TOYOTA Landcruiser “70” revisits the classic②

TOYOTA Landcruiser “70” Series

TOYOTA Landcruiser “70” revisits the classic②

TOYOTA Landcruiser “70” revisits the classic②

• TOYOTA Landcruiser BJ-70 short shaft, soft top, two doors, 3B engine “New Landcruiser”

BJ70 / BJ70V / BJ73V

• In 1984, the 70 series debuted. Chief Engineer Masaomi Yoshii spent 3 years redesigning the 70 series. It replaced the 25-year-old 40 series as the main model of the Land Cruiser. The 70 series not only continued the powerful off-road capability and rugged reliability of the FJ40 series. There are also a variety of body styles, wheelbase sizes and an incredible choice of engines from 20 different models. This makes the J7 model have more than 100 different configuration models in the Japanese series, which is enough to meet the selection needs of different groups around the world: from Australian inland miners, to African safari and so on… Except India, China, the United States, Mexico , Brazil and South Korea and other countries, 70 series products are sold in most countries around the world, and have achieved overwhelming sales advantages.

• The Land Cruiser 70 was produced in 6 countries, Japan’s TMC plant in Yoshivara County, Venezuela (Caracas ceased production in 2007), Colombia (SOFASA), South Africa (Durban) and Australia (Melbourne). In the middle of 2015, the production of Land Cruiser70 began in Ovar, a Portuguese town in Europe, for export to the African market.

• To describe all the historical versions and details of the Land Cruiser 70 series in detail, one or two articles are far from enough, so this article is narrated according to the timeline of the basic model produced by the Japanese factory. Over the years, a model with the same wheelbase as in Japan may also have a completely different Land Cruiser 70 series in a different country. They differ not only in the length of the cab and exterior, but also in the engine, suspension, transmission and even the name. They are united by a common body and frame. In the production history of the 70 series, thousands of configurations have been produced all over the world! In fact, for Japan, Europe, South America, Australia, the Middle East, and third world countries, they are different, sometimes radically so. Some versions didn’t make it to certain markets at all. For example, for the Middle East, some models are equipped with two air conditioners, and the Japanese domestic market has never used a gasoline engine. In some countries there used to be cars without a specific destination market and without a VIN code, they were referred to as generic in the spare parts catalogue. There are 25 colors in the 70 series body color.

• The following are the model codes for the J-70 series

HZ: Engine series (can be B, PZ, HZ, FZ, L, etc.)

J: Land Cruiser production line

70: series (71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79)

L: left-hand drive model (R-right-hand drive model)

V: hard top (W is five-door hard top, G is luxury, P is pickup)

M: 5-speed manual transmission (K – 4-speed, P – 4-band automatic transmission)

N: configuration (E – highest (VX), N average (GX/LX))

W: export country information. Countries are encrypted with the letters Q – Australia, Y – Japan, K – CANada, A – North AME rica, V – Middle East)

TOYOTA Landcruiser “70” revisits the classic②

TOYOTA Landcruiser “70” revisits the classic②

<1984-2006 Landcruiser 70 Years >

The first-generation 7 Series has the following three models:

① BJ70 short wheelbase/soft top, equipped with detachable soft top and cab glass.

② BJ70V short wheelbase/hard top, with better sealing and quiet effect.

③ BJ73V medium wheelbase/ERP detachable roof, equipped with ERP resin detachable hard top design, in the 1980s when convertibles were popular, this compromise design has better airtightness and mute effect than soft top. The ERP fiberglass plastic roof is mostly white, a nod to the Series 40 design, but not always, and a version painted grey.

TOYOTA Landcruiser “70” revisits the classic②

TOYOTA Landcruiser “70” revisits the classic②

• TOYOTA Landcruiser BJ-70V short axle hardtop two doors

“Landcruiser first change in 30 years” / First Transfiguration in 30 years

• All BJ7 series are equipped with four-wheel drive as standard.

• The slope of the front windshield is changed from 75° of the 40 series to 55°, reducing the drag coefficient by 17%.

• A resin spacer is added between steel plates to improve ride comfort.

• Equipped with differential lock

• Sharp and angular shape

• The leaf spring of the main body is thickened by 1.0cm to increase the bearing strength

• The gap between left and right blades is widened (front steel plate + 14mm rear steel plate + 30mm)

• New anti-roll stabilizer bar

• Optional 10R-15 radial tires

• Optional electric winch

• Equipped with a clutch booster pump as standard, the pedal pressure is reduced by 40%!

• One-button 2-4 drive mode button, easy to operate.

• Five-speed manual transmission combined with 2WD/4WD transmission.

• Multi-size frames, and custom frames.

• For heavy vehicles: 3F gasoline engine, 3B diesel engine, 2H diesel engine

• Truck models use: 22R gasoline engine, 2L diesel engine

TOYOTA Landcruiser “70” revisits the classic②

• TOYOTA Landcruiser BJ-73V center shaft EPR top two doors 3B engine

TOYOTA Landcruiser “70” revisits the classic②

• The 70 Series has higher approach and departure angles and grip on steeper grades

TOYOTA Landcruiser “70” revisits the classic②

• 3B diesel, 3F gasoline, 2H diesel engine is the main engine of the initial series

(The content comes from the off-road e-family land patrol 7 series)