Benefits for the Year of the Pig-Talk about the “pit” in off-road modification (1)

As a player who has been pitted by off-road modification for many years, and at the same time a practitioner in the modification industry, the posts in the past few years have been sharing my own modification process and modification experience, including the differences of various modified products in various usage environments. Performance, but it may be because I have been playing for a long time, have more opportunities to get in touch with racing cars and rallying, and the convenience of being in the industry, so many modifications are far from the needs of the “public”. If it doesn’t sound good, it’s insane.

Although my whole vehicle modification plan may be bluffing, it is basically of no reference value to most car owners. After thinking about it again and again, taking advantage of the new year of the pig, I want to tell you what modification is and why it is necessary. And the most important point – how to avoid being pitted during the modification process.

There are many pitfalls that I have fallen into, and there are also many “strange situations” that I have witnessed in the industry in the past two years. I would like to share with you some more down-to-earth and valuable experiences and lessons.

First of all, let me talk about a few basic principles that are common throughout the universe:

1. Saving money for the sake of saving money must cost money in the end, and one step is the most economical;

2. There is no best product, only the most suitable product;

3. It takes time to save money, and money to save time.

Let’s break it down briefly. The first and second items can be combined to say that cheap things must be cheap for a reason. There is no pie in the sky, and there is a high probability that either bird droppings or hail will fall. Good quality and low price are in the economy Learning itself is a paradox. If a merchant always provides you with high-quality and cheap products, then congratulations, you must have encountered a liar.

For any product, the expensive one is not necessarily the best (at least not necessarily the most suitable for you), but the cheapest one must be rubbish. In today’s commodity society, there is no profit-making industry, especially the manufacturing industry. The costs are transparent to each other. Basically, you get what you pay for. Compared with similar products, it is extremely cheap because of the low cost of cutting corners.

Buying a product with sub-standard quality and defective design will result in inconvenience in use, and you will have to replace it in the end. Repeated consumption is the biggest waste.

To give an easy-to-understand example, you want to go home to cook, so you bought the cheapest kitchen knife for 10 yuan, but the blade rolled just after cutting a piece of meat. You have no choice but to go out and buy a new one. I spent another 30 yuan on a passable kitchen knife. When I go home, I can cut the meat and cook the rice, but in fact, what you buy directly for 50 yuan is the best kitchen knife made in Germany, which is far more expensive than 30 yuan. The kitchen knife is sharp and durable, but it feels expensive at first, so the result is that you don’t spend a lot of money, but you can’t enjoy a good product.

Of course, it is definitely wrong to only buy the expensive ones and not the right ones. The higher-end and more expensive modified products are actually more competitive. Their design is not suitable for daily use. If your use intensity is not as high as that , You can’t feel the advantages of this kind of product at all, but the defects in Nissan’s use are very obvious. In the end, after spending a lot of money, the experience of using it is very poor.

Let’s take another example. You really don’t need money to buy a scooter. Based on the principle of only buying the most expensive, you can check it online. Among the currently available models on the market, the price of the newly launched McLaren Senna is If you buy it, you will find that this car is not as comfortable as QQ for transportation. I will analyze this point in detail in the selection of specific products later.

Talking about the relationship between time and money, refitting is actually a new industry, especially for Chinese people. Cars have only been popularized for more than 20 years. The germination of off-road culture can be traced back to the late 1990s, and off-road refitting culture is even later. , The matter of off-road modification itself is very strange to Chinese people, and it does not belong to the category of general knowledge.

Based on my long-term contact, the vast majority of so-called off-road enthusiasts have basically zero understanding of off-road modification. The most intuitive example is that many people added me to WeChat after reading the post, and said to me very politely, “Your post will let me know.” I’ve read them all, and I feel really professional, but I don’t quite understand them.” What’s more frightening is that most practitioners in the modification industry have close to zero knowledge of off-road modification. Those who understand too much, fool a large group of people who don’t understand at all.

Why do you always talk about the water depth of second-hand cars, because everyone really doesn’t understand cars, why do you say the water depth of refitting, because everyone really doesn’t understand refitting, in fact, it doesn’t necessarily mean how deep the water is, when you can’t swim, there is half a meter of water May drown you.

It takes a lot of time and energy to avoid being fooled by others, to correctly locate your needs, and to quickly find the products that best meet your needs. You need to understand and master the basic knowledge and industry information. You need to use your own experience to filter invalid information and block misleading information. Simply put, if you are not an expert and you never meet a business that you found with conscience, you must have been cheated and cheated.

Benefits for the Year of the Pig-Talk about the

Benefits for the Year of the Pig-Talk about the

Benefits for the Year of the Pig-Talk about the

Benefits for the Year of the Pig-Talk about the