Bridgestone Tire Tmall Flagship Store Grand Opening

On June 12, 2020, Bridgestone, a world-renowned tire and rubber company, announced its entry into Tmall — the “Bridgestone Tire Flagship Store” was officially launched. The opening of the new store will better meet the diverse needs of car owners and provide more convenient services.

With the vigorous development of the O2O business model in the Chinese market, the penetration rate of e-commerce in the automotive aftermarket has also achieved rapid growth. Coupled with the increasing number of young car owners, the opening of the Bridgestone Tmall flagship store will cater to the purchasing trends and diverse needs of young users.

At present, a variety of tire products that are popular with car owners have been put on the shelves of Bridgestone Tire Flagship Store – including the newly launched Tairan T005, which is the choice of tires for many high-end models, and Aoran, which is specially developed for high-end SUV models. 001; comfortable series Tairanzhe T001, ER300; green song companion EP300, EP150, which combines fuel-saving and environmental protection, durable wear resistance, and wet road safety; sports SUV tire power man H/P SPORT, H/L 400, and economical and durable durable Chike series, etc., a total of 51 single tire products, hoping to provide consumers with a variety of product choices.

During the opening period, the flagship store of Bridgestone Tires also launched an activity of placing orders and giving gifts. From June 16 to August 31, users who place any order in the store can get an exquisite gift customized by Bridgestone.

Bridgestone Tire Tmall Flagship Store Grand Opening

“The entry into Tmall is an important move for Bridgestone to actively embrace the trend of e-commerce and develop innovative retail in the traditional tire industry.” said Taibo Morita, general manager of Bridgestone (China) Investment Co., Ltd., “We will continue to Adhering to the corporate mission of ‘contributing to society with excellent quality’, we will continue to provide consumers with high-quality products and services, and create a sustainable mobility society.”

Since realizing localization in China in 1999, Bridgestone China’s business scale has continued to expand. With innovative technology and excellent quality, Bridgestone will continue to strive to fulfill its commitment to the local market and bring high-quality services and products to more Chinese consumers.

Bridgestone Tire Tmall Flagship Store Grand Opening

(Scan on Tmall or search for “Bridgestone Tire Flagship Store” to enter the store)