【Industry】Communication door

During the use of RV products, there are often such and other problems due to various reasons. How to solve problems when they occur?


At the 2018 China Automobile (RV) Camping Conference that opened on November 2, 2018, at the Torrest RV booth, a user continued to broadcast in the form of a loudspeaker: “Torest RVs are shoddy, poor in quality, and after-sales There is no guarantee, and beware of being deceived.” The staff at the scene were very helpless, and so was I. The next day, Torest RV invited the engineers of the chassis manufacturer “Iveco” main engine factory to deal with it in the form of on-site office and press conference. If there is no result, report to the police.

【Industry】Communication door


Due to my work relationship and being at the scene, I have been paying close attention to the incident. I can’t help but sigh, why is this so, I feel sorry for users and sellers. The reason why I feel sorry for users is that they would not have traveled thousands of miles to come to the venue to “make trouble” if they hadn’t felt resentment. At the same time, I also feel sorry for the sellers, because once this incident happens, it will definitely affect the sales work of this exhibition. The RV industry seems to be bright, but everyone in the industry knows that survival is not easy. Since the matter happened, it must be resolved, and since the matter has reached this point, there must be a right and wrong, and the muddy mud will only plant the seeds of disaster for the future.

right or wrong

Mr. Fan bought the car on April 17, 2017, and reported the problems with the car to the after-sales service in July, August, and October 2018, and they were resolved. On October 8, 2018, I went to Torrest RV to negotiate to return the car, but to no avail. On October 26, 2018, Torrest booth intervened in the sales work at the Chengdu Exhibition. On November 2, 2018, intervened in the sales work at the Wuhu exhibition. The above timeline is summarized from the “Statement” released by the Torrest manufacturer.

【Industry】Communication door

Regarding the question of right and wrong, first of all, it must be the fault of the manufacturer, because no matter the reason, as a service provider, it is not right for the customer to make such a situation. But things always have to be viewed in two parts, starting with the manufacturer first. The manufacturer has done meticulous work from sales to after-sales, and all problems have been solved. At the same time, after the problem occurs, it will reply positively to solve it, and contact the chassis manufacturer for joint inspection, from the reaction time to the processing process of problem solving, it is acceptable. However, there is a problem, why are there so many problems in the use of the RV.

From the perspective of users, there is nothing wrong with applying for after-sales service if there is a problem with the RV, as long as the problem is solved, it is acceptable. If there is an important problem, finding the cause of the problem is the fundamental solution. As far as the request for returning the car is concerned, it is not easy to realize the temporary domestic situation. It is puzzling to directly refuse the inspection by the manufacturer’s engineers. The guess may be that the same important problem cannot be solved many times, resulting in a rebellious psychology.

The author is neither a party nor a participant in the whole process, and can only draw the above conclusions from the obtained materials. Domestic RVs are still in the development stage, and there must be many problems in various aspects. This requires more understanding and support from users, and of course the encouragement of users. Domestic users have the habit of not reading the instruction manual, and due to the poor hands-on ability due to national conditions, some problems that should not have occurred have occurred, and after the occurrence, they have been dealt with improperly, resulting in the expansion of the problem.

【Industry】Communication door

no door

There is no way to complain, which is probably the most direct heart of the user at this time. There is no way for manufacturers to complain, and they obviously give positive answers to all the questions, but users still come to the exhibition to “make trouble”. In fact, all of this is just a lack of a communication door, so that users and manufacturers can understand, communicate and trust each other. Is it possible to establish an independent third-party platform to build this communication bridge, and put forward some practical solutions in a fair, just and open manner. In this way, the complaint rate of each brand can be counted to give feedback to users, and the problems can also be collected and fed back to manufacturers to promote the timeliness and effectiveness of product updates and patch updates, thereby avoiding more after-sales problems.

The emergence of problems is not what everyone wants, but it cannot be denied that the occurrence of problems can effectively promote the progress of the industry. This kind of passive progress is obviously not what everyone wants to see, but it is the most direct way. Finding problems, solving problems, thinking about problems, and making such incidents no longer happen is the correct solution. I hope manufacturers will encourage each other.