BMW Electric Vehicle Sound Wave Simulation Project Launched, Multi-Dimensional Exploration of Electric Vehicle Driving Fun

The rumble of a car’s internal combustion engine has become a thing of the past. In the not-too-distant future, cities will be filled with electric vehicles, which are very quiet and loved by cities. But the absence of sound can also create a silent danger when electric cars sneak past unsuspecting pedestrians. So what kind of sound should an electric car make? BMW, which has always adhered to the “people-oriented” car-building concept, hopes to solve this problem by creating sounds for electric vehicles, and create more unique driving pleasure for electric vehicles.

The BMW Group invited the world’s top composer Hans Zimmer (Hans Zimmer (pictured below on the right)) to explore the sound space together with BMW acoustic engineer and musician Renzo Vitale (pictured on the left) for the BMW Vision M NEXT Concept car creation sound. The car will make its debut today (June 25) at the BMW Group #NEXTGen Future Summit.

BMW Electric Vehicle Sound Wave Simulation Project Launched, Multi-Dimensional Exploration of Electric Vehicle Driving Fun

Hans Zimmer is a challenging and experimental music player who has captured the hearts of music fans all over the world with innovative and soul-touching music. The German composer is known around the world for his film scores, and almost every composition embodies the precise integration of sound and picture. His “sacred” work “The Lion King” won two Oscars and Golden Globe Awards for best soundtrack; in addition, from “Pearl Harbor”, “Inception”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Interstellar” From “Dunkirk” to Hollywood’s hottest original film soundtrack. If these wonderful movies have cooked a feast of plot and emotion for people, then Hans used the magic of music to make us immerse ourselves in the illusion of dreams and cannot extricate ourselves. The magnificent symphony, the relaxed rhythm, the delicate and rich musical form, and the speculation of the audience’s psychology are all his unique weapons under his golden signature.

Regarding this cooperation with BMW, Hans Zimmer said excitedly: “I am also a bimmer, a loyal ‘fan’ of BMW. When I was a child, as long as I heard the sound of a BMW car, I knew my mother was coming home It is a great honor to have the opportunity to participate in designing the sound of BMW’s future electric vehicles and inject emotion into the electric driving experience of the future.”

Hans Zimmer and Renzo Vitale synthesized the simulated sound of the powertrain for the BMW Vision M NEXT concept car in Hans’ studios in London and Los Angeles. Vitale said: “We envisioned a sound that not only reflects the design aesthetics and sophisticated technology of BMW models, but also makes people feel the passion of driving. In my opinion, it is both a privilege and a privilege to design the acoustic environment of future cars for people. kind of responsibility.”

“BMW Electric Vehicle Sound Wave Simulation” project launched

The quiet driving of electric vehicles is often cited as a major advantage. However, as the lineup of electrified models continues to expand, drivers are also looking for a different driving experience. To this end, the BMW Group launched the “BMW IconicSounds Electric” project to design futuristic sounds for BMW electric vehicles. “We wanted to make the ‘BMW Electric Sound Simulator’ suitable for customers who value an emotional sound, where people will experience the pure driving pleasure of BMW in all senses,” said Jens Thiemer, Head of BMW Brand Management and Marketing. The sound of the BMW Vision M NEXT concept car will be the first innovative achievement of the “BMW Electric Vehicle Sound Simulation” project.

The BMW Vision M NEXT concept car represents the emotional appeal of the driver, and its sound is no exception. When driving an electric vehicle, drivers who are familiar with the roar of the engine will clearly feel the technical changes in the power system. For some, this can lead to a lack of strong connection between the driver and the vehicle. Designing the sound of the BMW Vision M NEXT concept car aims to create harmony between the driver and his electric vehicle, which is achieved through a series of artistically inspired color light and shadow changes.

Hans Zimmer explains: “When the driver steps on the gas pedal, it is not only a mechanical contact, but also a trigger point that starts the car’s performance. The acceleration process is a wonderful way for the driver to pass through a series of gradual sound textures. Emotional experience.”

More than ten years of development experience in the field of electric vehicle sound design

In 2009, with the launch of the MINI E test car series, the acoustic engineers of the BMW Group have already started researching artificially synthesized sounds to improve the perception of silent driving in electric vehicles. Since the launch of the BMW i3, customers have been able to equip their vehicles with acoustic pedestrian protection as an option.

The sound of the acoustic pedestrian protection has since been further developed in accordance with new legal requirements and is now gradually becoming standard equipment in all plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicles of the BMW brand (acoustic pedestrian protection and operating hours are required in various countries and Regional standards vary). The purpose of BMW’s development work is to implement important warning functions without disturbing pedestrians and to protect the safety of other road participants. At the same time, users can still enjoy a high level of acoustic comfort while driving.

Continuously Leading BMW New Energy Vehicle Ecosystem

The BMW Group continues to plan for future mobility, with a view to providing updated electric drive products to more customers at the beginning of the next decade. Currently, the BMW Group is leading the development of electric mobility in the Chinese market, building a comprehensive and leading new energy vehicle ecosystem, and providing Chinese customers with a rich array of new energy products and high-quality green experience. Leading charging technology, continuously improving charging facilities and services are another example of BMW leading the field of electric mobility. In the field of public charging services, BMW has built the largest public charging network in China – the instant charging public service network. By the end of 2019, the number of charging piles will exceed 100,000.

Facing the future, BMW has clear development goals and blueprints, and will further expand the array of new energy products to meet the needs of different customers and continue to lead the wave of electric travel.