【RV Show】Closer to the dream starts from choosing the chassis

What style of chassis should an off-road RV choose? Is it the Unimog, the king of off-road, or the high-performance Pickup Tantu, or Isuzu D-MAX, Land Rover Defender, Great Wall Windjun… The RVs modified from each model have their own characteristics. Which one is suitable for you? Woolen cloth?

Everyone has an off-road dream in their hearts, whether you are a successful entrepreneur or an ordinary worker…you all dream of having the time you want, taking a walk-and-go trip, and leaving your wheels on the vast land Mark of. It doesn’t matter the road, it doesn’t matter day or night, I just want to open my arms and sing “I will conquer you like this” in the vast sea of ​​clouds after aspiring to the highest peak, to find the most primitive wildness in my heart and be the truest self. At this time, I naturally thought of off-road RV.

【RV Show】Closer to the dream starts from choosing the chassis

lessons learned

An off-road caravan is a combination of a caravan and an off-road vehicle. When it comes to off-road vehicles, the first thing everyone thinks of is the Unimog. This truck, which is world-famous for its performance, has a very aggressive brand connotation: to crush others on the way to retreat from difficulties. Of course, such a resounding sentence has indeed fallen in various difficult places in the world. In my country, the vast majority of imported Unimogs undertake exploration tasks in the deserts of Northwest China. They are omnipotent on the plateau and down the Gobi desert. Their reliability is much higher than that of Land Cruisers, Wranglers, and Cherokees. At present, there are still many 60-year-old Unimogs insisting on heavy front-line work, and the manufacturers may not be able to provide suitable accessories, but they have no tendency to retire.

In the field of off-road RVs, the Unimog cannot be ignored. No matter how harsh the environment, no matter how steep the terrain, the Unimog always excels. If you are the ultimate off-road enthusiast and you are really not short of money, this car is the first one I recommend to you. However, the price of the Unimog, which costs several million, or even tens of millions after being converted into a caravan, really discourages many off-roaders, and even fewer people can really own it. I like it wholeheartedly, but the economic foundation is the key, which is a pity.

【RV Show】Closer to the dream starts from choosing the chassis

Maybe at this time you will think that there is another car that can satisfy your off-road dream a little bit-Tandu. The Tundra is moderately priced, has excellent off-road performance and a certain carrying capacity, and has always been a leader among off-road pickup trucks. However, the Tundra is an off-road pickup truck, and the modified C-type RV with a raised roof has a small space and lacks the toughness of a hard-core off-road vehicle. If you want to live a warm and comfortable off-road life in it, it seems too cramped.


Is there a model that has a spacious space without losing off-road performance, and at the same time can be accepted by more people in terms of price? The answer is yes. The 4×4 off-road RV built with the Iveco New Daily chassis imported from Italy has these attributes. Once its chassis products were launched in the domestic RV market in 2016, they attracted the attention of many people in the industry, and added a new option to the chassis types of off-road RVs.

In the face of the big brother Unimog in the off-road RV industry and the comrade-in-arms Tantu with different development directions, the imported Iveco New Daily 4×4 off-road RV clearly understands that only by targeting mid-to-high-end customers as off-road RVs can it highlight its cost-effective Advantage. People who can drive an off-road RV to measure the world must have more money and time than most people, so the requirements for the quality of an off-road RV will be much higher. The price of the imported Iveco New Daily 4×4 off-road RV chassis starts at RMB 780,000. After refitting the RV, it is more in line with the needs of this customer group.

【RV Show】Closer to the dream starts from choosing the chassis

Focus on performance

The imported Iveco NewDaily 4×4 off-road touring car tries its best to give full play to its own advantages, and strives to match the performance of Unimog, which can fully meet the user’s requirements for vehicle sturdiness, performance continuity and reliability.

Whether an off-road touring car is strong or not, the author believes that the first thing to look at is the differential lock. As we all know, the differential lock is a locking mechanism installed on the differential for the drive axle, and its function is to improve the car’s ability to get out of trouble on bad roads. For example, when you are driving on a muddy or slippery road and one side of the wheel slips and spins, you can lock the differential through the differential lock to make the two drive axles rigidly connected. In this way, most of the torque or even all the torque can be transmitted to the non-slip drive axle, and its adhesion can be fully utilized to generate enough traction so that the car can continue to drive. Like the Unimog, the imported Iveco New Daily 4×4 off-road touring car is equipped with front, middle and rear three differential locks, which can handle most of the complex terrain while the vehicle is driving.

【RV Show】Closer to the dream starts from choosing the chassis

When it comes to differential lock, the author hereby reminds off-road players, ①When the inter-wheel differential lock indicator light is on, the vehicle must not turn and drive. Driving in a turn will cause damage to the differential; ② After the car passes the bad road, the differential lock should be released immediately; ③ It is not allowed to force the differential lock to drive after the half shaft is broken.

Secondly, the body configuration is also our most concerned point. As an off-road RV, the imported Iveco New Daily 4×4 full-time four-wheel drive is naturally indispensable; the 3.0T diesel turbocharged engine has a maximum output power of 170 horsepower; and the maximum torque of 400 Nm makes it The imported Iveco New Daily 4×4 off-road touring car has better climbing ability, starting speed and acceleration; coupled with a 6-speed manual gearbox and a 4-speed transfer case, there are 24 gears in total, and the powerful power ratio is Challenging extreme road conditions provides sufficient protection.

In addition, the non-load-bearing body, steel three-section front bumper, and off-road chassis made of special steel make the body stronger. With an approach angle of up to 49° and a departure angle of 32°, the ultimate climbing ability reaches 100% (45°); the minimum ground clearance is 255mm, making the imported Iveco New Daily 4×4 off-road touring vehicle more passable.

reasonable choice

In fact, we pay attention to these configurations because we need a powerful RV to realize our off-road dream, but sleeping in the wilderness every day is not the original intention of most people. A fully equipped RV can provide us with a home-like experience when traveling. Comfortable resting space.

There are not many types of off-road RVs in the market. The off-road RV modified with the Unimog chassis has the same size and price as the vehicle. However, pickup RVs such as the Tundra RV have too little space. At this time, importing Iveco New Daily 4×4 has become a reasonable choice for most people.

Everyone’s understanding of off-road is different, and everyone’s understanding of RV off-road life is also different, but we all have the same off-road dream. There are also different routes in the process of pursuing dreams, and choosing the tools that suit you can get twice the result with half the effort.