Driven by performance, GAC Acura NEW CDX launched

On the night of June 26th, the stars are destined to be bright. At the industry’s first “10x Speed ​​Super Burning Cloud Flash” online live broadcast press conference, GAC Acura’s new cutting-edge car NEW CDX specially created for young, handsome and thirsty people shined brightly and shined brightly on the audience. The debut of the NEW CDX A-Spec sports model in China, as well as the launch of the new “Hot Flame Red” exterior color, have become the most dazzling highlights among the stars.

Driven by performance, GAC Acura NEW CDX launched

That night, the excitement didn’t stop there. “Talk Show Ghost Talent” Li Dan, “Talk Show First Sister” Wang Siwen, and “Homophone King” Wang Jianguo airborne the scene, opening the talk show with a burst of golden sentences, trend interpretation and unique style of NEW CDX, making a call for its listing .

The newly debuted NEW CDX has launched two powertrains, gasoline version and hybrid version, with a total of 8 configuration versions, fully satisfying the diversified pursuit of sports, individuality and fashion of the new generation of consumers.    

The configuration versions and market guide prices are as follows:

Driven by performance, GAC Acura NEW CDX launched

    The trust and support of consumers is the source of power for GAC Acura to move forward. Grateful for this, from now until August 31, GAC Acura will give back to users with “Four Over-burning Privileges”. Reward 1: Launch ultra-low down payment, 0 monthly payment, ultra-long-term zero-interest financial policy; Reward 2: Carry out the Honda/Acura brand dream pursuit plan, replacement subsidy of 8,000 yuan per unit; Reward 3: “Salute to the White Guards” exclusive courtesy with the highest discount 13,000 yuan/unit; Privileges 4: An additional 2-year/50,000km extended warranty package, which can be upgraded from 4 years/100,000km to 6 years/150,000km.

The CDX launched in 2016 is the first new model tailored for young Chinese consumers after the establishment of GAC Acura’s new business entity. With unique product personality and excellent performance, it has been highly recognized by the market and consumers. Over the past four years, CDX has achieved continuous accumulation of market reputation, reflecting GAC Acura’s relentless pursuit of cutting-edge technology and ultimate driving control, becoming the individual expression of the “precise and extraordinary” brand slogan in the Chinese market, and opening a wonderful prelude to the rejuvenation of GAC Acura brand .

Facing the fierce competition in the current luxury SUV market, as well as the increasingly youthful, sporty, and personalized consumer demand, NEW CDX debuts. Through the renewal and upgrade from the inside out, the rich product portfolio of the gasoline version and the hybrid version, as well as the strong launch of the NEW CDX A-Spec sports model and the new color scheme of “Hot Flame Red”, NEW CDX has once again subverted the industry Together with consumers’ imagination of high-performance luxury SUVs, GAC Acura’s brand rejuvenation strategy starts a new journey.

Thumping “burning” heart, NEW CDX A-Spec sports model for the young

Adhering to the brand positioning of Acura Premium & Sporty sports luxury, GAC Acura takes the lead in deploying the new-generation automobile market, injecting a youthful attitude into the product genes, following the unique sports aesthetics, and launching the NEW CDX A-Spec sports for the first time in the Chinese market when the CDX was changed payment.

The Acura A-Spec sports model is inspired by the Acura Precision Concept concept car and the legendary supercar NSX. It represents the most cutting-edge design concept of the Acura brand and is an excellent interpretation of Acura’s global brand slogan “Precision Crafted Performance”.

Driven by performance, GAC Acura NEW CDX launched

NEW The CDX A-Spec sports model not only perfectly inherits the family sports gene of the current CDX model’s fine diamond exterior design, but also adds Acura A-Spec’s exclusive design elements such as air intake grille, bumper, wheel hub, and car nameplate to increase the impact of the appearance Power and a sense of movement make youthfulness, sportiness and personalization an obvious characteristic at a glance.

Driven by performance, GAC Acura NEW CDX launched

In terms of interior, new interior colors of Yaoye Black and Ruidong Red are added, which are full of dynamics, fashion, and individual charm; The layout of the center console allows car owners to enjoy cutting-edge technology; the rear row continues the classic central lifting armrest design, providing a more generous and private seating space.

Driven by performance, GAC Acura NEW CDX launched

From the fashionable appearance to the exquisite interior, the NEW CDX A-Spec sports model empowers luxury with sports, refines personality with precision, leads the trend with fashion, and fully stimulates the deepest driving impulse in the hearts of young thirsty people.

Yao “burning” debut, NEW CDX “Zhi Hot Flame Red” new color matching is full of passion   

As a highlight of the listing of NEW CDX, GAC Acura has launched the first appearance color of “Zhi Hot Flame Red” in China. With the stunning and bright red luster, it releases the huge energy devoted to the heart, and “burns with performance” The NEW CDX is infused with an unruly and passionate soul.

Driven by performance, GAC Acura NEW CDX launched

The extraordinary and unique style of “Zhihot Flame Red” is not only a full expression of the artistic inspiration of designers and engineers, but also a perfect combination of superb technology and high-end craftsmanship. Its high-chroma color, high-saturation gloss, more three-dimensional texture, and multi-level changes are all derived from the unique five-layer coating structure and double-layer paint coating process.

