Analysis of the “changeable” doctrine of Australia’s Top Holiday chain camps

As the only country in the world that is surrounded by the sea and covers the entire continent, Australia has many unique flora and fauna and natural landscapes of its own. With a territory of 7,617,930 square kilometers, Australia is the most economically developed country in the southern hemisphere. Its strong economic foundation has also laid the foundation for the development of the RV and camping industry. Therefore, the RV and camping industry has become a mature economic industry. When it comes to the camping industry, one has to mention the top holiday (Top Holiday) chain campgrounds that have developed in full swing in recent years. The chain camp has a history of more than 30 years, and currently has about 200 chain camps in Australia. The top holiday chain camp is also the largest chain camp brand in Australia. The top holiday chain park camp has been committed to creating some camping parks with beautiful environment and complete supporting facilities for many years, so that people can enjoy free outdoor life after busy work and life, and understand and accept new lifestyles.

Analysis of the

Diversified layout

The Australian territory facing the sea on all sides has a long and narrow coastline, and most of Australia’s main scenic spots and campsites are also distributed along the coastline. The chain camps located near the sea can look at the mystery and elegance of the sea and enjoy the comfort of seaside vacation. All tourists who visit the camps under the top holiday brand will feel the same level of high-quality service and camping facilities, and there are top holiday chain camps in almost all iconic tourist destination cities in Australia.

At present, according to statistics, there are nearly 200 top holiday chain camp parks embedded in the territory of this southern hemisphere country in Australia, and the landscape layout of each chain camp also has its own characteristics. New South Wales is the state with the most dense distribution of top holiday chain camps, especially in the southeastern region, where there are a total of 44 top holiday chain camps. Due to economic, natural, population and other factors, it has become the most densely distributed chain camps At the same time, it is also the area with the most developed RV and camping culture; Western Australia, the westernmost state of Australia, has 26 top holiday chain camps; Queensland, the “Sunshine State” in northern Australia, has 49 top holiday chain camps; South Australia, which is adjacent to the Great Australian Bight, has 39 top holiday chain camps; Northern Territory has a total of 4 top holiday chain camps; Victoria has 28 top holiday chain camps.

Analysis of the

As a sunrise industry, the camping industry has developed extremely rapidly in Australia, a land of diverse cultures, without the shackles of traditional baggage. Demand is about to bring about changes. Against the background of the Australian camping crowd getting younger, the accommodation model, service scope and supporting facilities of camps are also evolving in a more advanced direction.

Welfare experience

No industry is a single entity, and neither is the campground industry. The top holiday chain camps cooperate with a number of RV and automobile brands to provide members with high-quality and considerate member services. For example, with the purchase of any Jayco RV, you get a 12-month membership to the top holiday chain. The American Jayco trailer-type caravan is the most famous caravan brand in Australia. Jayco has more than 1,000 employees in Australia. Therefore, the strong cooperation with the top Holiday Inn provides double benefits for camping and RV enthusiasts; the top Holiday Inn also An important partner of Mitsubishi Motors in Australia, in Australia, if you buy any new or second-hand Mitsubishi car, you will receive a voucher worth 500 Australian dollars for a top holiday chain camp. Customers who buy a Mitsubishi car for the first time will also receive Get an additional 12-month membership benefit. Of course, the top holiday chain camps will also cooperate with many RV companies in Australia. When tourists rent a RV from the cooperative RV company, they will enjoy a 10% discount when camping at any chain camp, with a maximum discount of 40 Australian dollars.

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Global vision

With the rise of the Internet and the accelerated pace of globalization, all walks of life are absorbing, digesting, and adapting to the changes in the process of industry development, and the Australian camp industry is also facing the impact of changes. As the leader of chain camps in Australia, the top holiday chain camps are also constantly adjusting their market strategies, actively conducting market research, and striving to provide franchisees with the best profitable solutions. According to relevant statistics, in 2016, the total number of domestic and foreign tourists in Australia who experienced RV camping accommodation was about 3 million. The total revenue generated by caravan camping accommodation is about 2 billion Australian dollars.

The market business environment cannot remain unchanged forever. Survival of the fittest is a timeless law of survival in any industry. Fortunately, the operators of Australia’s top holiday chain camps have long been familiar with this golden rule, and are constantly seeking new and advanced development models. It has been more than 30 years since the establishment of the brand, and the number of profitable projects and service facilities in the camp has gradually increased. The campsite brand continues to lead the Australian campground market.

Analysis of the

After gaining insight into the development trend and pace of the RV and camping industry, actively responding to the new situation of the camping and travel industry from the standpoint of a “changemaker” may be the best way for practitioners in camping and related industries to break through the situation.