The new BMW 7 Series is about to hit the market with ten highlights showing modern luxury

Under the guidance of the brand-new “first strategy”, BMW Group is constantly laying out the five future innovation directions represented by D/ACES (design/automation, interconnection, electrification, sharing/service), pioneering and innovating, and leading the transformation of the industry for sustainable success. In 2019, the BMW Group will continue to expand the launch of new products in the Chinese market and at the same time launch the “Year of Large Luxury Cars”. Seven new models will be launched in succession in this market segment. On May 24th, as the mainstay of BMW’s lineup of large luxury vehicles and the flagship model of the BMW brand, the new BMW 7 Series will proudly debut with many innovative technologies.

The new BMW 7 Series further evolves on the success of the sixth generation. Since its launch in 2015, the sixth-generation BMW 7 Series has been continuously recognized by the market and customers, and has become an important force to promote the company’s development. In 2018, nearly half of the sales volume of the BMW 7 Series came from China, and the new 7 Series also put the needs of Chinese users at the forefront during the development and design process. Regardless of the new design language, luxurious interior atmosphere, or innovative connected driving and driver assistance technologies, the preferences of Chinese users are fully considered, giving the new BMW 7 Series more Chinese-style luxury features.

The brand-new design language creates a magnificent momentum with extraordinary aura and respect and solemnity

The new BMW 7 Series is about to hit the market with ten highlights showing modern luxury

With the launch and update of the array of large luxury cars, the BMW brand is also constantly advancing the design language, further interpreting “precision and poetry” with a new design language, and opening a new chapter of BMW design. The most eye-catching feature of the new BMW 7 Series is the significantly enlarged kidney-shaped grille at the front of the body, which is about 50 mm taller, highlighting the dignified and dignified momentum. At the same time, the grille adopts an integral surround design. Increased by about 40%, creating a more majestic and shocking visual impact.

The newly designed slender headlights form a sharp visual contrast with the larger BMW kidney-shaped grille, adding new features to large luxury models and endowing the front face of the new BMW 7 Series with a more impactful and distinctive style . The blue elements of the BMW X-Type Intelligent Laser headlights give them a unique visual effect. In addition, the new through-type 3D three-dimensional suspended LED taillights exclusive to the new 7 series outline a delicate and dynamic tail shape, which is solemn and elegant, and is natural.

All models of the new BMW 7 series that will be launched soon are equipped with luxury suits and M sports suits for customers to choose from. The luxury package model has a one-piece chrome decoration, which makes the front bumper more refined and elegant, and adds a more sporty visual impact to the body. For the model with M sports package, the larger air intakes on both sides of the front bumper are surrounded by C-shaped chrome decoration, and the extremely eye-catching aerodynamic design on the edge of the bumper highlights the dynamic texture and sense of strength of the front face.

Intelligent digital technology opens a new era of human-machine interconnection

The new BMW 7 Series is about to hit the market with ten highlights showing modern luxury

The BMW Smart Connected Cockpit of the new BMW 7 Series Sedan integrates a 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel and a 10.25-inch touch screen display, enabling users of the new BMW 7 Series Sedan to have more intuitive and convenient operations through extended functions. The newly equipped seventh-generation BMW iDrive intelligent human-computer interaction system with full digital display realizes the perfect combination of clear page layout and customizable personalized display content. According to personal needs, the driver can create up to 10 personalized pages through the main menu of the central control screen, each page can display 2-4 real-time content sections, and display all important driving-related information in real-time and conveniently. The position most needed by drivers can fully improve driving attention. The new BMW 7 Series sedan has a five-dimensional intelligent human-computer interaction system. Drivers can choose the iDrive control knob, multi-function buttons on the steering wheel, touch screen, voice control or gesture control according to their habits.

The new BMW 7 Series is equipped with BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, which is another innovative breakthrough of the BMW Group in the field of digital interconnection, bringing revolutionary changes to driving pleasure. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is like a BMW expert who “knows cars” and can explain vehicle functions and provide vehicle information. At the same time, it is also a digital “personal assistant” that “understands you”, which can understand and learn the driver’s preferences. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant can not only execute the instructions of the driver and passengers, but also communicate with them. In the future, BMW’s intelligent personal assistant will also be continuously upgraded to continuously expand the service functions of the vehicle. More importantly, it will also be compatible with other digital voice assistants, seamlessly connecting with digital life.

Leading driving assistance at the same level, moving towards a comfortable and safe autonomous driving road

The new BMW 7 Series is about to hit the market with ten highlights showing modern luxury

The intelligent driving assistance system installed in the new BMW 7 Series has a wealth of functions, which vividly demonstrates BMW’s outstanding progress in the field of autonomous driving. In order to maximize intelligent driving and reduce the driver’s workload in traffic jams, the enhanced driving assistance system of the new BMW 7 Series provides a “hands-free low-speed follow-up function” to make driving safer and more comfortable. It allows the driver to let go of both hands from the steering wheel on high-speed and fast roads with clear lane lines and the speed of the vehicle is below 60 km/h, and let the vehicle follow the vehicle in front to drive automatically.

Lane Change Assist is an important step towards highly automated driving. On highways and two-lane roads, when the active cruise control system is enabled and the vehicle speed is guaranteed to be between 70-210 km/h, the driver can press and hold the turn signal lever to activate the lane change assist function, allowing The vehicle completes the lane change work by itself.

