【RV Show】Looking for the Blue Sea in the Red Sea

According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 300 domestic companies involved in RV manufacturing. Although most of them are not well-known, the market competition has become fierce. The RV industry is also gradually changing from a “blue ocean” to a “red ocean”. Facing the continuous emergence of new brands and new companies, how can the original RV companies break through themselves and achieve sustainable development?

Regarding the development of RV companies, I believe that the management of each company has its own plans. But in general, it is to increase the market share and the profit rate of the RV. All the work is carried out around these two points. Market share requires word-of-mouth and market promotion of the product. Let’s not talk about it here, and the measures to increase the profit margin of RVs are nothing more than increasing the price, reducing costs, and developing new products.

It is obviously not easy to increase the selling price and reduce the cost, so the development of new products has become a good way for enterprises to increase the profit margin of products. And RV manufacturers are indeed doing this. Every RV exhibition can see a variety of new RVs unveiled. However, a large part of these new RVs are minor facelifts or plagiarized works, which are hard to catch people’s eyes.

【RV Show】Looking for the Blue Sea in the Red Sea

new try

Of course, some companies try to launch new product types in order to break through themselves, and such products are often the first to get the attention of the industry. Xinxing RV launched the Xinxing Beidou off-road RV Y600 at the exhibition. Can it be used as a symbol of Xinxing RV stepping into the “blue ocean” of off-road RVs?

【RV Show】Looking for the Blue Sea in the Red Sea

This Xinxing Beidou off-road RV Y600 completely subverts the image of Xinxing RV, which is mainly a C-type RV with a stable appearance, giving people a new image of toughness and toughness. The RV is refitted on the basis of Iveco Daily 4×4. In order to ensure that the C driver’s license can be driven, the body size is controlled at 5995 mm. The appearance has a strong heavy metal style, with sharp edges and corners, exposed rivets and desert-style painting, giving people a hard-core feeling.

In terms of performance, approach angle of 49°, departure angle of 32° and longitudinal pass angle of 155°, plus DTC (drag torque control), hill control mode, body attitude compensation control, HFC (brake heat fading compensation function) , ALC (Active Load Control), TSM (Trailer Swing Mitigation Control), etc., have significantly improved driving safety compared with ordinary RVs. The differential lock makes the off-road performance of the RV not weak. In terms of power, the 3.0T diesel engine is paired with a 6-speed manual transmission, which can burst out a power of up to 170 horsepower and a torque of 400N.m (1400-3000 rpm).

In terms of interior decoration, the front booth sofa, which is more common in RVs, the bathroom and kitchen on both sides of the middle part, and the design of the main bed at the rear are adopted. The warm and elegant wood-grained panels and light-colored sofas in the car are in stark contrast to the wildness of the car body. Due to limited space, the card seat sofa is a single row of seats, and there is a separate seat next to the door, but it is not equipped with a seat belt, so it cannot be used during driving. The kitchen and toilet are quite satisfactory, but the bed at the rear is larger than the average RV.

As an off-road RV, the ability to carry supplies means survivability. The Nova Beidou off-road RV Y600 has a fuel tank volume of 150L, ​​a clean water tank capacity of 200L, and domestic electricity consumption of 510AH (800AH is optional). It seems that due to the limited size, although the supplies carried are more than usual RVs, they are still slightly less than large off-road RVs.

【RV Show】Looking for the Blue Sea in the Red Sea

There are deficiencies

The overall feeling of this off-road RV is still very good. There are many people consulting on site, but there are still some shortcomings. First of all, due to the off-road chassis, the body height has reached 3200mm, which makes the RV look mighty and domineering, but it also raises the center of gravity a lot. In addition, because it is a new vehicle, there are still some flaws in the design, such as the rear tires are very handsome, but it is very difficult to replace them. As a first prototype, the Y600 can be a bit rough. However, the flaws do not conceal the merits. This RV is gratifying both in terms of design ideas and market reflections.

【RV Show】Looking for the Blue Sea in the Red Sea

Layout first

Xinxing Company can consider properly tilting the company’s resources to off-road RVs. After all, under the premise of fierce competition in the C-type RV and B-type RV markets, it is very necessary to plan ahead and practice its own “killer”. This is conducive to increasing the overall competitiveness of the company, and also increases the accumulation of technology to a certain extent. At the same time, it should also be understood that the off-road RV

The threshold for refitting is much higher than that for RV refitting, because there is a large gap in the use environment, so you need to be cautious in design and production. Most of the places where off-road RVs haunt are places with bad road conditions or even no roads. At this time, the driver’s skills are of course important, and there are extremely high requirements for the performance of the vehicle. Because in many off-road routes, off-road vehicles often overturn, not to mention off-road RVs with “pots and pans”. If the RV business plans to involve the field of off-road RVs, it is necessary to understand the user needs of off-road RVs. Don’t rush for success, do a good job of market research, scientifically and systematically target user needs and make reasonable plans for the market on the basis of valid data. This approach may be more secure for RV brands that have just entered the off-road field some.


In recent years, as people’s enthusiasm for traveling continues to rise, scenic spots and scenic spots in various regions are overcrowded during holidays, so many tourists start to travel by car, and RV travel is also very popular. At the same time, more people are willing to go to the desert, into the wilderness, explore no-man’s land, and truly use the RV as the only carrier of life during the journey. When walking on these non-paved roads, off-road RV can play its biggest role, and how much profit space can be dug out in this new blue ocean of off-road RV may require the joint efforts of all practitioners in the industry .