Changan Automobile will join hands with Sinopharm Group to build a “healthy car”

On May 8, Zhang Baolin, deputy general manager of China Ordnance Equipment Group and chairman of Changan Automobile, and Shi Shengyi, deputy general manager of Sinopharm Group, signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” in Beijing. Xu Ping, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Group of China Ordnance Equipment Group, Gong Yande, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Group, Liu Weidong, Deputy General Manager; Liu Jingzhen, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Sinopharm, Hu Jianwei, Deputy General Manager, Deng Jindong, Deputy General Manager and other guests attended the event.

Changan Automobile will join hands with Sinopharm Group to build a

According to the agreement, Changan Automobile and Sinopharm Group will give full play to their respective advantages, explore new cooperation models, and focus on health research and cooperation around “healthy cars”, involving healthy car product development and services, customized development and research and development of special transport vehicles for medical and biological products And certification cooperation and other aspects. Sinopharm applies advanced health technology to the automotive field. The two parties conduct in-depth research on the medical and health field of automobiles, take the lead in making efforts, and use technology as evidence to build the first line of defense for driving health and safety. This cooperation, big customer car purchase, local service, brand cooperation and other aspects.

Caring for the life and health of the public and protecting the travel safety of users

Affected by the new crown epidemic, consumers’ health awareness is constantly improving, and health products are also receiving more and more attention. Not only pharmaceutical companies have taken action one after another, conducting in-depth research on life and health, and constantly using new technologies to develop more health products; at the same time, many companies related to personal health, including automobile manufacturers, have also taken active actions and are determined to serve consumers. Provide a healthier and more secure driving environment and experience.

Changan Automobile will join hands with Sinopharm Group to build a

As the leader of Chinese brand automobiles, in the face of the challenges brought by the “new four modernizations” trend to automobile companies, with the goal of building a world-class automobile company, the “Third Entrepreneurship-Innovation and Entrepreneurship Plan” was released to provide smart travel technology companies Transformation, took active action as early as the outbreak of the epidemic, relying on its own scientific and technological research and development strength, quickly launched the “PM0.1 high-efficiency composite anti-virus filter”. Dynamic PLUS has been officially mass-produced and rolled off the production line. The vehicle’s filtration effect on particles ≥ 0.3 μm has reached 97.7%, which effectively inhibits the virus from invading the human body and greatly improves the respiratory safety in the vehicle. Starting from April 1, Changan Automobile has also switched to PM0.1 high-efficiency composite anti-virus filters for all models, fundamentally solving the user’s “air safety in the cockpit” problem. Create a “green ecological health cabin” for users, which greatly improves the breathing safety of the car interior space. For the life and health of users, Changan Automobile has never been relaxed.

Changan Automobile will join hands with Sinopharm Group to build a

As a national innovative enterprise, Sinopharm continues to maintain its leading position in the domestic pharmaceutical industry in terms of group scale, efficiency and comprehensive strength. Relying on its strong R&D capabilities, Sinopharm has continuously achieved innovative results in key and cutting-edge fields to protect the health of the people. It is reported that in the battle against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Sinopharm took the lead in successfully developing a new coronavirus nucleic acid molecular detection kit, the first batch of which passed the certification of the State Food and Drug Administration and the EU CE certification.

Changan Automobile will join hands with Sinopharm Group to build a

Guozihao joins hands to create the best healthy car

This cooperation is not only the cooperation between Changan Automobile and Sinopharm in the two major industrial fields of health care and automobile manufacturing, but also another remarkable strong alliance in China. Next, the two parties, as superior enterprises in their respective fields, will jointly create healthy cars, and explore new models of cross-border cooperation in the two major industrial fields of big health and automobiles, with the principle of “mutual benefit, mutual promotion, and common development” , reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation. At the same time, the two will jointly lead the new concept of automobile consumption, promote the in-depth integration and cross-border innovation of the two super trillion markets of automobile and big health, and redefine new business formats.

Changan Automobile has always insisted on closely linking corporate growth with social harmony, constantly pursuing a win-win situation between economic and social responsibilities, and achieving synchronous improvements in economic and social benefits. It has been practicing the public welfare concept of “Loving the World”, and actively fulfilling corporate social responsibilities around the three major areas of “science and technology education, green environmental protection, and poverty alleviation donations”. This cooperation also highlights Changan Automobile’s humanistic care for users’ health and the company’s great efforts to ensure users’ healthy travel.

In the future, the two parties will jointly shoulder the responsibilities and responsibilities of a national brand enterprise, deepen the strong alliance of Chinese brands, jointly strengthen the brand image, enhance the brand value, continue to develop and innovate, and bring more assured and safe travel products to consumers, leading the way Chinese independent brands are sailing towards a healthier future.