Chery joins hands with Yimaiche to deploy new retail and promote channel sinking

With the implementation of a new round of preferential policies for “cars going to the countryside” in 2019, the demand for automobile consumption in third-, fourth-, and fifth-tier cities and the vast rural market is increasing. In this context, recently, Chery Automobile and Yimaiche signed a contract to cooperate. The two parties will start from third-, fourth-, and fifth-tier cities, aiming at the pain point that the second-tier distributor model is scattered and cannot be replicated, and solve the “vehicle source, customer Sources, transaction scenarios” three core problems, to provide a new sales platform with high-quality services and affordable prices to consumers in third-, fourth-, and fifth-tier cities and below.

Chery joins hands with Yimaiche to deploy new retail and promote channel sinking

Yimaiche is a new retail brand for automobiles. It provides automobile transaction services for consumers, brokers and regional service providers through the establishment of offline service scenarios and the combination of online and offline. Yimaiche directly integrates high-quality car sources from OEMs and dealers, and empowers the sales process through digital online management and an original way for brokers to acquire customers. Through a humanized communication mechanism in line with local culture and a refined operation of acquaintance relationship chains, the conversion rate exceeds the industry average by 3 times. In 2018, Yimai completed the delivery of 35,000 orders, and has 80 directly-operated stores and more than 500 franchised stores in 6 provinces.

Since Yimaiche was established in 2015, under the strong link of upstream resources and efficient operation and management, compared with traditional channels, Yimaiche can provide customers with lower vehicle source prices, faster delivery cycles, and more Full range of vehicles. At the same time, through the strong control over the transaction scene, the transaction experience of consumers is highly guaranteed, and human services such as “7-day unsubscribe without reason”, “quick pick-up of the car” and “delivery of the car to the door” are gradually launched. Establish sales and service channels in cities below the third tier that can truly allow consumers to buy cars easily and with confidence.

The biggest advantage of the cooperation between Chery Automobile and Yimaiche is that it reconstructs the triangular relationship of “vehicle sources, customer sources, and transaction scenarios”, breaks the boundary between online and offline consumption scenarios, and can satisfy consumers’ instantaneous consumption needs. Timely intelligent supply. The combination of online and offline intelligence will naturally lead to an extremely rich consumption scene, which will stimulate more traffic and consumption demand.

Chery joins hands with Yimaiche to deploy new retail and promote channel sinking

Tiggo 7i

It is reported that on June 28, the first product Tiggo 7i launched by Chery Automobile New Retail was sold in ICBC, Postal Savings Bank of China, Ping An Bank, Autohome, SF Express, Yixin, Souche, Youxin, Tuanche , Peanut Good Car, Suning Auto, and Dianchedi were officially listed under the witness of 12 platforms. As the beginning of Chery’s new retail, Tiggo 7i has an official guide price of 115,800 yuan, is equipped with a 1.5T engine that meets the National VI standard, and has achieved a number of configuration upgrades. At the same time, Chery Automobile provides triple car purchase privileges for the Tiggo 7i model.

As the mainstay of Chinese auto brands, Chery Automobile has 22 years of technology accumulation and the trust of more than 7.5 million users around the world. Adhering to the vision of “Building an Excellent Brand with Ingenuity”, Chery Automobile has been targeting young consumers who have grown up in the digital environment. Transform to younger, smarter and more connected. With mature and reliable product performance, Tiggo 7 has established a good reputation for high quality and high performance in the market at the same level since its launch in 2016. This time, Tiggo 7i accurately grasped the car buying needs of young people, and provided more value-added choices for consumers who pursue quality of life. With the launch of Tiggo 7i, the pace of Chery’s product deployment is accelerating, and the market performance is worth looking forward to.

With the continuous and rapid development of my country’s economy, the consumption power of residents in third-, fourth-, and fifth-tier cities is gradually increasing. Their demand for cars is no longer limited to means of transportation. There are more abundant requirements in configuration and other aspects. As a self-owned auto brand established 22 years ago with a cumulative global sales volume of 7.5 million vehicles, Chery owns star models such as the new generation Tiggo 8, Tiggo 5x, Arrizo GX, and the new Arrizo 5. , fuel saving, quality, etc., can meet the car needs of consumers at all levels of the market.

This time, Chery Automobile and Yimaiche jointly explored the “new retail” of automobiles, which not only led the innovation and upgrading of the marketing model of the automobile industry, but also further boosted the simultaneous growth of Chery and Yimaiche’s sales in 2019.