[Lifestyle] Unforgettable · Tengchong

Spring is here, the warblers are flying and the grass is growing, and the silent thoughts accumulated all winter have already escaped when the spring breeze blows by the ears. Prepare your time and bags, go crazy, liven up, experience, and think.

The impression of Yunnan has always been in the landscape paintings. As a major tourist province in China, the green mountains and green waters have always been the symbolic landscape of Yunnan, which is clean and thorough. Tengchong, located in the southwest of Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, is also a popular tourist destination in recent years. This time, we had the honor to experience a trip to Tengchong where “the inside of the car is home, and the outside of the car is the world” with Huasong Leasing Shared RV.

[Lifestyle] Unforgettable · Tengchong

The west of Tengchong is adjacent to Myanmar, and it is the only area in mainland China where volcanic and geothermal heat coexist. The Gaoligong Mountains spread in Tengchong County were formed by the collision of the Eurasian plate and the Indian plate. The unique geographical location factors have created Tengchong volcanic groups and geothermal groups everywhere. Among them, the most famous one is the Atami Big Rolling Pot.


Small meatballs and hot sea big rolling pot

Before entering the Hot Sea Scenic Area, when we drove the RV all the way to the entrance of the scenic area, we were stopped by many vendors selling eggs. A group of middle-aged women in their 50s, wearing sunhats, are selling strings of raw eggs made of straw ropes to tourists. There are 4 eggs in a bunch and the price is 10 yuan. From their mouths, I learned that these eggs, which seem to have nothing to do with hot springs, are cooked and eaten in a large boiling pot. This can’t help but make me wonder, how high is the temperature of hot spring water that can cook eggs? Can we really go in and soak in the soup?

[Lifestyle] Unforgettable · Tengchong

Atami covers an area of ​​about 9 square kilometers, including a national 5A-level scenic spot – Atami Big Rolling Pot. According to the staff of the scenic spot, there are 64 geothermal activity areas in the whole area of ​​Atami, with more than 80 hot springs, and the highest water temperature can reach 96.3°C. The Big Rolling Pot is located halfway up the mountain. Along the way from the bottom of the mountain, you will pass many steaming springs. The dense mist rising from the water covers the mountain path, as if you are in a fairyland. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the foot of the mountain to the big boiling pot. When I came to the big boiling pot out of breath, I was surrounded by tourists who came to take pictures. A few strings of eggs that tourists put inside are boiled. Eggs are said to taste best when cooked in a large boiling pot for 8 minutes.

In the evening, under the arrangement of the organizer, the group had a full meal of Yunnan special dustpan banquet. It is said that there is a legend behind the Dustpan Banquet. There was an old man of the Lisu nationality who was frail and sick. After trying many medicines to no avail, he researched a diet therapy by himself. This is the prototype of the Dustpan Banquet that is now known to everyone. Before eating, wash your hands first, and “grab” the food directly. We were a little tired after climbing the mountain, and a hot spring bath at this time is definitely a salvation.


Sunscreen and Volcanic Geothermal Park

Tengchong is a city that is very suitable for RV travel. The temperature is suitable all year round. Even if you don’t turn on the air conditioner in the RV at night, you won’t feel cold. Our campsite for parking RVs is located at the foot of Gaoligong Mountain. It has complete facilities and sufficient water and electricity piles, and can accommodate multiple RVs.

After soaking in the natural hot spring that I have been thinking about, I packed up my mood and went to conquer Dakong Mountain and Xiaokong Mountain. Dakong Mountain and Xiaokong Mountain are two craters. Tourists usually prefer Dakong Mountain because the crater landform there is more obvious. According to reports, there are more than 600 steps from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. For those who do not exercise regularly, 30 minutes is enough to climb to the top of the mountain. According to local people, there are 97 volcanic bodies and multi-level lava platforms in the volcano park, which is a well-preserved volcanic landform group in China. The crater is in a “concave” shape, surrounded by weeds, and has a large diameter. It is very spectacular to overlook the whole crater from a distance.

[Lifestyle] Unforgettable · Tengchong


Flower Cake Meets Heshun Ancient Town

Heshun is the birthplace of the earliest transnational trade in Yunnan. It is a centuries-old village deeply influenced by the culture of the Central Plains on the Southwest Silk Road. The Southwest Silk Road goes west from here and finally connects West Asia and South Asia. It is said that Heshun was named Yangwentun in ancient times. Because there is a small river in the territory that goes around the village, it was renamed “Heshun”, which means “Shi He Min Shun”. Heshun people have run caravans and established businesses for generations, leaving behind many legendary stories. Now there are still historical buildings such as Ai Siqi’s former residence, Cun’s ancestral hall, Wanlouzi, and Heshun library.

[Lifestyle] Unforgettable · Tengchong

The town with a century-old history is currently presented to tourists in a semi-commercial mode. The alleys deep in the scenic area are in an undeveloped state, and the residents of the town still live here, so housewives and small townsmen carrying vegetable baskets can be seen everywhere Children playing in the alley. The partly commercialized ancient town area is filled with many small shops selling flower cakes. Walking through the door, you will smell the sweet fragrance with hints of roses. Strolling along the alleys, there is a sense of simplicity and modernity colliding everywhere, quiet and lively.

[Lifestyle] Unforgettable · Tengchong


The impression of a city can be people, food, or taste. For me, Tengchong is the trip to the hot spring with friends laughing in the anime of Maruko, thick sunscreen and sun hat, and the crispy flower cake that just came out of the oven and is steaming. April day in the world.