorms National Park.

Climb high and look far away, face the sea and have a broad heart. The Cairngorms National Park is not only located in the highlands, but also has 12 golf courses, making it the hometown of golf in Scotland. The companionship of golf is naturally accompanied by good wine. Due to the special geographical location, there are many whiskey distilleries in the Cairngorms area, which is an excellent place to taste the spirit of Scotland.

Set up a “camp”

It is not so much a paradise for adventurers as it is a utopia for camping enthusiasts. There are plenty of campsites near the Cairngorms National Park. Doing a good job of keeping warm when camping at high altitudes is a prerequisite for ensuring camping safety. Down jackets and sleeping bags with good warmth are essential. In addition, if you want to conquer a snow-capped mountain or flex your muscles in a ski resort, protective glasses, hiking shoes and other outdoor travel equipment are also indispensable.

【Lifestyle】Bright British heritage product appreciation Cairngorms National Park

· Braemar Caravan Park

Braemar Caravan Park is located in the center of the Cairngorms National Park. It is managed by Invercauld Real Estate Company. It is the closest camp to the park. It takes only about 5 minutes to walk from the park to the camp. The Braemar RV Park campsite provides catering and accommodation services for camping enthusiasts. The accommodation options for tourists include: small tents that can accommodate up to 4 people, tipped tents, trailers, self-propelled RVs, etc. The camping facilities here are also rich and colorful, such as hiking, hiking, cycling, photography, snow sports, handicraft equipment, etc.

Both RV and tent accommodation costs £20 per night. It is worth mentioning that Braemar RV Park Camp is a four-season RV camp. The warm spring season is the best season for camping, and in the Braemar RV Park campsite, you can see the vivid scene of everything reviving and the singing of birds can be heard everywhere.


Address: Glenshee Road, Braemar, Aberdeenshire, AB35 5YQ

Tel: 01339 741373

Website: www.braemarcaravanpark.co.uk

· Glenmore Camp

Glenmore Camp is also located in the Cairngorms National Park, at an altitude of 300 meters. Because it is located on a plateau, camping in the plateau is quite interesting. The camp is surrounded by the famous Glenmore Forest Park, and there are scattered Glenmore camps in the lush virgin pine forest.

【Lifestyle】Bright British heritage product appreciation Cairngorms National Park

The hiking trails in the camp and the beautiful Loch Morlich beach are important magic weapons to attract tourists. Looking from the sea to the distance, the mountains, forests and rivers are clearly visible. The Cairngorms National Park is a magnet for outdoor and nature lovers, and it’s hard not to be mesmerized by the park’s beauty. The 280 kilometers of trails meander, and walks from camp to trails offer opportunities to encounter wildlife such as elk, otters and osprey. Take a boat tour on the lake, and the shore scenery passes by like the changing seasons.

The camp is fully equipped, including toilets and bathrooms, paved roads, laundry rooms, and a full set of hydroelectric piles. The camp is open all year round and pets are allowed. The camp provides services for tourists day and night, but advance booking is required for check-in. The minimum charge for a night in a campsite for two adults is £16.10.


Address: Aviemore, Aviemore Invernessshire PH22 1QU

Tel: 0247642 3008

Website: www.campingintheforest.co.uk