10 must-have Jeep SUV custom trailers for camping

In the past period of time, I have introduced some camping trailers for you. Most of the trailers like Ford are specially adapted to the rugged mountain trails, which are relatively limited. But the most suitable is often the best, so today I will introduce 10 camping trailers tailored for Jeep.

10 must-have Jeep SUV custom trailers for camping

Big Woody Campers

This camping trailer is not like others that can be purchased directly under the guidance of the shopping guide. Big Woody Campers cannot buy it! But you can build one yourself, which is one of the highlights of their company. There may be customers who are worried about their abilities, and they say they don’t care about it at all. The company will provide a 153-page instruction manual, with very detailed instructions and pictures on what to do in each step and what tools will be used, and the advantage of this is that customers can also use their imagination in the production process Add your own elements. They also said that if customers have special needs, they can still produce a version of the 4X8 multi-purpose trailer, which is completely different for customers.

There is a fairly detailed list in the plan they provide, such as materials including the size and quantity of plywood, fir, insulating fiberboard, solid glue, silicone resin, and hardware accessories such as bolts and hinges that need to be used. And they have gone through a lot of experiments in the early stage, proving that their design meets the requirements of the daily camping environment. All we need to do is follow the instructions and illustrations to install step by step. Of course, we can also install additional accessories in the allowed positions. They have taken this problem into consideration when designing the structure, and the strength has also been checked.

10 must-have Jeep SUV custom trailers for camping


HEO trailers are completely made of 6061 aluminum alloy materials and welded with argon gas as shielding gas. Their main customers are those who will continue to extend their adventure roads and are truly full of off-road spirits. The trailers of the HEO T series are square and square, and are made of aluminum alloy composite material ACM. In addition, the extensive use of welding and aluminum alloy stud bolts makes the interior space of this trailer very large, especially suitable for customers who camp for a long time. The HEO T series trailer only weighs 340kg, so there is no pressure on the Jeep at all. There is also a CVT Mt constant voltage transformer on the trailer to ensure the safety of various electrical equipment. In addition, they also presented a special tent for camping.

The HEO T series is equipped with 30-inch large tires, and the official claims that the maximum net load can reach 1500kg, and the ground clearance is 16 inches. In addition to the trailer, they also have some optional accessories: cuboid aluminum alloy storage box, simple oil drum, propane gas tank, kayak, solar panels, Timbren off-road special suspension kit.

10 must-have Jeep SUV custom trailers for camping


This “Green Forest Hero” is also equipped with Timbren off-road special suspension, with a maximum load capacity of 1000kg. And the exterior of this trailer adopts powder coating technology, which feels very good to the touch. His tailgate is in the form of a pull-down, and LED lights, car jacks, etc. are all standard configurations. The rims are 15 inches while the tires are 31 inches.

In addition to the standard equipment mentioned above, there are a few options available, including a 5-gallon fuel tank and water tank, electronic brakes or brakes by wire, and multi-axis couplings. In addition, insulated tents, mattresses for camping, vapor barrier partitions for boats, and more can also be ordered. The entire trailer adopts electroplating technology to make the whole body very textured and visual.

10 must-have Jeep SUV custom trailers for camping


This Smittybilt featured trailer also has a matte finish, leaf spring suspension, electronic trailer brakes and a payload capacity of around 1000kg. The three-catch hitch can ensure the reliability of the connection between the trailer and the Jeep. In addition, there is an adjustable luggage rack system, which can effectively adjust the position of the outdoor tent. This is definitely an artifact.

In addition, the large space allows the interior of this trailer to be divided into several small partitions, and the 15-gallon water storage tanks on both sides can also meet daily needs. The battery pack and other electronic components are installed on the front of the trailer. 31-inch tires with 5X5 bolts are the standard configuration of the original factory, but the largest tire size is 37 inches for customers to choose.

10 must-have Jeep SUV custom trailers for camping


Teardrops trailers are basically welded square tubes and come stock with off-road-specific springs and adjustable Rancho RS9000XL shocks. For the trailer’s exterior, birch stiffeners in the form of ribs are used to strengthen the body for off-road performance. In addition, the factory-built high-density foam mattress can fully guarantee the comfort of camping in the wild.

