100,000 yuan to enjoy the smart travel experience, Kia K3 hot “SALE”

In the “smart +” era, technology configuration has become a hard indicator for many people to consider when choosing a car. High intelligence has “high magnetism” but it also means high effort. How to achieve smart travel with limited budget? The Kia K3, which starts at 100,000, stands out among its peers with its leading technology, and is specially for you who pursue freedom and convenience.

Among the mainstream joint-venture compact cars of around 100,000, Kia K3 is the only model that is equipped with smart key/one-button start, smart interconnection, full LED headlights, electronic handbrake, automatic parking and other advanced technological configurations. With its hard-core technological strength, Kia K3 has won the hearts of many users, and it is a hot “SALE”.

Coincidentally, the leading technology configuration of Kia K3 can also be summarized as “SALE”.

“S”: smart key/one-button start to enjoy a leisurely life

How to resolve such an embarrassing situation when you walk to the car in the rain and find it hard to find the car keys in your backpack, or return from shopping with a full load of goods, but you can’t find the keys when you fumble around with one hand?

Kia K3 solves it for you. It comes standard with Smart Key keyless entry and Button Start one-key start function. When approaching the vehicle, Kia K3 can be intelligently sensed, and the vehicle can be unlocked by touching the keyless entry button on the door handle, which is convenient and quick. It is worth mentioning that the front doors on both sides of the Kia K3 are equipped with keyless sensor buttons to further enhance the convenient experience.

100,000 yuan to enjoy the smart travel experience, Kia K3 hot

In addition, the car owner can easily start the car by simply touching the Start-Stop button after getting in the car. The seamless cooperation of keyless entry and one-button start not only creates a smooth operation experience for consumers, but also creates an atmosphere of exclusive travel.

“A”: Large-size touch screen & intelligent interconnection to create immersive entertainment and comfortable cockpit

Bored on a long road? Driving a Kia K3 does not exist, and being in the car is like entering an exclusive immersive entertainment space.

Kia K3 is equipped with a class-leading 10.25-inch AVC floating touch display, and is equipped with Baidu Intelligent Interconnection System 2.0 jointly developed by Kia and Baidu. Just move your mouth, and all kinds of music and online entertainment programs you like will follow. Traveling with Kia K3 will never be boring at any moment!

This is because Kia K3’s intelligent network connection system uses intelligent entertainment and service technology as the engine to realize streaming media services, voice control, intelligent navigation and other functions. At the same time, relying on intelligent AI technology, Kia K3 not only breaks the boundary between car and mobile phone, but also realizes uninterrupted enjoyment of online entertainment such as QQ Music and Koala FM.

100,000 yuan to enjoy the smart travel experience, Kia K3 hot

Not only that, Kia K3 also expands the human-vehicle dialogue scene from the car to the home. Through the intelligent connection with Baidu speakers, the vehicle remote control terminal has realized the transformation from smart phones to smart speakers. In the hot summer, you can use the smart speaker to start the vehicle in advance before going out, set the appropriate air-conditioning temperature, and truly realize the “home-car interconnection”, allowing you to step into the coolness when you get in the car.

“L”: Full LED headlights considerately and safely illuminate the dark

Overtime work, parties or self-driving trips often involve driving at night. At this time, the brightness of the headlights is tested. Especially on high-speed roads or roads without street lights, the impact of lights on safety is more obvious.

At present, there are three main types of car headlights on the market: halogen, xenon, and LED. Among the three kinds of headlights, LED headlights are the safest. Compared with the other two light sources, full LED headlights have the advantages of higher brightness, longer irradiation distance, longer service life and lower energy consumption.

100,000 yuan to enjoy the smart travel experience, Kia K3 hot

Kia K3 is equipped with full LED headlights as standard, illuminating the road ahead for you in the dark, minimizing potential safety hazards, protecting yourself and others, and making driving safer.

“E”: Electronic handbrake, automatic parking, liberate yourself and enjoy time

When traveling in the city, congestion is inevitable, but Kia K3 can let you liberate yourself on the congested road, and let you feel happy instead of anxious time. It is equipped with EPB electronic handbrake and Auto Hold automatic parking function as standard, which is not only elegant in appearance but also considers convenience improvement.

100,000 yuan to enjoy the smart travel experience, Kia K3 hot

On a congested road or at a red light, the driver only needs to stop the vehicle completely, and the Auto Hold electronic parking system will start. At this time, the driver can release the brake pedal and completely free his right foot without worrying about the vehicle sliding. When moving forward again, you only need to lightly step on the accelerator, and the brake will be released automatically, which effectively improves driving convenience.

With innovative interconnection and leapfrog technology configuration, Kia K3 provides exquisite travel experience for the trendy group born to be free, and will win the recognition of more and more users. Use “SALE” to realize HOT SALE!