【RV Show】Insufficient “internal strength”

I accidentally heard that a friend in Australia bought a caravan. Out of professional habits, I naturally asked about the caravan while congratulating me, but I got an unexpected answer “Made in China”, which is indeed made in China. While being surprised, I can’t help but think about why we have “foreign” RVs, but the quality of domestic RVs is not satisfactory.

【RV Show】Insufficient

After learning that a friend in Australia bought a Chinese-made RV, the author contacted the manufacturer of this RV-Compass RV with a very curious attitude, and couldn’t wait to find this trailer that was exported abroad. RV to share with you.

RV first sight

S6 off-road caravan is an off-road caravan designed and manufactured by Compass RV. At first glance, the car’s sharp-edged body structure, high ground clearance and black and white paint all give people a rough and unrestrained feeling.

In terms of appearance, there is no streamlined shape that is common in domestic RVs, but a square image full of metal accessories such as rivets and hinges. In addition to the usual traction role, the A-frame at the front of the RV is also designed with a huge retro-style storage box. In order to expand the use space of the RV, many storage compartments and expansion windows are designed on the body. Since the RV is defined as an off-road RV, although it only has a single axle and two wheels, two spare tires are still installed.

The interior layout of the caravan is simple and clear. The layout of the front bed, the back kitchen, the bathroom, and the sofa rest area in the middle is also common in domestic caravans. The roof of the RV is an extended tent with a hard top, which is rarely seen in domestic RVs. The design of double clean water tanks in the living configuration makes the water capacity of the RV reach 238L. In terms of power, the storage capacity of 3 RV-specific batteries can meet the daily needs of off-road life.

behind the halo

After reading the RV, let’s look at the RV manufacturer. As a RV company focusing on foreign markets, Compass RV has unknown helplessness in the process of becoming a “RV export company”.

【RV Show】Insufficient

The first is the brand. Australia has low recognition of Chinese brands. In order to gain a foothold in the local area, it has to cooperate with local brands. The second is product quality. In the Australian market, where the RV culture is relatively mature, the quality requirements for RVs are relatively strict. This is also a big test for the weak domestic manufacturers in the RV industry. Finally, there is a lack of industrial chain support. Due to the relatively short development time of RVs in my country, the industrial chain is not complete, and there is a serious lack of support for accessories, skilled workers, and product design in the RV manufacturing process. Enterprises can only solve all problems by themselves. Of course, there will be progress wherever there are difficulties. After several years of development, the sales volume of Compass RVs in Australia has doubled year by year.

While the company continues to grow, it should also clearly realize that in the foreign RV market, the RVs we export are still mainly low-end and entry-level products. The added value of its products is low, and the product category is relatively single, so it is difficult to form a threat in front of the international big brand RV.

Insufficient “internal strength”

Looking at China again, compared with the growth momentum of export RVs, most domestic RV companies seem to lack “internal strength”. In stark contrast to the growing scale of Compass RV, many domestic RV companies seem to have remained unchanged for ten years. There are reasons for the continued downturn in the market and unclear policies, but the main reason is that some RV companies are complacent and have a narrow vision. The RV models of these companies have hardly changed in the past few years, and there has been no major innovation in the interior layout.

【RV Show】Insufficient

Now that some of our RV companies have begun to “go global”, it shows that our domestic RV companies still have certain strengths in design, manufacturing, and marketing. However, due to the limitation of vision and the impact of the general environment, domestic RV companies are unable or unwilling to develop new RV products. These enterprises will be eliminated by the market as time goes by. Some RV companies that are still struggling are still moving forward in a daze, without clear goals and directions. This is also one of the main reasons for the current chaos in the domestic RV market.

Another reason for the market chaos is that all kinds of capital and personnel blindly enter the “blue ocean” project of RV. Almost every relatively large-scale RV exhibition will see many new RV brands, and even well-known big brands in other fields have entered this industry. The entry of so many capitals and non-professionals can certainly inject fresh blood into this industry, but it also makes the already chaotic industry of RV even more mixed.

how to practice

To solve this problem is not something that can be done by a single company. It is necessary for the main engine factory, parts factory and RV refitting production enterprises in the domestic RV industry to form a complete industrial chain together. As for the most terminal RV manufacturer in the RV industry, while maintaining a good relationship with upstream and downstream companies, it is also necessary to maintain a mutual promotion relationship with companies in the same industry. This kind of good relationship between RV companies will gradually radiate to the surrounding area to form an industrial park, thereby increasing the overall influence of the park. Different divisions of labor will gradually form within the park, which will complement each other while competing, so that the park will become a whole and be played out in the form of “fist”.