“Excellence in the car industry” is flying to the new generation of Polo Plus evaluation is freshly released

Recently, SAIC Volkswagen’s new generation of Polo Plus was officially launched, bringing high-quality driving experience beyond the same level with high configuration level, attracting many consumers to test drive and buy cars in stores. How does the new car drive? Let’s first understand the feedback from the first batch of users and professional evaluation media.

Enhanced power, smooth texture, refined choice for urban driving

“Comfortable seats”, “lightweight steering wheel”, “good gear grip”, and “stable driving” are the unanimous evaluations of the new generation of Polo Plus by users who enter the store. The new car uses an integrated sports-style seat, which is designed based on the dynamic response of the racing-level human body. The wrapping structure conforms to the natural riding posture, which is safe and comfortable. The newly designed multi-functional dynamic steering wheel not only provides the driver with more leg space; at the same time, the length and height can be adjusted in four directions, making the body very stable when changing lanes and corners, and driving more calmly.

According to the professional evaluation media, the new generation of Polo Plus equipped with a 1.5L all-aluminum environment-friendly engine has excellent driving smoothness and suspension support, and it shows a sense of quality when driving. Among them, it is closely related to power matching and chassis tuning. The maximum power is increased to 83kW, the throttle response is sensitive enough, and the start is crisp and clean. Matched with the Tiptronic six-speed automatic manual gearbox, the power output is quite smooth, and the mute effect is also superior to that of the same class. In the S gear mode, the power response is more direct, and there is no problem in coping with overtaking on urban roads.

In addition, the high-strength body structure and high-rigidity frame both help to improve driving performance. The new generation of Polo Plus uses high-strength steel and above as high as 78%, plus laser welding technology and a rear anti-collision beam like a racing car roll cage. Show smart fun.

Started with mid-range equipment, “open and hang” standard equipment to achieve light luxury products

As a new generation of urban leapfrog hatchback, the new generation of Polo Plus just launched cancels the original entry-level model, and upgrades the configuration on the basis of the original mid-range configuration. This move is intended to create a refreshing hatchback boutique, get rid of the vicious circle of low-price competition at the same level, and activate the healthy development of market segments. The new car is equipped with driving control auxiliary equipment far exceeding the same level, and the configuration level is not limited by the level. It was praised by the professional evaluation media as “full of sincerity”, “benchmark of the same level”, and “satisfies rational consumers’ pursuit of quality and price ratio”.

From the perspective of standard configuration, all road conditions ESP body dynamic electronic stability system (including 23 sub-functions), MKB multiple collision prevention system, RKA+ tire pressure monitoring, XDS+ electronic differential lock, cruise control, electrically adjustable and heated exterior Rearview mirrors are all available, and the driving experience of the previous model has been upgraded, making consumers who are speeding in the city feel more safe. With the newly added XDS+ electronic differential lock example, media analysts believe that it can assist the vehicle to corner with a more stable posture, effectively reduce the phenomenon of pushing the head and improve the dynamic response.

For mid-to-high-end models, the new car also provides Front Assist front safety assistance system, AEB city active braking assistance, headlights with home-leaving function and automatic photosensitive opening, 8-probe front and rear reversing sensors and hidden parking rear-view images System, etc., created a number of “only in its class” and “best in its class”, defined leapfrog safety with A-class car standards, and highlighted its quality advantages.

Adhering to the high-quality hatchback image since it entered China in 2002, the new generation of Polo Plus starts confidently with a brand-new boutique attitude, and it will definitely live up to expectations.