The factory standard configuration includes AM/FM/CD, internal lighting, two 12V power outputs, charger, battery, small partition, hanger and so on. The kitchen has its own stove, and it can be easily retracted like a drawer, which also greatly saves space. In addition, the company also provides as many as 50 additional accessories, so that customers can modify it at will according to their hobbies.

10 must-have Jeep SUV custom trailers for camping


The SylvanSport Trailer has to be one of the most uniquely styled ones we’ve seen, with a Swiss Army Knife feel to it. It can provide up to 6 beds. And the trailer itself can also achieve three purposes: travel, transportation, and camping. The components of this car are also mostly aviation aluminum, welded by argon protection, and can carry 800kg of cargo at will, and mountain bikes, canoes, kayaks or even all-terrain vehicles can be placed on the roof rack at will.

The trailer has 13 inches of ground clearance and features aluminum alloy rims and self-lubricating bearings. Waterproof but still breathable tents with insulating rubber mattresses can accommodate at least four people. And considering the strong wind outdoors, the four corners of the tent are fixed with screwdrivers.

10 must-have Jeep SUV custom trailers for camping


The Teardrop trailer has been popular in the market for a long time with his styling, and now it is reproduced on a large scale. The 15-inch ground clearance can basically adapt to most terrains, and the chassis uses the same strong and durable suspension configuration as the ORE Extreme. Other optional accessories include round or square fenders, Yeti coolers, different kinds of mattresses, Yakima bike racks, sunshades, and tents. Heater and 15 watts of solar are also included.

The trailer comes standard with a storage platform, aluminum roof, maple laminate panels, two doors, and two side windows. LED marker lights, insulated ceiling, 12V power outlet.

10 must-have Jeep SUV custom trailers for camping

TOExtreme Off Road

This trailer from TO Extreme OffRoad looks simple and low-key, but it is a very durable one that can accompany your Jeep wherever you want. Even simple, but still comes with a lot of extras. Removable rear doors, durable fenders, handbrakes, adjustable trailer hitches, and LED lighting and reflectors. In addition, the body paint is also matte, which is very visual.

The TO Extreme Off Road trailer also uses Timbren independent suspension, with a self-weight of only 700kg. Optional accessories include 37-inch tires, different colors of the body, trailer brakes and outdoor tents. In addition, canoes and kayaks are also available.

10 must-have Jeep SUV custom trailers for camping


This trailer is also made of aluminum alloy and is integrally processed by laser cutting and CNC. This also makes the trailer easier to disassemble and assemble easily. Turtleback uses 31-inch tires and 17-inch ground clearance, and the maximum net load can reach 1200kg. The addition of 3 storage boxes doubles the overall space.

In addition, its factory supporting facilities are also very powerful. The full set of kitchen is assembled by layer partitions, stainless steel stove, stainless steel sink is also more homely. In addition, the 6-gallon water tank can be heated in a short time by high-efficiency heating equipment, saving time. The most noteworthy thing is that he also provides an additional 42 gallon water tank for outdoor water and showers, which is a benefit that ordinary trailers cannot enjoy. The luggage rack on the upper part of the trailer can carry most items and outdoor tents. In addition, other electronic equipment, storage equipment, spare tires, folding tents, folding tables and chairs are all additional products provided.

10 must-have Jeep SUV custom trailers for camping


The XVENTURE trailer is a civilian version made by the Schutt factory, but it is equipped with military wireless communication equipment, and the entire chassis frame is made of aviation aluminum. The trailer has a total weight of 1600kg and is equipped with an electronic brake system. The top of the trailer is equipped with two different styles of awning and canopy.

The trailer is equipped with 6 independent control power supplies, and there is a fixed cabinet and refrigerator in the front, as well as two 5-gallon simple fuel tanks and common tool boxes, which are very considerate. In addition, multi-axis hitch, handbrake and removable tailgate doors are also standard equipment. Optional equipment includes outdoor kitchen and sanitary ware, 22-gallon water supply equipment and instant water heaters. French military outdoor tents are also a good choice.