When you choose a car, you choose a way of life, Tuda and I!

At 16:02 on October 12, 2016, a white Paladin on the production line of Zhengzhou Nissan slowly drove out of the production workshop. This is the last Paladin produced in the world.

Since then, the model has been officially discontinued, marking the end of an era. Since its launch in 2003, Paladin has represented China’s mass-produced joint venture vehicles and participated in the Dakar Cross-Country Rally for three consecutive times with excellent results.

After more than ten years of ups and downs, until today at this moment, Paladin is still working hard and serving all walks of life in the north and south of China. To borrow a sentence from the Chinese car king Lu Ningjun, the Paladin is the greatest off-road vehicle in China. Here, I would also like to say a joke. Paladin has dedicated his entire life to China’s 40 years of reform and opening up.

Many people don’t know that in the circle of Paladin car friends, when we learned that the car is about to be discontinued and the new car to replace it has no name yet, we call the Tuda “New Paladin”. Everyone was full of expectations for this, but also somewhat sad.

As the owner of the Paladin, I am also very concerned. I hope the new car can do better so that it can live up to the achievements of its predecessor. But when it comes to Tuda, I really have to say Navarapicka.

Because the Navara and the Tuda have the same origin and are produced on the same platform, they are both manufactured on the production line of Zhengzhou Nissan. And it is this old production line that used to manufacture Paladin, which has now been upgraded and transformed into the third largest mixed-flow production line in the world and the largest in Asia. Different models of cars can be manufactured at the same time, just like the concepts of buns, dumplings, and wontons can be produced at the same time.

Closer to home, why would I choose this car? Frankly speaking, I was not optimistic at the beginning, the reason is very simple, I have no confidence in the QR25 engine. With a body close to 4.9 meters, can a 4-cylinder 2.5 naturally aspirated engine do it?

I believe that the first impression of most people is a small horse-drawn cart. Other problems are not a problem for me, such as rough interior, mediocre configuration, and drum brakes on the rear wheels. Will the owner of the Paladin who has been playing for so many years still care about this?

The Paladin is also a rear drum brake. No one in the Wild Latin has ever reported that the brakes are soft. On the contrary, the rear drum brake runs 200,000 or even 400,000 kilometers without replacing the brake parts. It only needs regular maintenance to clean the sludge inside That’s it.

For a straight man like me, there is nothing to worry about about the interior and configuration. Now that the automotive aftermarket is so developed, it is enough to add it later. The interior is really mediocre, we admit it, but after all, the price is here, and the interior of cars of the same level is not much better than it. Compared with the interior workmanship of those domestic cars, it is already comparable to 400,000 imported cars. .

There are more than 100,000 cars with electric tailgate, wireless charging, automatic parking, adaptive steering wheel control, and even electric suction doors. Who dares to stand up and compare among joint venture cars?

What do women choose when choosing a car? Beautiful and good-looking. What does a man choose a car for? Look at the performance, cost-effective. So where is the money spent on Tuda, a car worth more than 200,000 yuan?

First of all, it has the same 7-speed automatic transmission as the Patrol, a transfer case with 2.7 times the torque amplification, front double-wishbone independent suspension, a rear five-link integral bridge and an all-aluminum alloy rear drive shaft. .

Comrades, just open any car website and compare these structures with Overbearing and Tuda. Yes, Domineering has a locked center differential, and Tuda also has a rear differential lock. Looking at the price, overbearing 500,000+, Tuda 200,000+. Tuda is indeed not overbearing at all, but this price is enough to explain where the money is spent!

Although big names such as Guanshan Feidu, Chen Zhen, and Han Lu all drove the Tuda successfully across no-man’s land, deserts and other off-road holy places, their comments were also very pertinent. But after all, it was paid for by the manufacturer, and there is also professional teamwork. We know it well, these evaluations are for reference only.

I absolutely believe in the quality of a tool cart that insists on government procurement. It wasn’t until more than half a year later, from the friends I knew and what I saw with my own eyes, that I finally decided on Tuda’s outstanding performance in Laozhanggou, Kubuqi, Ulanbu and Desert. In particular, the super smart 7-speed gearbox fully makes up for the lack of power, which can be said to be insufficient for the gearbox.

Let me say a few more words here. Not long after Tuda was released, it was said on the Internet that Tuda would not downshift after 3rd gear in low-speed four-wheel drive mode. The off-road circle was in an uproar, so how can this car play, isn’t it just a waste?

For this reason, teacher Jiang Bo of the off-road e-family specially wrote three articles to explain this problem. It’s true that no one is talking about it now. To put it simply, the logic of downshifting has changed. The gear structure in the 7-speed box is different from the 5-speed box we often come into contact with. If not that the times are changing, our knowledge and viewpoints should also keep pace with the times! I won’t say much about this question, I will post links to several posts by Mr. Jiang below for everyone to browse.

Regarding the modification of Tuda, there is nothing to talk about for conventional items such as tires, wheels, shock absorption, guard plates, guard bars, etc. The size is short and the size is long, nothing more than the trade-off relationship between price and quality.

