[Encyclopedia] A few tips for self-driving RV tours from old drivers

[Encyclopedia] A few tips for self-driving RV tours from old drivers

For travelers, the advantage of driving a modified RV is that they can park and camp anytime and anywhere; but one thing to remember is that not every place is suitable for RV parking. According to the characteristics of RVs, we have summarized some conditions for the majority of RVs Reference for car owners and friends: 

  Generally speaking, if an RV is to be used as a house, there must be three conditions, that is, water source, energy source, and sewage discharge.

1. Near water sources, near villages, homes, gas stations and other energy supply points
  Water is essential for human survival, so campsites must be close to water sources, such as near streams, lakes, and rivers. However, it is absolutely forbidden to park the RV on the river beach or the edge of the stream; if the distance is too close, once there is a heavy rain or the upstream reservoir releases water, flash floods, etc., you will not get news, and if you can’t escape, your life will be in danger, especially during the rainy season in the local area If you are in a mountain torrent-prone area, you should avoid it as much as possible.

[Encyclopedia] A few tips for self-driving RV tours from old drivers

Choosing to camp near villages and other energy points is a very wise choice when traveling in RVs. If you are close to a village, you can ask the villagers for help. When there is no firewood, electricity, oil, vegetables, food, etc., the benefits of this choice are even greater. It is more obvious, and at the same time, it feels more secure than in the deserted suburbs.

2. The leeward and sunny
  camping sites should consider the leeward issue, especially in some valleys, river beaches and other terrains, it is best to choose a leeward place; also pay attention to the direction of the RV door not facing the wind direction; In consideration of accommodation, we also consider the safety of fire during picnics and barbecues.
  If you decide to stay in one place for a period of time, it is best to choose a shady place as a campsite under good weather conditions, such as under a big tree, on the north side of a mountain, and the car door is best facing the sun, not the sunset; this choice The biggest advantage is that during the rest of the day, you can open the windows to maintain ventilation, so that the RV will not be too stuffy.

3. Keep away from cliffs and other places where debris is easy to
  fall. Campsites cannot be chosen under cliffs, because in autumn and winter, the north wind howls. May be dangerous.

4. Pay attention to lightning protection during the thunderstorm season.
  During the rainy season or areas with many thunderstorms, the RV must not be parked on high ground, under tall trees or on relatively isolated flat ground. In case of rain and thunder, the RV may be struck by lightning, which will cause danger.

  When choosing an RV campsite in the wild, you should pay attention to protecting the natural environment, not harming wild animals, not cutting down, not destroying natural vegetation, especially after cooking in the field, the fire must be completely extinguished, and the domestic waste generated by camping The waste should be taken out as much as possible and placed in the designated place. It is best to dig a pit and bury it if it cannot be taken away under special circumstances. Living in a modern civilized society, we must spread the wind of civilization throughout the mountains and rivers we have traveled!