【Industry】Campsite Business School on Wheels

As an innovative education industry, camp education has attracted attention from all walks of life. Various camping forums and camp management training institutions are evangelizing and teaching the public, but most of them are still at the stage of talking on paper. Behind the many benefits of camp education are also accompanied by A trace of worry.

【Industry】Campsite Business School on Wheels

Compared with nearly a century of development in foreign countries, China’s RV tourism is still in its infancy, and camp owners lack experience in camp management and construction. In order to let everyone feel the real “battlefield” – the status quo of the domestic camping market, a team of experts from different fields such as outdoor adventure, camping education research institute, outdoor clubs, industry media, etc., launched an event called “Caravan, on Wheels” Business School” camp education activities. Invite nearly 20 camp upstream and downstream industry KOLs, plus 10 team members, to conduct consultation and discussion on the camp plots. Taking the actual camp as a case, through an 11-day itinerary, stop at 5 camps for on-site inspection and A seminar on camp planning.

According to Li Peng, the organizer, RV campsites are very common in European and American countries, and are well developed, with a complete management and operation system and star classification standards. As a new type of industry in China, car camping has just started, mainly relying on the scenic spots or nearby scenic spots to operate, and only provides simple services for tourists, which is far from meeting the booming self-driving tourism market demand, and can not meet international standards. .

【Industry】Campsite Business School on Wheels

market chaos

From the perspective of education, the domestic camp education industry is not yet perfect. Most of the information comes from various RV camping forums, dealer conferences, car viewing groups, industry salons, and youth camp education and training institutions, but the quality levels are uneven. The learning method of books and passing tests did not result in much gain for the students.

From the perspective of campsites, some campsites have not been properly planned and designed, and the location of the hydroelectric piles is relatively remote, requiring a long line to connect them. Sometimes the lines brought by riders are not long enough, and the vehicles have to stop randomly, otherwise they will be connected. not on. There are also some roads designed and developed without taking into account the turning radius of trailer-type RVs. Although the roundabout is very beautiful, it is not practical. The camp must finally solve the existing problems before construction.

【Industry】Campsite Business School on Wheels

Operation first

Camp education serves the goal of camp construction and development. At present, many people’s understanding of camp education is still limited to summer camps and winter camps. In fact, real camp education revolves around camp planning, design, operation, education, marketing, promotion and other service areas. , It should be said that operation is the first, planning and design without consideration of operation is meaningless, all planning and design should be carried out around it.

【Industry】Campsite Business School on Wheels

In order to bring you a more vivid experience and gain a deeper understanding of the current market situation and the needs of developers, we will gather you together through the camp caravan to do real camp cases. During this process, we will exchange ideas and share experience to design more possibilities. This event selected 5 campsites with different styles and characteristics for on-the-spot inspection. The event organizing committee specially set up two teams to conduct inspection data based on the developer’s plots and related supporting services, discuss separately, group PK, and brainstorm. Provide reasonable operation plan, planning plan, data analysis, market plan, etc. Through expert guidance suggestions and ideas, continue different ideas to provide and simulate two reasonable camp planning, construction and operation schemes, then design and propose the optimized scheme, and submit the final camp integrated operation scheme. It is also a realistic version of the study tour to let the participants gain more in the communication and sharing.

In this “Caravan, Business School on Wheels” activity, all participants are actually a camp education method, an experiential learning method, through the simulation of time cases, the feedback obtained is very great, which is For those involved. For the entire industry, through continuous publicity and reporting, combined with the implementation of practical policies, including sharing sessions with local governments and camp briefings, everyone can have a deeper understanding of the concept of camps and camp education. Coming up to promote the development of the RV camping industry is also the value and significance of this event to the industry.


The so-called “business school on wheels” not only must inherit the caravan culture and enter the campsite, but also highlight its operational attributes. All efforts are for the operation, and the planning and design must be considered first. The camp education industry in the future still needs to continue to investigate and practice, add systematic management disciplines, and make up for the lack of professional talents. This is the solution to the constraints of the industry’s development.