Just modify it according to your preferences and needs. Today is an era of distinctive personality. It is also a pleasure to refit a DIY car of your own. Otherwise, how can poetry and distance be? What I want to say is that this Nissan QR25 engine is really capable of resisting, and it has been mixed with Honda’s K24 in the domestic market for ten years or more, right?

The old cucumber is constantly painted with green paint. The advantage is that the technology is mature and stable, and there are no quality problems. But what will be derived from the old objects? That is the various supercharging equipment for it. Assuming that the manufacturer directly puts a 2.0T or 3.0T engine in the Tuda, if you want to increase the power, you only need to change the engine.

But the current 2.5 self-priming unit gives us more choices. At the same time, it also enjoys a low amount of vehicle and vessel tax, and the 5-seater car is exempted from inspection for 6 years. If it is calculated based on 6-10 years of driving, the saved vehicle inspection fee and vehicle and vessel tax are not a small number. The money saved is packaged Mechanical supercharging, this solution is very mature on Navarra, which is equivalent to the parameters of a 6-cylinder 3.0 engine. I have already considered it, and it will be very attractive to car owners for later modification. Instead of upgrading the power, this self-priming 2.5+7AT combination is indeed sufficient, whether it is personal experience or media comments. Even the hero slope has gone up, so there is nothing to say.

In fact, the most important factor in choosing Tuda is a feeling for the Nissan off-road brand, a feeling inherited after the approval of Paladin, and a group of car friends who can’t let go. From being an off-road novice to organizing dozens of vehicles to cross the desert, I have been accompanied by Paladin all these years, and I have seen hundreds of riders before and after.

Whenever you talk about the people and things you have experienced together at the dinner table of the car friends, you can truly understand what it means. Choosing a car is choosing a way of life. When these emotions were intertwined, I finally chose Tuda.

When chatting with the moderator of the off-road e-family Tuda, I suggested that the frequency of Tuda’s national communication is set to: 437.450MHz, because the national frequency of Wild Latin is: 436.450 MHz, and 437 is higher than 436. The implication is that Tuda has inherited the mantle of Paladin, and the continued use of 450 is to pay tribute to the predecessors. It is a great honor that the fast master finally adopted my suggestion.

Finally, I would like to say a few more words. Many people asked me what to do with your Paladin, sold? “Xiaoerhei” is my second Paladin, and it will continue to accompany me to search for poetry and distant places. I like the new and never tire of the old! Finally, I sincerely wish that Tuda is a great seller, and that it will work hard like Paladin and continue to contribute to the construction of the motherland.

When you choose a car, you choose a way of life, Tuda and I!

The source of the car is a test drive car from a 4S shop in Dongguan. It belongs to the first batch of Tuda produced. It is going to be sold at the end of the year, and I took it!

I do have a relationship with this Tuda. I have planned to go to Guangdong on New Year’s Day for a long time, and I happened to be negotiating the purchase details with the store. I simply went to this 4S store in Dongguan that sold cars at the first stop when I got off the plane. It was a test drive car in the store.

When you choose a car, you choose a way of life, Tuda and I!

The top model is also equipped with an electric tailgate. It does not do anything other than test drives for customers on weekdays. It can be said that it is basically a new car!

When you choose a car, you choose a way of life, Tuda and I!

To be on the safe side, I also entrusted a local friend to find a professional second-hand car appraiser to spend money to produce an appraisal report, without any traces of accidents and disassembly.

When you choose a car, you choose a way of life, Tuda and I!

2368 kilometers, real table. Such a new second-hand car, very excited~~~!

When you choose a car, you choose a way of life, Tuda and I!

There is no entry record, and the second-hand car that can be guaranteed for the first time, haha!

When you choose a car, you choose a way of life, Tuda and I!

Towed away from the 4S store after the file was raised, and delivered to Beijing! After signing the contract and paying the money, I left Dongguan, and handed over the rest to the 4S shop and logistics company. Dongguan-Beijing logistics is also looking for a friend, the total service fee is 2,600 yuan, and it will arrive in Beijing in about 4-5 days.

When you choose a car, you choose a way of life, Tuda and I!

After arriving in Beijing, I personally picked up the car~~~ I saw it again after more than half a month~~ I was very excited~~! I want to make a complaint here. It takes 2 weeks to file in Dongguan, plus the delays in handling temporary licenses, express delivery materials on the road, etc., it took me a total of one month to get the car file. Gorgeously missed the plan to get a license plate before the Spring Festival~~~ Since it is a temporary license plate from another place, the insurance has not been changed. Driving in Beijing is troublesome after all. In line with the principle of safety first and less trouble, I simply stopped at a friend’s repair shop just wait!

When you choose a car, you choose a way of life, Tuda and I!

Just after the Spring Festival holiday, on the eighth day of the Lunar New Year, I couldn’t wait to take it to the vehicle management office to settle down. The efficiency of Beijing’s work is fast, and everything can be done in half a day!

When you choose a car, you choose a way of life, Tuda and I!

Finally, it has a Beijing household registration, and the national V emission, which complies with all policies and regulations, and the inspection and handling procedures are quite smooth.

When you choose a car, you choose a way of life, Tuda and I!

Ready to start the modification, get the license plate in the morning ~ return to the repair shop in the afternoon to start construction! Please look forward to the follow-up modification posts~~~! ! !