【Industry】School-enterprise integration wins the relay race of camp education

As the school-enterprise integration camp education model gradually enters the campus, the exchange and communication between enterprises and college talents will bring more professionals to join in. In the future, there will be countless smart camp dreams come true, and countless new education branches will break ground. germination.

【Industry】School-enterprise integration wins the relay race of camp education

As an emerging tourism industry, camping tourism has been facing the dilemma of lack of professional management personnel while it is developing rapidly in our country. This year, the China National Tourism Administration issued the “13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Tourism Talents”, which proposed that in order to meet the needs of the integrated development of “tourism +”, we should intensify the training of all kinds of professional talents such as self-driving car travel, sports tourism, etc. The industry has opened its doors, and some camp investment management companies have reached cooperation with universities. The seamless connection between schools and enterprises is like a “relay race”, which promotes win-win cooperation between schools and enterprises, promotes economic development and the spread of camping culture.

talent gap

School-enterprise cooperation is an inherent requirement for colleges and enterprises to achieve a win-win situation under the new normal of economic and social development. At present, the situation of domestic camping management talents is not ideal. Most of the personnel have not received professional camping knowledge training. With the upgrading of consumption and the increasing demand for leisure and vacation, the camping industry urgently needs professional talents to join. The cooperation between schools and enterprises has fundamentally solved the bottleneck problem of professional talents in the development of the industry, which is an important foundation for the rapid development of the entire industry.

Guo Jiaming, CEO of Luyun Namei, said: Camping tourism is an emerging industry in China. There are no professional courses for outdoor tourism services in the curriculum of colleges and universities. Under the background of the rapid development of the camping industry, colleges and universities urgently need opportunities for transformation and find a new one. It is also the need of the society to cultivate talents in line with the development of the industry and open the channel for students to find employment quickly. Last month, we signed a contract with Lanzhou Vocational and Technical College. After in-depth exchanges and discussions on the top-level structure of the two parties, we plan to launch a series of professional courses on camping and tourism knowledge before March next year. Through the training and practice at the student stage, students will be better adapted to work in the emerging business of camping and tourism after graduation. While we are thinking about delivering camping management talents to the industry, we are also thinking about how to improve the camp’s talent pool. Therefore, enterprises, camps, and schools all have a very good vision to relay each other and jointly promote the development of the camping industry. 

【Industry】School-enterprise integration wins the relay race of camp education


With the continuous deepening of the cooperation model, a series of sustainable programs and customized career development support are carried out. Including professional talent management orientation classes, dispatching professional teams to teach students, formulating different topics for various camp themes, building camp management talents and management system echelon, and carrying out a good way to cultivate the echelon of management personnel. Through the training of basic knowledge and then practice, train students to management positions. During this process, some outstanding students will be cultivated as the “Talent Plan”, and will be sent to various camps to take the most basic management positions after graduation, so as to give them a platform and space for promotion. From the source, let students really understand what is a camp and what is outdoor tourism, educate the younger generation so that they can come to the camp in the future. This not only lays a good foundation for better serving the enterprise, cultivates and transports professional talents for the camping industry, alleviates the difficulty of camp recruitment, but more importantly, lays the foundation for the next step of the development of the entire camping industry.

With the development of national industrial policies and the increasing rigid demand of the market, the volume of RV camps has grown rapidly. However, as a new business, there will be a large number of RV camps that will face a crisis of survival due to the lack of professional management and operation. Under the general trend that the market plays a decisive role in the planning, construction, survival and development of RV camps, the business model of RV camps must change from the extensive model driven by RV sales in the past to the refined model driven by professional operation management. It seems wise to cultivate high-quality talents through cross-border exchanges in related fields.

【Industry】School-enterprise integration wins the relay race of camp education


It is true that the camp education model of school-enterprise integration has played a role in fueling the development of the camping industry, but it is still far from the 150-year history of camp education abroad. In addition to introducing foreign advanced camp education concepts, more cross-border thinking and rich professional courses are needed to meet the needs of the camp. Camping creates a concept of outdoor tourism, a space for outdoor experience, parent-child education, youth development, sports and leisure activities are included, and it is a collection of various professional knowledge and experience accumulation. How to cultivate higher-quality camps and more high-quality outdoor experience services through experiential learning is an area worthy of our deep digging in the camp education industry for different market needs and different camp positioning.