Caring and Accompanying Chery Service invites you to “Enjoy a Summer”


Midsummer scorching heart, rain and cloud love

While the birds are singing and the cicadas are singing, the trees are verdant

Let Chery service accompany you to travel throughout the summer

July 1-31, 2019

Chery’s summer care campaign will officially start

Just waiting for you to “fly for a summer”!

A heavy care gift: in-depth inspection, so that your car can spend the summer safely

The weather in summer is changeable. For the safety and health of your family and friends, you must conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of your car from the inside out. During the event, all Chery models can enjoy the five major systems and 34 in-depth free physical examinations, so that your car can be fully prepared for the summer.

Caring and Accompanying Chery Service invites you to

Double Huge Benefits: Spare Parts Huge Benefits, “Price” for Love

In order to ensure that the customer’s car can run smoothly in the hot summer, the first big gift from Chery Service is the huge discount on common maintenance spare parts. All Chery customers who enter the store for maintenance can enjoy a 20% discount on air-conditioning filters and refrigerants; a 10% discount on tires; and a 20% discount on working hours when replacing antifreeze.

Caring and Accompanying Chery Service invites you to

Triple cooling ceremony: Designated model maintenance, free filter replacement

In addition, during the event, if the Tiggo series and Arrizo series (vehicle age ≥ 1 year) enter the station for maintenance, the air filter element of the specified model will be replaced for free, and the working hours and materials will be free.

Caring and Accompanying Chery Service invites you to

Quadruple smooth salute: various maintenance packages, super value discounts, as low as 22% off; more abundant vehicle extended warranty products, comprehensive care for car life.

Chery customers can choose any one or more of the above four cool gifts according to the actual condition of their car, and feel the refreshing benefits brought by Chery. Chery Service will, with unremitting efforts and intentions, welcome all Chery car owners and friends to visit us.

Chery Automobile’s “Fast·Happy Experience” will bring customers a higher-quality car experience with “more convenient, more professional, and more considerate” services!