Brand-new Arrizo 5 Owner’s Story

“The inherent mission of every car is to accompany its owner and enjoy a different kind of time in a specific stage of life. In fact, cars and people have long been integrated into one.”

Brand-new Arrizo 5 Owner's Story

My name is Tang Yu. I am born in the 90s. I am a technician of the high-speed rail company. My home is next to the high-speed rail station. People”, I can be regarded as “a person who chases the high-speed rail”. It is said that vision determines the world, the world is so big, it must be very exciting. Many times I have an impulse in my heart, wanting to take a high-speed train and go out for a walk. Now I like to drive my Xiaoai, chase the high-speed rail, and find the feeling of freedom.

The feelings that run through the years of growing up

After going to work, because the unit is a little far away from home, the commuter car gets stuck every day. After much deliberation, I decided to buy a car. Choosing a car depends on the price/performance ratio, so I choose Chery. You have to ask me why I must choose Chery? Then my answer is only two words: feelings!

At that time, the red-painted Chery Fengyun cars were first used as taxis by the municipal government. It is not an exaggeration to say that all the taxis running on the streets were replaced by Chery Fengyun overnight. Compared with the original taxis “Xiali” and “Tongbao” At that time, Chery Fengyun Automobile left me with the impression of grand appearance, large space and excellent quality. There are still some surrounding cities using the B2 version of the Passat as a taxi, which is what we call the old Poussin. Compared with the Chery Fengyun taxi in my childhood impression, it is also indistinguishable in terms of appearance and space.

When I was about to graduate from elementary school, I vaguely remembered that the first car my homeroom teacher bought was “Chery QQ”. Seeing the teacher’s bright smile when he drove home every day, told me at that moment that cars can also enter the homes of ordinary people. what;

Brand-new Arrizo 5 Owner's Story

Then came my middle school days, and I still have the postcards sent to me by my junior high school classmates. At that time, there was often an A1 Chery car parked downstairs in my house. The lively and exquisite hatchback car was very pleasing; when I was in high school, the first car my sister bought after going to work was the Chery A3. I was already a “car fan” at that time, and I thought this car with the appearance design of “Pininfarina” was so beautiful, and the red two-box sports body was dynamic and exquisite. First of all, the 100,000-level family sedan is equipped with standard “ESP” and rear wheel independent suspension. My sister’s A3 took me to travel with my family, and went back to my hometown to visit relatives and friends during the New Year and holidays. Even when I was in college, when I went home during the holidays, I often borrowed the car from my sister and strolled around with my classmates and friends. The sporty red rear of the car accompanied me through my entire student days. “I want to buy a Chery for the first car in my life”, this secret extravagant wish should have been deeply buried in my heart at that time.

Brand-new Arrizo 5 Owner's Story

The first car in life is of course Chery

But when buying a car, my parents still wanted me to consider a joint venture model. In the impression of the older generation, the quality and reputation of Japanese brands such as “Honda Accord”, “Toyota Crown” and “Nissan Duke” are what they trust benchmark. Some friends around me also persuaded me to buy a joint venture car, saying that the quality of domestically produced cars is not reliable. I’ve heard the words “unreliable” and “unsafe” a lot. That’s how foreigners commented on our high-speed rail at the beginning, and now I’m afraid they are all envious of it. As a high-speed rail worker, I know a lot about our country’s high-speed rail.

Brand-new Arrizo 5 Owner's Story

Our high-speed rail has not been developed for more than 20 years, and its starting point is far lower than that of Japan and Europe and the United States. However, by the end of 2018, our high-speed rail has operated more than 29,000 kilometers, surpassing the sum of all other countries.

The design of our high-speed rail models is also very powerful. The bullet model conforms to the principle of aerodynamics and is much more beautiful than the platypus model of the Japanese Shinkansen. In addition, the technological level of our country’s high-speed rail electric traction machine is unique in the world, which is the fundamental reason why our country’s high-speed rail is faster than Japan’s and Europe’s high-speed rail.

China’s high-speed rail is known as the representative of “China’s smart manufacturing”, but many foreigners say that high-speed rail is “China’s black technology”, which is actually because they don’t understand China.

In recent years, many industries in China have developed by leaps and bounds, such as Chery Automobile. From QQ to Cowin, from A1 to A3, from the earliest Tiggo 3 to the latest Tiggo 8, Arrizo 3 to Arrizo GX, from the earliest outsourced engine to the independent research and development of the three major parts and the independent research and development of the whole vehicle, Chery The technology of the company is becoming more and more mature, cutting-edge, with more and more models, and the market is getting bigger and bigger. It has also become a representative of “Smart Manufacturing in China”.

Chery Automobile is an independent brand. It can be said that he took the lead in breaking the control of joint venture cars and foreign brand cars on the price of domestic cars, making high-ranking cars popular, and allowing more people to afford and use cars. Chery has made an indelible contribution to the development of China’s auto industry.

So I chose the “Arrizo 5” automatic elite version to accompany my daily travels. In this price range, what I like is its dynamic and youthful appearance design, the larger rear space in the same level, the reliable and smooth powertrain of 1.5L naturally aspirated engine and CVT gearbox, and the “ESP” , thermoformed steel, main and co-driver airbags, front side airbags, and head side air curtains, the many safety configurations are enough to meet my travel needs, and it is a pragmatic and reassuring travel partner.

Brand-new Arrizo 5 Owner's Story

Furthermore, I like its appearance design, the streamline is very clean; I like its driving feeling, it performs very well at high speed, the chassis is tough; and its large space. From the beginning to the present, I have never worried about going to and from get off work every day, going out in the wind and rain, and going out to play on weekends.

Since having Xiao Ai, my world has suddenly opened up. Every time I drive my Xiaoai parallel to the high-speed rail, there will be a feeling that others cannot understand: China’s high-speed rail, China’s Chery, a steering wheel is in my hand, and a safety is in my heart.

There are poems and distant places in life

It is true that Chery Automobile, as its own brand, still has a long way to go throughout the century-long development history of automobiles. The car here is no longer just a simple means of transportation in my life. It may be more like a family member, a playmate of mine, and a big toy for a young boy. Because of owning a car, you gradually have a larger travel radius, and you have a warmer moment with your parents and friends. The growth of car culture has never been about whether you have a luxury car, but the car as a partner to accompany you. Experience every node of your growth, so as to learn humility, courtesy, down-to-earth, cherish time and loved ones.

At the end of 2018 that just passed, I made an agreement with my friends that we will go to Lhasa along National Highway 318 next year. Take your loved ones, share the happy time with your friends, and let your little feelings come to the ground.