When the light penetrates the transparent varnish and translucent plain paint on the surface, it will reflect on the lower metal coating, highlighting the saturation of the paint surface, presenting a three-dimensional effect with a strong sense of layering and transparency, as if it is beating all the time The flame is hot and agile, and can arouse the passion for driving in an instant.

The unique “middle coat” can organically combine the base paint and the color paint layer, better prevent ultraviolet rays from intruding, improve corrosion resistance and stone chip resistance, and make this vivid “Zhi Hot Flame Red” last forever. Fresh. Not only that, it can also improve the vividness and fullness of the comprehensive coating, and finally achieve a unique appearance decoration effect, making this flowing red more alive.

“Hot Flame Red” is not only the finishing touch of NEW CDX’s rejuvenation, but also a brand-new “battle robe” launched by GAC Acura for “outsiders” who are born differently. The expression of sincerity represents their dream of following their heart and controlling it to their heart’s content.

Performance makes “burning”, reshaping a new realm of sports luxury

GAC Acura is equipped with a 1.5T in-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged engine for the NEW CDX gasoline version, equipped with an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, with a maximum output power of 182ps and a maximum torque of 240 Nm. It has high performance and low fuel consumption, and the power performance is incisive and vivid. .

 The NEW CDX hybrid version is equipped with a 2.0L Atkinson cycle DOHC i-VTEC engine with a combined maximum power of 215ps. The SPORT HYBRID i-MMD dual-motor hybrid system makes high performance and low fuel consumption no longer contradictory, and creates an extraordinary Quiet space. The i-MMD system is born with the “SPORT” sports gene, redefining the hybrid technology is not only fuel-efficient, but also has strong power and rich driving pleasure, so that the NEW CDX hybrid version has power acceleration performance that cannot be compared with traditional hybrid models.

Driven by performance, GAC Acura NEW CDX launched

For GAC Acura, performance luxury is not limited to power handling performance, safety is the top priority. To this end, GAC Acura equips the NEW CDX with the Acura Watch™ future-looking intelligent safety system, which integrates eight safety features including the TSR traffic sign intelligent recognition system and the FCW forward collision warning system, and efficiently integrates the sophisticated radar system and high-precision camera system , to understand and avoid unknown dangers in advance, and provide drivers with all-round and multi-level safety protection.

Driven by performance, GAC Acura NEW CDX launched

In addition, NEW CDX is equipped with the cutting-edge AcuraLink® all-round intelligent driving system, which integrates 24-hour rescue, stolen tracking, remote diagnosis and other considerate services, allowing people, cars and society to freely connect, and information communication is more convenient. It is worth mentioning that all NEW CDX series are equipped with an 8-inch color smart screen interconnection system as standard, equipped with an Apple CarPlay vehicle system, making travel more intelligent.

NEW CDX considers luxury based on performance. Through the perceptual design with explicit kinetic energy, noble and luxurious cockpit experience, hearty driving pleasure and future-leading forward-looking technology, it shows its peerless edge that is proud of its peers.

Super “burning” vigorously, activating the dreams of young and handsome people who are thirsty and burning

This is the era of rising individuality, this is the era of evolution of needs, and this is the era of fashion trends.

As time rushes forward, the wave of young people is also rapidly spreading in the auto market. While traditional luxury brands stick to the “elite”, GAC Acura targets the “young, handsome and thirsty people” for NEW CDX.

Their eyes are burning and fearless;

They are full of love and devotion;

They dare to innovate and break through the shackles;

They are sharp and sharp, and refuse mediocrity;

They are not afraid of choices, and they will not miss every right to express themselves;

They are fresh clothes and angry horses, but they are more eager for a free soul and unleashed passion.

In their minds, luxury is not superficial luxury. Technology never needs to compromise art. They pursue strength and embrace charm. When it comes to driving, they are more fond of forward-looking technology, vigorous sports, indulgent manipulation, and unruly personality.

Driven by performance, GAC Acura NEW CDX launched

NEW CDX is just a model born to break the traditional definition. Focusing on the pioneering characteristics of young, generous and thirsty people, NEW CDX perfectly integrates cool and youthful style with high performance, with a more sporty performance appearance and more passionate driving. Controlled experience, more agile and eye-catching hot flame red, accompanied them to the unknown, and burned all the way.

At the same time, GAC Acura is fully committed to understanding the real “ignition” point of users, and unconventionally proposes and deeply implements the “I’m Different. Stranger” brand worldview to build a bridge of communication with them. From tailoring a series of experiential marketing activities such as “Going Crazy on the Weekend”, to comprehensively deploying the operation of social platforms that young people love, to the bold and innovative launch of the “10x Speed ​​​​Super Burning Cloud Flash” online live broadcast release, GAC Acura is making great progress. Constantly talk to young people in the way they like, listen to their voices, so that the dream of the burning family about driving and galloping has infinite possibilities.

Only with enough love can life be exciting enough; only by breaking through the confinement can the dreams be unleashed. In the future, there will be more and more young, handsome and thirsty people who refuse to be bound by labels and are full of passion for life. Together with GAC Acura, they will forever open up new paths and become the practice of the “I’m Different. Stranger” worldview advocated by GAC Acura. Walkers, live out their passionate life.