“520” comes from the confession of Huanta people: because of love, it is worth it

Zhihuanta: My youth is all about you

Today is “520”, a festival for expressing love.

Choosing to officially start the race on the day of the “520” confession gave the riders who have always shown themselves as “tough guys” a little more tenderness.

Someone said: “If you love someone, bring him to the ring tower.”

So, how attractive is the ring tower, which makes people love it to the bone?

Looking at the “520” confession day, the people from Huanta said:


“520” Confessions from Huanta People (1)


As you walk, you become old.

But some stories are always unforgettable.

How easy is it to destroy a middle-aged man?

Just talk to him about your dreams.

Fortunately, the 2019 Ring of Towers Rally finally won.

Twelve years ago, the green onions were still there and the sky was blue. Two stunned youths, foolishly, righteously signed the life-and-death certificate, with no back-up and no guarantee, driving a car, wearing stars and wearing stars, non-stop driving on the ancient Silk Road in the Western Regions. Then, carrying the heavy luggage, naan bread around the neck, carrying the front bumper and tools to find the hotel. Wearing a big padded jacket and kicking big leather shoes, he rushed to the position of the ring tower shouting. This is the ring tower people.

It is said that the Huanta is a carving knife. 12 years have passed, and the youthful young man has now become a half-century old man, and the little fresh meat has also become an uncle…

Fortunately, the heart that loves the ring tower has not changed.

As an old ring tower who has insisted on participating for 12 years, I only hope that the spirit of ring tower will continue to be inherited and carried forward. Up, always up!

——Wang Jiang, Lincoln Racing Team, Luzhou Ring Tower, China·Wine City


“520” comes from the confession of people around the tower (2)

There is one event that makes it hard to let go.

There is a kind of nostalgia, it is called once.

There is a melody that sings at the top of its voice.

In his center people call it “Rally of the Tower”.

Some people say that the ring tower race makes people become obsessed,

Come and rank, I will teach you how to call a racing car.

Who left the impression of the ring tower in the desert next door?

Come sing with me a song of our people around the tower.

Inside the camp of the Huanta people are the motorcycles of the Huanta people.

No matter where the Huanta people go, they can’t help but talk about racing.

The barracks of the convoy around the tower are connected one by one.

In the hearts of the people around the tower, this is the song of the people around the tower.

3000-year-old Populus euphratica, now you can touch it casually.

The food in Xinjiang is enough to make you a foodie,

At your feet, once were seas and lakes,

Taklamakan is the most low-key one.

The daughter of the Huanta people likes to talk straight when they have something to say,

Just like the free and easy going forward of this racing motorcycle.

Let me tell you, don’t dare to talk nonsense when talking to girls,

It’s hard to say bad things but be careful.

There is too much to tell about the story of the Tower Tournament.

The history of the ring tower competition will not be difficult to figure out.

Watching the sunset, I sat in the camp and waited for the bus.

In the hearts of the people around the tower, this is the song of the people around the tower.

——Bayi Iron and Steel Great Wall Lubricating Oil Team Zhihuan Tower



“520” comes from the confession of people around the tower (3)

looking forward to waiting

After another year, you are finally here——2019 Ring Tower

There is a kind of love called love without origin

And with deep love, ring tower

Enlightenment and meaning to life for every experiencer

Already over the top, love, no reason

Pursue dreams without fear of so-called difficulties and setbacks

Grasp every journey of chasing dreams

Seriously experience every touch

Adhere to the ring tower for the twelfth year

Ring Tower has already been engraved into life, here we come again!

——Luzhou Ring Tower Lincoln Racing Team


“520” comes from the confession of people around the tower (4)

ring tower

Run the worst road, feel the wildest scenery

It is this ultimate experience of walking between heaven and hell,

It’s addictive!

——Ying Jianping of Liban Team


“520” comes from the confession of people around the tower (5)

I can’t leave you, I can’t abandon you, so it’s over.

——Ma Lei, Zhengzhou Nissan Navara Racing Team


“520” comes from the confession of people around the tower (6)

How do you test your love for something?

There is only one answer – time.

And all the persistence in the world is because of love.

Crazy because of love.

Because of love, it is worth it.

Dedicated because of love.

Persist because of love.

Because of love, so stubborn.

Because I love “you”, so guard.

Because of our love, we will eventually meet at the ring tower.

Because of love, gallop for life!

——Volunteer of 2019 Ring Tower News Center

On the “520” confession day, among the “earth-flavored love stories” from the people around the tower, which one moves you the most?

Is there anything else you would like to say to the Ring Tower? Everyone is welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

By the way, on this special day, don’t forget to express your love to the people you guard~