“Caravan in the North” has been on the road alone for more than ten years and traveled all over the country and North America

Over the past 20 years, I have traveled more than 500,000 kilometers by car, and I have traveled more than 100,000 kilometers in RV since 2006. The caravan traveled through all the provinces in mainland China, from Xisha in the south, Beiji Village in the north, Hongqi Lafu in the west, and the easternmost point in China in the east. I used to drive a caravan for 78 days to walk the entire length of the Red Army’s Long March Road, 58 days for a caravan to travel through the northern and southern borders of Xinjiang, and Hainan Island for 28 days. I went deep into Tibetan areas in Sichuan and Shangri-La in Yunnan. I also drove twice in the United States, along Route 66 in 23 days. The road runs through the middle of the United States from east to west, a one-month RV trip from the north to the southernmost tip.

Along the way, I will visit and feel the RV camps in various places, visit friends from all over the RV industry, and look forward to meeting with RV enthusiasts. Along the way, I will continue to share with my friends what I see and hear and the beautiful scenery on the road. I will take pictures and write while walking, and there will be a live broadcast.

I have been on the road alone in a caravan for more than ten years. Maybe this time it is still a car trip. It is acceptable to meet with a caravan friend on the road. I don’t expect to be able to travel all the way to the end, but I can walk a journey together. It’s a beauty! (four words omitted here)

The southernmost reaches the Paracel Islands, walked through the ends of the earth in Hainan, visited the northernmost Arctic Village, greeted the rising sun at the easternmost Heixiazi Island in China, and watched the sunset at the westernmost Khunjerab! Settled in the Everest Base Camp, slept in the Qaidam Basin, climbed the highest mountain with an altitude of more than 5,400 meters, walked through the snowy mountains, grasslands and swamps of the Red Army’s Long March, broke through the devil’s castle Gobi sand dunes, and walked through the alpine areas of no man’s land. It took 5 times and lasted 8 years, a total of 410 days, and completed a self-driving car tour in the United States and Canada with a journey of nearly 150,000 kilometers.

More than 60 travel magazines and newspapers have reported on him, and the total reading volume of travel notes has exceeded 30 million! He has accumulated driving experience in various road conditions and weather conditions, and has traveled more than 600,000 kilometers by car. He left hundreds of thousands of photos, a travel diary of millions of words, recorded dozens of TV programs, and hundreds of radio programs.