Chery joins hands with Anji Leasing to “finance lease” to empower new retail of automobiles

Owning a car of your own is the dream of every young person. But for many young people born in the 90s and 95s who have just entered the workplace, it seems that they have more than enough energy. Recently, Chery Automobile and Anji Leasing officially reached a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties jointly launched a new car purchase model of “financial leasing”. Young people can also easily use the car! Now, this novel approach is sparking a new wave in the auto market.

In the future, Anji Leasing will combine Chery’s latest models, including the all-new Tiggo 8, Arrizo GX, and all-new Arrizo 5, to design financial leasing products, and promote and sell them through its new retail platform and channel service personnel. The final delivery service will be carried out at Chery’s official authorized dealers or Anji Leasing’s official service outlets.

Chery joins hands with Anji Leasing to

Chery’s all-new Tiggo 8

As one of the first batch of domestic-funded pilot financial leasing companies, Anji Leasing took the lead in establishing a closed-loop domestic auto service ecosystem through the innovative model of “renting instead of purchasing”. Realize that users can drive away the vehicle in advance by paying less upfront rent. For high-quality credit users, there is also a high-quality policy that they can apply for transfer after 6 months. Compared with traditional credit channels for car purchases, the “rental purchase” model of financial leasing is becoming a new car choice for more and more young people due to its advantages such as simple procedures, fast speed, and low financial pressure.

This time, the cooperation between Chery Automobile and Anji Leasing will bring “new retail” into the automobile industry, so as to further realize the complementary advantages of online and offline channels, integration and win-win. In the future, Chery Automobile will base itself on offline channels, rely on the Internet and other channels, combine traditional physical dealer stores and new sales platforms, and integrate resources to achieve omni-channel development, thereby changing the sales pattern of single offline channels and saving online platform promotion. and logistics costs, improve the profitability of stores, and achieve the re-upgrade of automobile brands.

Chery joins hands with Anji Leasing to

Chery joins hands with Anji Leasing to

Chery Arrizo GX

From January to April this year, under the overall downward environment of the automobile market, Chery Group’s sales continued to maintain a rapid growth momentum, with a cumulative sales volume of 200,466 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 16.5%. This time, Chery Automobile and Anji Leasing jointly explored the “new retail” of automobiles, which not only expanded and innovated consumption channels, but also further boosted Chery’s sales growth in the second half of 2019.

It is worth mentioning that the cooperation between Chery Automobile and Anji Leasing has opened up a new model of automobile retail, breaking the inherent cooperation model of the industry, and is expected to realize the complementary advantages of both parties in multiple channels and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. At present, Chery Automobile is still looking for more new retail partners to work together to create the most efficient channels, the deepest network, and the most flexible products.