Excellent handling and energy saving? Analysis of e2, a pure electric “treasure car”

“Treasure car”, as the name suggests, generally refers to a car with many unknown talents, which can be said to be full of treasures, making people flock to it! You may have some doubts, how can a pure electric vehicle of BYD be called a “treasure”? Let me break it down slowly.

Treasure attribute 1: BYD lightweight multi-singing, making pure electric lighter

As we all know, pure electric vehicles are far heavier in terms of vehicle quality than fuel vehicles due to battery power, and their “bloated” body is a fatal shortcoming for both handling and cruising range.

What should I do if I want to increase the cruising range of pure electric vehicles? It’s simple: stack batteries. In order to pursue long battery life, many car companies can only add a large number of batteries to achieve the current “subsidy line” of new energy. The most direct consequence of stacking batteries is that they are more staggering than pure electric vehicles with high curb quality of fuel vehicles. The heavier the car, the higher the energy consumption and carbon emissions, which completely deviates from the original intention of pure electric vehicles to save energy and reduce emissions. Such a heavy body, not to mention the sense of control, is simply a fantasy.

Excellent handling and energy saving? Analysis of e2, a pure electric

The R&D engineers of the BYD brand used e2 to answer this question. In order to perfectly solve the weight problem of the vehicle body, the R&D team first started with the three-electric system and the battery pack, and efficiently integrated the motor, electronic control, and transmission through the e-platform; the application of a new ternary lithium battery reduced the weight by 25%, but increased the power density. 20%, and the energy density has reached 160Wh/kg, which is ahead of the same level. It can be said that the efficiency is improved, but the weight is lighter.

Cutting corners? BYD e2 tells you that the lighter you are, the safer you are!

In addition, the e2 is built on the LCB lightweight body frame platform. The 3H high-strength body structure uses a large number of hot-formed steels, which greatly reduces the weight of the body. The curb weight is only 1250kg, making it the first fuel vehicle in history with the same curb weight or even better than the same level. of pure electric vehicles. Speaking of this, many people may ask whether the e2’s amazing weight reduction effect will affect the safety of the car body? Let’s take out the high-strength steel used in many parts of the e2 body to give you a popular science.

The safety of the body does not come from the size of its own weight, but the rigidity of the body. Hot-formed steel means that the steel plate is formed once after being heated at a high temperature of 950°C, and then cooled rapidly, which comprehensively improves the strength of the steel plate. The steel processed in this way is called hot-formed steel. Generally, the yield degree of hot-formed steel is over 1000Mpa, and it can bear more than 10 tons of pressure per square centimeter. weight. The strength of hot-formed steel plates is high enough to be used to build super battleships and nuclear submarines.

The key safety parts of the BYD e2 vehicle use 11 hot-formed parts with a strength of 1500Mpa. What is the concept of 1500Mpa? US Navy Ali. The structural materials used by the Burke-class guided missile destroyer have a yield strength of 550 MPa, and the strength of the thermoformed parts used in the e2 body is about three times that of the materials used by the US military warship. In addition, the application of new technologies such as laser brazing technology makes the The e2’s body strength has been increased by 30%. While ensuring the high-strength body structure to ensure collision safety, it has achieved a significant reduction in the weight of the body-in-white, making great contributions to the lightweight of the vehicle. It is because of these powerful guarantees that we cannot see with the naked eye that users feel like they are in a mobile fortress when they are in e2, which ensures light weight and at the same time, makes you travel worry-free and gives you more sense of security.

The success of lightweight can only mean running fast and braking well. These are entry-level items of “control”. If you want to advance, the “treasure car” e2 is naturally “more than that”. Based on the low center of gravity and power of electric vehicles The innate advantages of output, combined with the efforts of the international team to create a new chassis, e2 has achieved a perfect front-to-rear axle weight ratio of close to 50:50, which not only provides comfort, but also greatly improves the vehicle’s sports properties and cornering performance, showing an excellent handling experience.

Treasure attribute 2: reflected by data, e2 is true and environmentally friendly

Since China announced that the fuel consumption of fuel vehicles must reach 5L/100km in 2020, the Chinese auto market has officially entered the “environmental protection era”. Undoubtedly, both in terms of environmental protection and economy, pure electric vehicles are the direction of future automobile development, and BYD e2 is one of the best.

According to the national standard GB2589-81, the calorific value per kilogram of standard coal combustion is 29271kJ; in addition, according to the national standard GB/T2589-2008 “Comprehensive Energy Calculation General Rules”, the power equivalent value is 3600kJ/(kW h); The ultra-low power consumption of BYD e2 11.3kwh/100km, according to comprehensive calculations, is equivalent to only about 4kg of carbon emissions per 100 kilometers, which is only about half of the carbon emissions per 100 kilometers of fuel vehicles of the same level. Achieved low-carbon environmental protection.

Excellent handling and energy saving? Analysis of e2, a pure electric

At the same time, the successful creation of lightweight has also improved the battery life of e2 to a higher level. When the curb weight of the body is the same as that of fuel vehicles of the same level, the NEDC has reached an ultra-long 402km. Endurance, the Achilles’ heel that has caused headaches for all pure electric car companies, was finally solved by BYD’s powerful R&D team with years of technology accumulation.

Treasure attributes bring more possibilities to e2

For such an entry-level boutique hatchback car, these amazing “treasure attributes” are really rare. As a benchmark enterprise among domestic new energy vehicle brands, BYD has created e2, a product that perfectly implements true, environmental protection and energy saving, and has set a perfect example in the industry. I believe that this lightweight “treasure car” with both handling and energy saving is just the beginning of BYD’s e-series. In the near future, we look forward to how many possibilities the BYD brand will bring to consumers.