Information丨According to reliable news: next year, 8-seater cars will be classified as a class of cars to collect highway tolls

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Recently, according to a message from the information platform of the Ministry of Communications of China:

Information丨According to reliable news: next year, 8-seater cars will be classified as a class of cars to collect highway tolls

Notice on Soliciting Opinions on the Industry Standard “Classification of Vehicle Tolls on Toll Roads (Draft for Comments)”, the “Classification of Vehicle Tolls on Toll Roads (Draft for Comments)” changed the number of passengers in Class 1 passenger cars from ≤7 to ≤9 seats.

This will bring huge benefits to the existing 8-seater LC120 Prado, Land Cruiser (Land Tourer), and Lexus LX570, and reduce the pressure on car owners to pay. It is rumored that the new standard will be officially implemented in January 2020.

Information丨According to reliable news: next year, 8-seater cars will be classified as a class of cars to collect highway tolls

Information丨According to reliable news: next year, 8-seater cars will be classified as a class of cars to collect highway tolls

Comparison of old and new standard levels

In terms of level comparison between old and new standards, the main comparisons are as follows:

(1) The classification limit value of Class 1 and Class 2 passenger cars is revised from 7 persons to 9 persons.

The main advantages are:

First, the limit value of 9 seats is consistent with the current national vehicle classification standard and the classification indicators of vehicle driving licenses. The classification standard is simpler and clearer, which can reduce charging disputes and disputes;

Second, in accordance with the public safety industry standard GA36 of the People’s Republic of China and the motor vehicle license plate standard of the People’s Republic of China, minibuses and minibuses with less than 9 passengers are approved, and license plates with white characters and white frames on a blue background are issued, and yellow license plates are issued for more than 10 passengers. The number plate with black bottom and black frame line is easy to identify, and it is also convenient for automatic identification and automatic toll collection, which is in line with the development direction of toll roads in the future;

The third is that after the revision of the standard, the vehicles carrying 8 and 9 passengers have been reduced from the original Class 2 passenger cars to Class 1 passenger cars, which reduces the toll standards for corresponding vehicles, which not only meets the overall requirements of the country to reduce road toll standards, but also makes it easier for the majority of vehicle users accept.

Expected economic effect, social effect and environmental effect analysis

The transportation industry standard “Classification of Vehicle Tolls on Toll Roads” (JT/T489-6  2003) was promulgated in 2003 and has been implemented nationwide. As an industry standard for toll roads, this standard has played an important supporting role in unifying and standardizing the classification of vehicle tolls on toll roads and promoting regional and national expressway network toll collection. With the leap-forward development of my country’s road traffic, the internal and external environment of toll roads has undergone tremendous changes. The vehicle types of toll roads are diversified, toll roads are concentrated on expressways, the composition of toll vehicles and transportation conditions are constantly changing, and toll technology is advancing rapidly. , so that the current vehicle classification standards can no longer meet the new development requirements of toll roads, and urgently need to be revised and improved.

The revision of vehicle toll vehicle classification standards for toll roads will further unify, improve and standardize the national toll road vehicle classification, strongly support the cancellation of provincial toll stations on national expressways, promote the establishment of a fair and reasonable toll road rate system and management system, and improve Toll efficiency and management technology are of great significance for promoting the structural reform of the supply side of road transportation, promoting the development of smart roads, and supporting the strategy of strengthening the country in transportation.

Information丨According to reliable news: next year, 8-seater cars will be classified as a class of cars to collect highway tolls

The degree of adoption of international standards and foreign advanced standards, and the comparison with international and foreign standards of the same kind

For the classification of toll road vehicles, there is no relevant international standard.

To sum up the United States, Japan, France, Italy, Canada and other developed countries, the classification of toll road vehicles has the following characteristics:

1. Vehicle shape parameters are mostly used as the main basis for vehicle classification and discrimination

Developed countries mainly use the shape parameters such as the number of axles as the first basis for vehicle classification, while Japan and other countries use the total weight as the auxiliary parameter for vehicle classification.

2. There are generally many types of charging vehicles

In countries that use shape parameters to classify vehicle types, there are generally many types of toll-charged vehicle types, with eleven categories at most. The main reason is that most of these toll roads adopt the method of automatically distinguishing vehicle types. The increase of vehicle types will not increase the toll collection staff and workload, and the more types of vehicles, the easier it is to achieve fair tariff rates.

3. The classification of toll vehicles fully considers the situation of towed vehicles. The vehicle classification of developed countries has specific regulations on the conditions of various types of towed vehicles, which adapts to the composition characteristics of vehicles driving on toll roads.

This time, it is also clearly stated that passenger car trailers are charged according to a higher level, and Prado trailers are charged according to the second-class standard.

The problem of downgrading second-class cars for 8-seater cars has been solved. The next step is to wait for the good news that the first trial of two years will be canceled for seven-seater cars, which is the same as the good news of six-year trial for five-seater cars.

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