【RV Show】Sales are just the beginning

A RV with a price of 8 million yuan is destined to be a niche model from its “birth”. How can this niche model break through itself and achieve sustainable development?

【RV Show】Sales are just the beginning

Off-road RV is a very special category in RV classification. Its classification is not based on the size of the model, but on its function – off-road. The areas that cannot be reached by conventional RVs such as deserts, Gobi, snow, and plateaus are all within its range of activities. Such a harsh environment is an extreme test for the performance of RVs. Undertaking such a task requires extremely high adaptability and stability of the RV, and the price of this requirement is the increase in cost.

The increase in cost will inevitably lead to an increase in the selling price. When the pursuit of perfection, the price can reach 8 million yuan or even higher. With such an expensive price, how can off-road RV companies avoid the embarrassment of “not opening for three years, but opening for three years”?

To achieve sustainable development, sustainable sales are needed to support profitability. How to let a steady stream of customers recognize your products? First of all, there must be excellent products, so let’s start with the products.

armadillo in armor

The Armadillo is named after an animal: the armadillo. Armadillos are extremely adaptable and can be found in forests, grasslands and deserts. The Armadillo Conqueror RV is an off-road RV armed to the teeth like an armadillo.

【RV Show】Sales are just the beginning

The chassis of the Conqueror RV is an 8×8 off-road truck TGA chassis produced by the world-renowned heavy truck manufacturer MAN. Such a sturdy configuration can be called an exaggeration in a RV. MAN’s genes bring strong off-road capability, allowing the Armediro Conqueror RV to walk on the desert and Gobi. The diesel engine combined with the 12-speed automatic manual transmission can burst out 540 horsepower and 2500NM torque, full-time 8-wheel drive with 4 inter-wheel locks, 3 inter-axle locks and cruise control make driving easier.

【RV Show】Sales are just the beginning

The exaggerated size of the RV is 10850×2540×3810 mm, coupled with the weight of 21 tons, the Conqueror RV has obvious weaknesses in cornering and climbing, especially when the road surface is soft, it is easy to fall into it. Of course, the oversized body also allows it to easily span a gully with a width of about 1.2 meters. In appearance, the cockpit shape of the MAN truck is retained, and the compartment is a box with sharp edges and corners similar to a container. The blue-gray body color and mechanical structure give the RV a strong industrial style. The front and rear winches add a lot of points to the functionality of the RV, and the traction mechanism at the rear can move a small trailer or yacht.

not luxurious interior

The huge steering wheel and rows of buttons in the cockpit have basically maintained the style of the original car, and the seats have been refitted with adjustable air seats. There is a 70×200 cm space at the back of the seat for sleeping.

Entering the interior of the carriage through the steps does not have the luxury and style as imagined, but is very ordinary, but the details reveal that it is different. For example, a lot of solid wood furniture is used in the Conqueror RV and wrapped in a brushed metal appearance, and the floor is also made of vegetable oil polished teak floor, which is completely different from the light board used in the RV.

【RV Show】Sales are just the beginning

The interior layout of the RV compartment is a circular sofa in the front, a kitchen and bathroom on both sides of the middle, and a double bed in the rear. In the circular sofa area, the electric lift table can be lowered at night to form a double bed with the sofa to increase the accommodation space in the car. Above the door is the RV power control assembly, and the orderly arranged control buttons allow players to easily control the conditions inside and outside the car. The kitchen is composed of an induction cooker, a micro-electric oven, a multi-functional basin, a range hood, a refrigerator, etc., and it looks quite satisfactory. The 2000×1500 cm bed at the end also has a separate isolation door, which can separate the bedroom separately when resting.

【RV Show】Sales are just the beginning

In terms of life, the 605AH24V lithium iron phosphate battery pack, 5 kW ultra-quiet water-cooled diesel generator, and 8 kVA inverter charging machine can support several days in the field under the automatic intelligent power management system. The 950 liter stainless steel clean water tank plus the 40 liter water heater provides nearly 1000 liters of clean water storage for the motorhome.

Sustained Catalyst

After getting to know this RV, you will find that the quality of the product is still worthy of its high price. It is obviously not enough to rely on products alone to maintain a high purchase rate. Personalized customization and clubs can play a very good catalyst effect.

As a high-end niche product, personalized customization is an important way to increase the turnover rate. The interior of the caravan can be customized from the decoration to the layout. Because there is no need to consider the weight of the body too much, there are more choices when customizing.

After the RV is sold, the user automatically joins the RV club of the brand. Interestingly, the club is dominated by users themselves rather than manufacturers. Users organize various cross-country and crossing activities by themselves, and manufacturers act as staff and support. According to the staff of Amodillo, the manufacturer did play a leading role at the beginning, but as time went by, the manufacturer gradually retreated behind the scenes.

【RV Show】Sales are just the beginning

Like a top, the RV club only needs an initial velocity and then spins on its own. And as more and more players join in, there will be more and more activities, and the exposure rate and usage rate will also increase. As a niche product, word-of-mouth is the best publicity model, and it forms an infectious spread through the exposure of the player circle. Let the players’ friends know more about their products, experience them during club activities, stimulate the desire to buy, and finally make a deal. Obviously, sales are just the beginning, and after-sales service, after-sales and other follow-up services are the real power source for the sustainable sales development of the location factory.

Replicable recipe for success

RV products have always paid more attention to less purchases, but the after-sales practice of Amodillo RVs has brought a lot of orders. This word-of-mouth communication and marketing method is exactly what all RV companies need. Although the domestic RV industry has developed for more than ten years, it is still in its infancy, and this stage will exist for a long time. The importance of relying on word of mouth in the circle of friends is self-evident. As long as the quality is strictly controlled before sales, and customer maintenance and tracking after sales are treated as equally important as sales, Amodiro RV Your success is a recipe that can be replicated. Although the secret is simple, it puts forward higher requirements on the team execution and teamwork ability of RV companies. For RV companies, putting the work after sales is also the cornerstone of the healthy development of the company.