As BMW’s first and unique innovative technology in its class, the Enhanced Parking Assist System that enables automatic reverse parking also represents the BMW Group’s leading position in autonomous driving technology. In a narrow space or when the driver cannot clearly observe the situation behind, the system can store the vehicle trajectory when the vehicle speed is lower than 35 km/h, and through the stored last forward operation, let the vehicle follow and move forward Drive 50 meters in reverse on the exact same route. During this period, the driver only needs to operate the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal, and observe the surrounding environment of the vehicle, which greatly reduces the difficulty of reversing operation and helps the driver calmly exit the parking space in the case of limited space.

The innovative power and chassis technologies have elevated the dynamic performance and driving comfort of the new BMW 7 Series to a higher level

The new BMW 7 Series is about to hit the market with ten highlights showing modern luxury

The introduction of the new BMW 7 Series takes the driving pleasure of a large luxury car to an even higher level thanks to a series of innovative upgrades to the powertrain. The new BMW 750Li xDrive is equipped with a 4.4-liter V8 engine, which has been greatly improved from the crankcase to the engine management system. The maximum power is 390 kilowatts, which is 60 kilowatts more than the previous engine, and the peak torque is also increased by 100 Nm to 750 Nm . In addition, the engine output power of the BMW 730Li and BMW 740Li models has also been further improved, and the new 7 Series continues to set a new market segment benchmark in terms of power and driving experience.

The new BMW 7 Series is about to hit the market with ten highlights showing modern luxury

The new BMW 7 Series achieves a perfect balance between driving comfort and dynamic performance, which is mainly due to the integral active steering system and the magic carpet intelligent air suspension system with active anti-rollover system. The integral active steering system can judge by itself according to the speed of the vehicle, so that the rear wheels can rotate in the same direction as the front wheels or in the opposite direction, so that the vehicle can have a more agile attitude and turn more precisely.

The magic carpet intelligent air suspension system with active anti-rollover system can effectively reduce the pitching motion of the front and rear of the car, further improving the dynamic performance and driving comfort of the new BMW 7 Series. Among them, the active anti-rollover system uses electric rotary motors to quickly and accurately compensate the lateral force generated during high-speed cornering, thereby improving the lateral support of the vehicle when entering and exiting corners, ensuring flexibility and directional stability. In addition, the system can effectively counteract disturbances caused by uneven road surfaces on one side, stabilize the relevant wheels and improve comfort when driving in a straight line.

The magic carpet intelligent air suspension system also includes a chassis pre-control function. The vehicle can quickly adjust the chassis response through comprehensive judgment and analysis of the road condition survey stereo camera image, navigation system information and driving style data located on the back of the inner rearview mirror above the windshield. Better respond to changes in the road surface.

Sophisticated top-of-the-line interiors make luxury evident

The new BMW 7 Series is about to hit the market with ten highlights showing modern luxury

All new BMW 7 Series models are equipped with premium Nappa leather interiors with extended stitching, available in a variety of colors. The seat cushions and backrests of the front and rear seats are designed with a large area of ​​exquisite three-dimensional structural patterns, which complement the exquisite armrest and center console design integrated into the door trim. The first-class rear seats and the rear central armrest of the first-class seats are also equipped with advanced decorative lines.

In addition, customers can also choose to personalize the fine-line Merino full leather interior. The Merino full leather interior is made of high-quality materials with top-end quality. The raw material is selected large bull leather, and a special dip-dyeing process is used to make the leather show the best softness. There are six colors for users to choose. This full leather upholstery is available as an option on the door shoulders, above the center console and on the lower part of the door linings. Seats wrapped in Merino leather are designed with diamond-pattern expanded stitching, and the stitching area is larger, creating a more luxurious interior atmosphere.

The new BMW 7 Series is about to hit the market with ten highlights showing modern luxury

As the first luxury car brand to provide fully customized services in China, BMW will apply personalized customized services to all new BMW 7 Series products. The new BMW 7 Series provides a wealth of personalized customization solutions, allowing users to express their individuality to the extreme. The new car offers 12 kinds of exterior personalized custom painting including 5 new colors, personalized custom wheels, 6 kinds of personalized interior, 3 kinds of personalized wood decoration and 3 kinds of interior canopy. In addition, customers can fully customize the vehicle according to their own preferences. For example, customize any body color, or customize exclusive embroidery or badges on the headrests, center console, etc., and engrave personalized Chinese and English texts on the rear chrome trim strip, welcome pedal and rear sunshade , to achieve true uniqueness, and make each fully customized BMW 7 Series a moving artwork that incorporates the owner’s unique personality and unique taste.

The new BMW 7 Series integrates 10 innovative product highlights, drives above brilliance, and integrates brand leadership, innovation, luxury and technology, making it the first choice for visionary leaders.

The new BMW 7 Series is about to hit the market with ten highlights showing modern luxury

42 years of continuous innovation have endowed the BMW 7 Series with continuous product vitality. As a flagship model, the BMW 7 Series is of great significance to the BMW Group and the BMW brand. The innovative strength and enterprising spirit of the BMW Group represented by the BMW 7 Series has not only created countless brilliant achievements in history, but will also help the Group achieve sustainable development and success in the future. As the core product of BMW’s array of large luxury vehicles, the new BMW 7 Series integrates brand leadership, innovation, luxury and technology, and will open up an unprecedented “luxury new realm”.